Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Day 82 - Pass under my belt...

Just like to point out, the title is a bad pun.

So anyway, had Geophysics in the morning. My last ever one, sort of. I gotta say, it was really interesting. I mean, the lectures always are, I just can't apply the maths and physics to the subject so find it hard. If I could understand it then it'd be such a good subject to take.
After this I had a two hour break in which I did some revision.
Then Dynamic Earth ¬_¬
Probably the most boring one yet. I think I actually began to hallucinate as to how bored I was and wanted nothing more in the world than to just go to sleep. I really don't understand why it is only his lectures this seems to happen in. It's the same with everyone. Ah well, chemistry was next. Did the tutorial and handed it in though couldn't finish the 4th question.
Straight after was the final Geophysics session with Dr. Neuburg.
Definitely one of my favorite teachers, he is so indepth, and also pretty funny, AND he is German.
Not to mention this lecture was on Volcanoes.
Everyone loves Volcanoes. He had a running gag about how if a pyroclastic flow flooded through a holiday resort the owner would get pissed off.
They were all "you had to be there" things but I enjoyed the lecture. No more now, ever :(
Kinda sad. Have already actually passed the exam too, but no excuse to slack or I'll get a 3rd, how embarrassing :S

Decided to walk home as I had time and did some work for a bit before going back to Uni to Taekwondo. However, whilst home I saw a message from Lewis,

"Wes, you didn't sign one of the contracts".
Damn, I gotta go back tomorrow now, it's such a walk too :(

In the lesson everyone got their new belts. Seems everyone who graded passed. People can fail, but not sure how bad you'd have to do to actually fail.
So, now I'm a yellow belt :D
Did loads of self-defence stuff today which was also good, getting out of headlocks and mounts. Wonder if a fight will occur and I ever have to use it in real life hmm..

After a great session a few of us went to the old bar for food and a drink and were talking about drugs. As how they are illegal but people still do them but if, like in Holland, they made them all legal, we as a nation would be too stupid and irresponsible and end up killing ourselves.
These were all Matt's opinions btw, though I agree mostly.
"You never see German's walking around the street throwing up do you".

We are kinda the laughing stock of most places. Well known for our behaviour on holidays. Oh dear.

Got home and was on facebook and noticed Magda's status,

"I can hear something really horrible outside".

Asked her what it was and she said it was two people making out.
I raced up the stairs as fast as I could and knocked on the door. Had it been wedged open I would have just ran in and cock blocked haha.
Turns out it was Ben and Luci. Making this the 3rd girl Ben has gotten with this semester, though this time she isn't drunk :S
Magda did say she heard someone say,

"You know, I really like you".

Haha, how corny. This is all too hilarious, gonna lead to tension 150% and I will sit back and laugh at the complexity of human nature.
Anyway, they were all off to Gatecrasher, at 11:40pm, no thanks.
Gonna be packed.
As Lewis and TIm walked out they were saying how they didn't want to live with Harry as Lewis spilt some drink on his top and Harry got annoyed.
If Harry had been here from the start nobody would have a problem with him, there is really nothing wrong with him. Tbh I think this whole house thing is a huge mistake. We have put our money down WAAAAAY too early and don't think we should all be living so close together.
Oh well, next year it might change. Guess I should be grateful I actually have somewhere already with people who I get on with (mostly).

Was in my room for hours doing chemistry and maths when I heard a voice outside calling my name, I could tell from the accent it was Heather.
Not sure how she knew I was in, my curtains were drawn, unless she saw the lights.
Anyway, she was in a really bad (and VERY drunk) mood and asked to come to my room to cool off.
Needless to say, this was a really bad idea, on my part.
She was in my room for about 2 hours saying I was a liar and that I didn't really listen to weird all or watch anime or act the way I do and do it only for a show :S

Didn't mind at first but soon got annoying, as this was the first time in ages I was in the mood to do work, and she kept throwing my stuff around the room. It got to 3am and I was getting annoyed as she was hard to deal with being so drunk. I grabbed her handbag and she followed me. YES!
I threw it into the outside hallway, as she went to pick it up I pushed her out the door and locked it. She could neither get into the flat nor my room haha. Success!

Got a call from her 10 minutes later. Can guess what the content was. Swearing, drunken laughter etc. I stopped speaking after a while and she hung up.

Man, it's now 4:30am, I have stayed up for no real reason. Only got maths tomorrow so will catch up on sleep later. For now though, it's Heroes time :)

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