Saturday, 11 October 2008

Day 11 - Jam sandwich

So I have basically had my first week of lectures. Not so bad really, aside from the fact I have to be up for 9am for four of them and 10am for th Friday one :( Oh yeah, I did mention I would talk about the timetables of my roomates too in an earlier post about how they have it easier, guess I'll do it hear. Mainly, it seems as though Mia has it the easiest. At most, she only ever has 6 hours of lectures a week, and gets two of the days off during the week. Seems pretty good, but then again, the rest of us are at lectures during the day meaning she is home alone most of the time, and her course is mainly reading and research she has to do on her own, and the other day she brought up quite a good point,

"I don't really think it's fair I'm paying £3500 for a year, the same as everyone else, but I get even less than half the teaching time of everyone else and the teachers basically just make us go off and do it on our own".

Guess I'd find it a little annoying too to come to Uni and for the teachers to just give us a reading list and make us read and research most of the course on our own. I've already taken out quite a few Geology books and tbh non of them have really helped me in the slightest, so I really feel sorry for her situation.
Besides that, it was Friday, my best day. Only one seminar session, and if you do the work before hand, you can just hand it into the teacher at the start of the session then go home, pretty good. Tonight at 5pm was also the first Taekwondo taster session. Having dropped out of American Football and wanting to join at least one physical society as I am already out of shape, this was my last hope. I gotta say, it was REALLY good. The instructor was pretty funny (I thought he was anyway) and the society as a whole seemed really friendly. I met someone called Daniel who I partnered up with for the session who did Taekwondo about 10 years ago, but since then he's become quite a good friend here at Uni. He is 23 (although looks about 18/19), does Civil Engineering and is in his 4th year, as he spent his 3rd year studying in Hong Kong, I thought that was pretty immense.
The training wasn't really tiring, but it did require a certain amount of flexibility, which I don't have, so will need to be something I work on. As well as that, like with everything else, I had no real grace or technique in anything I was doing (if you've ever seen me run or play pool you'll know what I mean). Nevertheless, I'd quite like to stick with the TKD club and despite my disadvantages so that one day if I ever DO get into a fight, I can kick ass in style and a badly dubbed voice over.

On the way home I met Laura, Mia and another student from Block E, Lauren, who were all out "buying dessert" :S as the only dessert we had in our flat was Mia's 19p Asda value rice pudding. So Adam and I were left alone in the flat. Somehow, after a few drinks (he had brought up some really nice vintage cider from home), we both ended up having a jam session in the kitchen. Me wih my Sax, Adam with his guitar. Things got funky/jazzy. He introduced me to a funk band I had never heard of before, called Parliment, they were so good I passed out. The rest of the night we were playing over different songs from artists such as Mark Ronson and Coldplay. Then I almost spat out my mushy peas and mashed potato when he began playing don't let me be misunderstood on his guitar and iPod speakers. Made me have some nice flashbacks of the days when I was in the OneC5ones during our round the world tours. We jammed away till roughly 1am when the jazz just got too much for us and we fell asleep with our instruments by our bedsides.

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