Thursday, 4 December 2008

Day 76 - Oceana storm

As I am writing this, I am pretty f**ked. But I need to incase I forget anything tomorrow, and unlike others, can still spell properly when drunk.

Right then, forced myself out of bed and it was freezing. I was having nightmares the night before for some reason :S
Noticed that when I lay on my back I tend t have weird dreams, had one that someone kept on coming into my room, I knew it was a dream, but just couldn't wake up, it wasn't nice. Guess this is how Adam must have felt every single night, damn.

Got to the kitchen, looked out the window, what did I see ?
Had breakfast real fast and went out to see the snow. I was first out of E block that morning as there were no other footprints so wrote my name in the snow and carried on to Uni.
However the walk there was horrible.
While the dock was covered in fresh snow, Leeds city centre was nothing but sleet.
My jeans and trainers soaked through like a bitch.
I should have worn my Geology boots tbh.
So, I got there a little early as I wanted to check my maths coursework grade. I had a good feeling about it this time round.
Checked it online.
87% - which was 26 out of 30.
I am no longer a dumbass.
I also decided to check my e-mails, lucky I did, as I stumbled across one which ruined my morning,

"Roger is unable to make it to Leeds today due to snow, therefore the morning lecture is cancelled".


Got up for a 9am lecture for nothing.
Saw Neil who is the olfd guy that takes Geology and told him that the lecture was cancelled,
He shouted. Always funny to see old people swear.
To make matters worse, this e-mail was sent 10 minutes before the lecture began, meaning nobody would have been able to read it.
Out of curiosity, I went to the lecture, to find everyone sitting there, and had to explain to them how they had all got out of bed for nothing.
Tom, Darryl and I then went to a computer cluster and played some online games.
Talked to Magda for a while who said she is so tired she is considering dropping Uni just so she can get sleep as her work load if huge, 3 assessments and 2 c/w pieces in for next week. Ouch. She soon went offline as I think I was annoying her and preventing her from doing work.
Heather came online later and told me some random guy keeps phoning and texting her. She has no idea who he is or how he got her number. Therefore I was telling her what to reply to him when he text one liners such as "suck it".
Was quite funny.
Next up, maths.
Lecture wasn't too bad.
Finally found out the name of one of my "friends".
He is Australian and I sometimes sit and talk with him, but figured it'd look bad to ask his name in week 10.
It was David.
Was trigonometry today so not bad.
Although there was a question in which is stated how you would find the height of a tree on a sunny day.
Obvious, measure shadow, do some trig. Done.
However you had to measure your own shadow first and work out the increase.
Though you can't measure your own shadow, it'd change when you go to do it.
Lecturer said that you would get your friend to help, in which David said that at this point you would have no friends anyway haha.
Also he records all his lectures so he can refer back to them, good idea actually.
Had my maths examples class and finished the c/w after finding out my calculator is crap as it can't work out e properly.
£7 for a new one.
Also had to write out entire c/w again as mine was "scuffy" apparently and I'd lose marks.
Handed it and got home after getting some food from Morrisons.
As I was eating at the dock, got a text from Mia,

"Wes, have you been messing with my phone ? Hmmmmm".

Well, funny enough, I hadn't.
After a long explaination and some flase accusations, she told me what was wrong with it. It said "I love Nat" in her messages.
Obviously Laura wrote it so not sure why she suspected me as I never ever talk about Nat and her (Nat) and Laura are basically best friends. They are married according to facebook.
Anyway, did some work (I think) then took a nap.
Got woken up about 9pm by Mia as I had to pick a name for secret santa.
I got Lauren, no idea what I am getting her yet.
Then joined the girls in the kitchen in which they were saying how and when they stopped believing in santa haha. Was real funny.

Ben and Lewis came round saying they were going to the bar. I was up for pool so went with em. Met Tim and Will in the bar as they were watching the Aston Villa game and ended up getting 2 free games of pool as the guy there was fixing it.
I lost everytime but don't mind as I didn't pay a penny for any game haha.

It got late and Tim said he and Will were going to a Geography party. I had slept already and was up for going. Would have gone with John to the Charles Morris party but knew people would know I wasn't from there.
I went to my room and got changed.
Got a call from my brother asking how I was doing and a text from Heather saying mystery guy had phoned her again haha.
However, I was feeling rough at this point.
Really bad cold.
Went to the bar to tell Ben H I wasn't gonna go to the Geog party but saw Tom (another one) in the bar with some friends. They were going Oceana, £2 in, 80p drinks all night.
Phoned Ben saying I wanted to do that instead and he was alright.
Waited with Tom and Co at bus stop for a bus which never came so had to get a cab instead.
Got to Oceana and was £5 to get in but with 80p drinks is no problem.
Tom bought first round, 2 VK apples each.
Night went on like this with a new person for a round each time, so things got messy real quick.
Things I remember from the night:

Being in the toilet, some guy standing there with his cock and balls out saying I am lucky I am black as he is 2cm on the flop. His balls were huge but cock was tiny. I was in bits.

Dancing with some girl who said something to me but had no clue what it was. Asked if I wanted a drink and bought me one. Tasted like shit. Danced with me more then went out for a fag but think she wanted to get away from me.

Losing everyone then meeting some random people who I was with for most of the night, we tried to pull but failed everytime.

Dancing with some 5ft Asian guy and 4ft white guy.

The bouncers telling me to come with them. I thought they were gonna throw me out as they thought I was too drunk. Turns out that someone had been stabbed with a needle and I matched the description, whilst getting searched, there was a huge bang on the door, Laurence (a german guy who was with us) was closest so they pulled him in and began basically telling him that it was him who did it.

"Why did you boot the door"!

"Boot the door"?

"Don't chat shit, you booted the door"!

"I didn't, I don't know what you're talking about".

Went on like this for a while till the bouncer realised Laurence was calm enough to not let himself get thrown out. I got let off too. Met the guy outside who had been stabbed who was apologising to the max for what happened as he said he knew it wasn't me but since I matched the description he couldn't stop the bouncers.
I didn't mind, it made more drama for the night.

More stuff probably happened, but as I say, it was a very messy night.

The night ended and as I was walking out I noticed one of the guys I met and danced with earlier had a huge cut under his eye.
"Some prick" was his answer when I asked what happened.
Clubs can be very scary.
After Andy got a pizza and a pissed Tom took the notepad from behind the till and began writing down orders for other people who he didn't even know, we went back to Clarence Dock.
After much talk, I might be going Fruit on Saturday instead of Clarence Dock bar.
If these same 4 are going, then I will too, otherwise will stick with the bar.
Tickets are only £2 anyway so might as well get one tomorrow.
That's all from me folks.

Hope I don't have a hangover tomorrow as I gotta grade.
Till next time....

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