Thursday, 9 October 2008

3 weeks 2 late

Before arriving I promised myself that I would actually use this blog to record my events at Leeds, whether exciting or boring. That was the 19th September. It is now the 9th October and this is my first post...a bit embarrassing really.
However, I have written (by hand) accounts of my first six days at Leeds and with the help of my somewhat (looks up spelling) eidetic memory, I should be able to record some key events of my past 20 days here, but that will be in later blogs. Today began like any other, had irregular sleeping patterns, waking up at 1am, sleeping, waking up at 3am, going back to sleep. Doesn't help that my room is literally right by the path where drunken students walk into the flat, meaning that without fail I have been awoken by this pretty much every night!
Walking into the kitchen to have breakfast alone as I tend to do (I have 4 9am lectures from Monday to Thursday while my other 3 housemates have it a little easier but will explain this more at a later date) I found an almost full bottle of strongbow lying on the table. I knew who it belonged to, Ben in the flat next door, mainly because he always drinks strongbow and because I could hear him in our kitchen talking till 5 in the morning. Seeing as it was left there, I assume he didn't want it, so took the liberty of keeping (hiding) it in my fridge, and that's how I roll!

My first lecture was Geophysics. Quite literally the hardest part of Geology and (annoyingly) the most important part of it too, as about 99.9% of careers in Geology depends upon knowledge of geophysics. It was another hour of sitting there not having a clue what the lecturer was talking about and praying that the course would get easier, I really doubt it.
I then had an hour break in which I went to a café and checked e-mails/facebook. Nothing much really apart from an e-mail about tickets selling for a Jazz band (Nu York State) that are playing on Monday. Seeing as evenings can get boring, and that Jazz is quite entertaining, I put two and two together and decided to get these tickets.

I then had a maths lecture after my hour break (Geology students with no A level in maths have to take this). A little depressing as so far we have only done basic algebra in the lectures and I am struggling with them. Even more depressing that I was once able to do algebra really well back at GCSE standard, so will attempt to find the inner child in myself tonight to re-learn it all.

I should have gone home at this point but had a meeting with my personal tutor at 1pm, so figured I'd run some errands. For starters I booked an appointment with the campus doctor as to whether I should carry on taking my stomach medicine. (For those that are wondering what I am talking about, I'll give you the short version. On holiday in July, on my birthday, I drank way too much alcohol and the end result caused my stomach lining to get pretty messed up, since then I have been on medication and had to stick to a bland diet). I still remember how I first went to the doctor back in Upminster and him telling me "the pain should go within a week". LIAR! It's been 14 weeks since that day, and the pain still hasn't gone (though got considerably better). However I'm beginning to wonder/accept the fact that this may be something that will bother me for the rest of my life, though I really don't want that to be the case. I liked having perfect health.

Nevertheless, my day went on. My next stop, the student union to buy those jazz tickets. Upon walking there I saw a back profile of someone I thought I knew..

"Is that him....nah...he's not that he"?

To save embarrassment, I followed him around the student union for a good 2 minutes till he stopped in a shop to buy some relentless, by this time I was sure it was him, yep, you guessed it, Thomas Clive Richards.
He was suprised to see me, as we always are being a Uni so large with about 30,000+ students. Turns out he had an hour and a half till his next lecture, I had about an hour till I had to see my personal tutor. Pool ? That's right.
As expected, Tom easily won the first two games. Had I known he was good (as the only person I ever used to play against was Emily, and she to say the least is pretty shit, hope she doesn't read this) I probably wouldn't have challenged him. However, come the third game, Tom must have hit the white ball in at least 15 times, one being the classic hitting the white ball off the pool table shot. A girl sitting behind us drinking tea was trying her hardest not to burst out laughing each time he took a shot and something comical happened. In the end however, I ended up hitting the blackball in early so Tom won by default.

I'll skip the details about meeting my personal tutor as it's pretty dull, and also as the name suggests, quite personal, not to mention this blog is long enough. However, I never knew it felt so good writing them, stay tuned for more. The next few will be of my first 2 weeks in Leeds however, as I think they need mentioning. For now though, I have a few assignments to do.

Toodles x

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Jay Middleton said...

Ha Algebra! I have chemistry and Algebra! && All ready wrote more in two weeks than I did in old class! (N)
And stuff from your uni Is on part of my unis geology bit on computer!

Jay!!!! (",)