Thursday, 23 October 2008

Day 33 - Royal Birthday

If you didn't guess from the title, today was Laura's birthday. More about that later.
Had Geophysics first, was another Q and A session, he then went through the answers to the two practicals we had to do. I didn't finish them, they were just too hard. Definitely not doing any Geophysics as a module next year! Had breakfast in canteen on my own as I tend to do. Next came the maths lecture. Couldn't do a thing and was too tired/ill to go to the help class so dragged myself home in a state of depression and took a 2 hour nap (Personal note: When I'm feeling down, angry or sad, going to bed is the only thing that makes me cheer up for some reason, not alcohol or drugs. Learn from me).
Got woken up about 2:30pm by voices outside my room. Was Laura, Mia, Ben and another Ben from the flat next door (to save confusing, I'll call the Bens by their last names).
They were going to the royal armouries, so I decided to come along too. Was actually pretty good, it's only like a 2 minute walk from Clarence Dock. Had loads of weapons and armour from wars going back to the 1800s. Heffernan (One of the Ben's) knew loads about the weapons as he said when he was a child he used to be in his room drawing pictures of different types of armies he could control :S And I'm living right next to this guy basically.
The best part was when we got to see rea life props from the Narnia film and Lord of the Rings. Seeing as I have never really seen Lord of the Rings, I wasn't in as much awe as everyone else, but it was still prettyh good to see up close. We had the guy who set up the exhibit there explaining everything to us and how much they all cost etc. Lovely fellow.
After that we all walked to Weatherspoons and met Scott on the way. Pretty annoying I spent £2:50 on a Koppaberg and ended up getting a meal deal which included a drink anyway :@ No matter though. Me, Sean, Scott and Heffernan left to "go home" (we were getting Laura a present) around 5ish.
However, most shops were beginning to shut, and we had no idea what to get her. It was going to be alcohol, but the girls had already gotten that for her.

First, we decided to get her a strap on, though when we got to Ann Summers, none of the boys wanted to go in and ask, so I said I would, though Sean came in with me.

"Right, strap ons will be upstairs".
"Oh, sorry boys, upstairs is shut now"

FAIL. Instead we managed to come up with the idea to get her porn, a book of drinking games and a card.
Scott was 100% sure HMV did porn (though this was Manchester he saw it) as he had seen a 60 year old man there once looking at about 6 different porn DVDs. We were looking for about 10 minutes, but found nothing. Once again, I had to be the one to do the honours,

"Excuse you sell porn DVDs here"
"Yeah, over there behind the pillar".

Man I must have sounded pretty silly. Was pretty funny though when we were buying it and the same guy asked if we wanted a bag for it, as if we would walk about Leeds with a porn DVD in our hands, of course we wanted a bag!
In the end we never found a drinking game book, but found a card for her.
Got back to the flat and was on msn for a bit before going into the kitchen with everyone else. As Laura wasn't getting drunk, I thought I'd speed things up by getting out my Rum, but she wouldn't drink it. Instead I was "forced" to put some into the drink she already had. I put in like 2ml of it, yet she took one sip and said "Who the hell put rum in this"!?
After that Sean, Luis and Abi started doing shots of it, though Abi looked as though she was gonna throw up straight afterwards. I warned her before hand she probably shouldn't have any as it is REALLY strong and even said to Scott I'd feel pretty bad if she ended up throwing up afterwards (which funny enough she did and Lauren had to take her home :( felt guilty the rest of the night).

The taxis came but there were not enough for everyone, so Luis and I decided to jog to the bar we were going, Tiger Tiger. Tbh, hardly anyone was really up for the night. We were only going because it was Laura's birthday. Most people were tired, had no money, or just generally couldn't be bothered, as for me it was a combination of the three.
On the jog there, Luis and I bumped into two (pretty drunk)girls from Clarence Dock who were amazed that Luis was half Morroccan and one was boasting about how her last name was hard to pronounce because she was half Italian :S
They walked (staggered)so damn slow though that Scott and Lewis ended up catching up to us as they didn't get in the cab either. In the end we left the girls to find the club they were going (Scott accidentally pointed them in the wrong direction when the club was literally within throwing distance away) and carried on into Tiger tiger.
There was no queue when we got there, never a good sign in Leeds. Whole place was dead, but the music was pretty good. Annoyingly people left when Superstition came on to go to another bar/club called Bar Risa.
This was wasn't all that either. Had more people, but music wasn't that good. Some of the songs on the playlist were exactely the same that was in Tiger Tiger too. After about 30 minutes Luis and I decided to go home, on the way talking about how clubbing has kinda lost it's effect now and that it's pretty much the same thing no matter what club you go to (it really is).
On the way back we bumped into more drunken girls who were about to cross the road when the red man was there and a car was coming round the corner. I actually had to shout "No, don't cross"! To prevent them from stumbling into the road, first thing they said in reply,
"Are you two from Clarence Dock"?
Turns out one of them, also called Laura, is the the president for the social events at Clarence Dock. I knew there was a Clarence Dock night planned for tonight, and may have gone had it not been Laura's Birthday, but she insited to go to Tiger Tiger as it was a silent disco night too (it wasn't in the end).
Anyway, on the way back I walked with President Laura talking about how my night was pretty dry and how I wish I had gone to the one she organised instead while she was saying it was my fault for not following her orders as she was our president lol. Apparently the night she had organised was at a bar called Oracle, the same one those two drunken girls Luis and I bumped into were heading to. She said that drinks and entry were free for Clarence Dockers :@ Dammit! I could have gone to that and had a great time rather than the night I had which I actualy had to pay for too! Also she was clinging onto me the entire journey back as she was freezing and said I was warm, that was, it WAS the highlight of my night, the walk home was better than the clubs/bars :|
Another good part being her friend who was in heels decided to kick them off her feet, though they went straight up into the air, over the gate, and of all the places to land, right in the Clarence Dock river. I was in bits.
She was moaning about how it was her favorite pair of shoes, but it was her own fault for not taking them off normally really. Was stil funny to watch though.
Also bumped into Will on the way back, bit embarrassing as me, him and Laura were talking for the last part of the walk back and it was only when he got into his block that I actually realised it was him :/ and it was only because he said,

"I'll text you or something about that Green audit"

that I knew who it was. Man I'm bad with faces.
Like last night, this one too had it's ups and downs. But it could have been worse, so I'll quit complaining...

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