Thursday, 9 October 2008

Day 3 - Society formation

I got in at 2am this morning, though for some reason still woke up at about 9am. Guess I am still used to waking up early from my paperound days, though I never was one for sleeping in till noon, always felt like a waste of a day.
Today Maeve left us (realised I spelt her name wrong before) as you are only allowed for other people to stay in your room for a maximum of 3 nights each term. Though she will be back sometime late October. Once again, I was the first person up, followed by Mia. I was a little annoyed that my Ham had frozen, even though I had put it in the fridge, but it didn't stop me from making a mean ham and salad cream sandwich for breakfast!
Today I had introduction lectures and talks. The lecture hall was packed. There must have been about 200 or so students there, quite a few had to stand. However, this was only because the Earth and Environment course is split up into sub-courses, such as Geology (woooo), environmental Geology, Geography, Sustainability etc, you get the picture. However I did later go into a class with people only doing Geology. What was strange was that the boy sitting next to me said exactely the same thing I was thinking,

"Wow, there are actually some pretty attractive girls in this class, I mean this is Geology, mainly boys take it and the girls that do take it are usually emo, ugly or complete geeks".

Shame to say that there is a lot of truth in what he said.
After the intro meetings I then went to the student union to join some societies, I put my name down for the anime society, but never actually intended on turning up to their meetings. I then saw the Jazz society, I paid for membership there and then as I love my jazz. There weren't really anymore I felt like joining so began to walk home. But who do I bump into ? Ben, my housemate/Geology partner. Turned out he was only interested in joining one society, the Leeds TA Corps, since he wants to be in the Marines after Uni. We walked over to their stand and it did actually sound pretty interested, PLUS, you get paid to be in it. £35 for each time you go to training and an extra £120 after the first year. I put my name down for it as well as Ben, our intro meeting for it was the following Saturday.

After that nothing much happened, walked back to the Dock, sat in the kitchen talking to Mia for about 2 hours about how there are loads of people at Leeds Uni that look dumb/chavy but are actually really smart. Kinda like one guy in our flat who has been out partying each night, drinks shit loads, is really loud and generally seems as though he would act like a hoodlum (can't blame him, he was from Manchester) but actually got 3 A's in his A levels and is studying French and Maths at Uni :S He's also a pretty nice guy though.

Laura and Mia went to another club that night while I stayed in (seeing as I didn't bother to buy any tickets for events before hand) and Adam stayed in learning his Mandrin strokes. Not too sure how or when I got to sleep that night, but I know I did, somehow...

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