Sunday, 19 October 2008

Day 28 - Her name is Charlotte

Got up pretty late again being the weekend. All night I could hear doors opening and closing all around the block, sometimes it's hard to tell whether it your flat, the one next door or the one upstairs since the doors always slam loudy when they close.
While having breakfast with Mia at about midday, "new girl" finally walked in.
Turns out her name was actually Charlotte (which was the 2nd name on the list we all made). She takes Biology and used to live on campus, though the building she was in is getting knocked down so it was only temporary accommodation. I didn't know that.
Eitherway, pretty much all of us had some sort of work to be doing, so all went our seperate ways at breakfast. As for me, I headed off to sqaud training.

It wasn't as intense as it usually is, mainly because this session was aimed at beginners due to the class that was cancelled on Wednesday. Me and Daniel looked like a couple of queers as we were dressed exactely the same, a plain black t-shirt and white dobok trousers :S However I did meet a really cool guy there, think his name was Glen. He was about 23, mixed race, and had really long dreadlocks, the type I want. He kinda looked like this..

Our meeting was pretty good too,

"Hello, I'm Wesley. Am a first year here and have never done Taekwondo before".

"I'm so jealous! You're actually black, you have the type of dreadlocks I want AND you're called Wesley"

As silly as that sounds, he did actually say that. There is also a funny side to it that he said I was everything he wanted to be, but he was everything I wanted to be haha. Also to top it all off, he had a lisp! Definitely one of my idols!
Anyway, when it got to the sparring session it was actually really good. I got to fight against people who weren't 100 times better than me. My first fight (And win) being against a girl.
Now I know s0me of you may be thinking, but remember that Taekwondo is based on points rather than trying to knock the other person out. So in theory, she had the upper hand as she had done Taekwondo before.
After her, I sparred with a blackbelt who PWNED me. I got a swift kick to the liver and jaw, though suprisingly it didn't really hurt at all, maybe because of the padding (I did get kicked in the shins too as I forgot to put my shin guards on, big mistake).
I then went up against a someone who has done basically everything, boxing, kick boxing, karate etc. Quite funny as he tried to win only using boxing punches while Taekwondo is mainly kicking based, still though I think he beat me.
Finally went up against someone else who was about green belt I think. He accidentally (I hope) kicked me in the balls, but I carried on. We were both doing alright till I got kicked in the top of the knee and collapsed on the ground in pain. We decided to call it a day there.

I got back to Clarence Dock and decided to do some "work". It lasted about 10 minutes if that before I realised how tired I was and went to sleep for a few hours. Most of E block were still in my kicthen so I decided to greet them. Half were going to Nu bar, the other half were going to Leeds Academy for an Indie night. Originally I hadn't planned on going out, but after Abi convinced me to,

"Wes, you're not coming out tonight"?

"Nah, got work to do"

"No, you are coming out"


I did.

She made us all super noodles and cheese on toast before going which was very kind I must say.

(I thought her accent was Welsh for some reason, but it is actually Hull. Hence why she tends to get picked on a lot by E Block).

Also her, Mia and Lauren worked for the academy handing out flyers so managed to get us in a lot quicker. Night was pretty good. My basis of "Indie nights" being my experience of Liquid, I'd say this was just as good. Despite the fact some huge shaven head guy walked straight into me, knocked half my drink out my hand, and didn't even say sorry. In fact he didn't even stop walking to look at the mess he had made.....Maybe he was blind. Also downstairs in the electro section I made a new friend.

" got any pills"?

"....No, I don't, sorry"

"Ah...know anyone I can get some off"


"Ok....I'm gonna go this way now, thanks".

Why'd he assumed I had pills ?

Night climaxed when rage against machine came on and a HUGE mosh pit started. Pretty strange as it was quite a rough one, yet I managed to come out not getting a single scratch or blow to the body. Weird how the bouncers didn't stop this, yet they gave Mia a warning for dancing with no shoes on.

When the last song finished (was about 3:30am at this point) we all ran (literally) out of the door or it'd take ages to get out. Had chips and gravy on the way home too. Was really nice. Abi's feet were hurting from walking in heels so I lent her my trainers as paybackfor making us all food before we left. Looked strange as I am size 11 and she is 8 though.
Everyone also had a talk on the way back about childhood shows like Arthur, Doug, Spider and Fly, Pepper Ann. It was good how some people still knew the theme songs for them all haha.

After sitting in the kitchen for a few hours listening to Laura's drunken tales of what happened at Nu bar, we all ended up getting to bed at about 6am.


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