Monday, 13 October 2008

Day 22 - Pasta strain

Today is was the latest I have woken up so far at Leeds since I ended up having my breakfast at midday. Usually for dinner I make a huge pot of pasta with mince meat or any other meat I can find, this morning it was chicken. The advantage being that for lunch and dinner I then don't have to keep on preparing things. The pasta usually lasts about 3 to 4 days. Also it saves money. However when it came time to strain the pasta, I had no colander to do it with. I think Mia and Adam were the only two that had one, and they were already dirty. Instead I thought it was a good idea to put the lid on the pan and tilt it so the water drained out but pasta remained in it. My plan half worked. I got all the water out, but the lid slipped and all the pasta fell out into the sink too.

I had two choices, make more, or eat the pasta anyway. I was pretty hungry at this point and hardly had any pasta left to make more, so had to take all the pasta out of the sink (which still had loads of dirty plates and pieces of food in it), boil it again to get rid of some germs and just eat it anyway. Didn't taste that bad actually, though I did keep finding tiny bits of food (I hope) on my pasta and chicken which was a bit worrying.

After this I ventured to Uni to find a computer to finish some assignments. It's getting quite annoying not having my own laptop now, as when I do get to Uni, I'm so tired from the walk I can't be bothered to do any work. Ah well, guess in a round about way this is all my own fault. I got a call from my Mum just to see how I was doing which is always nice. I guess she is worried about me as she once said that it is my destiny to find carry on the Dixon family name if anything huge happens in Upminster, such as a chlorine bomb. Jeez, no pressure. Straight after I then got a call from my Brother just to see how I was doing. This is quite strange as it's about the 3rd time he has done this, and considering he only ever phones home to ask for money or complain, I always wonder whether he really DOES phone me just to talk or if he is secretly building up our brotherly friendship to ask for a huge favour in the end. Probably best not to think about it too much.

I got back to the flat and spent the night watching Fear and loathing in Las Vegas with Adam. I gotta say, it's the weirdest film I've ever seen. A true story about two guys who are on a buisness trip but are always high on drugs. Didn't see the end of it as Adam needed to use his mac to talk online, though personally the film didn't seem to have any real plot and I didn't really care too much for the ending anyway.

As Laura had returned today from her wedding, there was a small E Block gathering in our kitchen, though it ended at about midnight as everyone was tired and had lectures in the morning, mine at 9am again :(

Oh, also I guess I should point it out or the title won't make sense. I strained my neck bad during Taekwondo training. Think it was from bad technique doing sit ups combined with an earlier strain I got months ago when Tim Brown tackled me in American Football. Hopefully it goes away soon or I'll be bored shitless for weeks waiting for it to heal when I could be out getting beaten on by people better than me at the sport :D YEAH!

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