Thursday, 9 October 2008

Day 4 - The Sudden Urge to Fight

This was the start of my irregular sleeping patterns. I'm lucky to have avoided catching freshers flu considering both Laura and Mia caught it as did about 70% of the freshers at the Uni, but for some reason there are nights when I don't get a full nights sleep. Might need to see a doctor about it or something. I walked into my kitchen to find Laura, Mia and Ben sitting there,

"Where you in here all night talking"?
"Yeah haha, how did you know Wes"?
"....because I could hear you, my room is right next to the kitchen".

Guess I shouldn't have really said that as they thought they kept me up all night, which they didn't. It was just everytime I did wake up I could faintly hear their voices and laughter. Ben was pretty annoyed/tired seeing as he, like me, had to be in Uni at 9am and thought that both the girls did too. Though they had the day off and he had been tricked into staying up the whole night thinking they were in the same boat as him. Even so, we both walked to Uni together for about one lecture, he then went home and slept all day. Today was the signing up day for sports societies. Seeing as I will be living/cooking for myself, it is very likely that I will put on some if not a lot of weight, so I wanted to join one. I put my name down for the boxing, aikido, Taekwondo, American Football, Ju-jitsu and Judo society. Not sure why I chose so many martial arts ones, I knew I only really wanted to try American Football and Taekwondo. Eitherway, I left and got back to the dock midday. Had dinner about 7ish. Rump steak in basil sauce. Then went to bed after leaving 3 hours for the food to settle and letting my digestive enzymes do what they do best....

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