Monday, 27 October 2008

Day 36 - Just another manic Sunday

Play on words from (8) Just another manic Monday, whoo-oo-oo, wish it was Sunday, whoo-oo-oo(8).

Right, so basically, I'd say this is the worse day I have had at Uni so far.
I had to do my washing as I had hardly anything else to wear, but noticed in the mail box there was a letter for someone living in Block F. Our keycards work in blocks D and F, so I figured I'd be a gentleman and take it to her.
Got to her block and looked in my wallet, no keycard. I had locked myself out -_-
After ringing the E block flat phone for a few minutes, someone opened the door for me. I put my clothes in the washing machine, put my money in and pressed wash. Nothing happened. I was doing this for ages. I put in an extra 20p for super wash as I thought that was the problem, kept pressing wash but still nothing. A boy next to me was looking at me quite strange. After a while, I realised the problem. THe washing machine door wasn't closed properly, that's why it wouldn't start. I must have looked so stupid.

I put my clothes in the dryer and while I waited for them I decided to check my online balance. My account, fine, though nothing has gone in for ages, just stuff coming out. Go to check student account.



Oh shit, I've been hacked. Was my first initial thought. I knew that at the very least I had about £50 in that account, and should have had well over £1000 in the overdraft, so how had so much come out. I looked at the transactions and my student loan had been paid to the Uni twice! I phoned my Mum and she managed to get to the bottom of it. I had forgotten that I was on direct debit, meaning the Uni took the money when the time came. Me, thinking I'd be all organised, paid the loan manually. Therefore, now my student loan has been paid twice. It's so lucky I am not relying on it or I'd be so screwed. But even so, this is gonna take ages to sort out.

My clothes got dried and I was underway with my main task for the day. To complete a presentation for tommorow on the Permian extinction. Only problem, my laptop didn't have powerpoint so I would have to go to Uni to do it. Heffernan has the same laptop as me, a Vista, so had the same problem, we planned to go together. About 5 minutes before setting off, he text me telling me he had found powerpoint on his vista :S WTF!
He came round and tried to find it on mine, no luck, I had to walk to Uni in the freezing cold to do it after all, but on my own. Finally got there and managed to finish it to a good standard I thought. Then saw an e-mail saying our maths results were available online. I knew I hadn't done well, but still wanted to know what I got, or so I thought.
Went online and you could see everyone elses scores, it was by student number not name, lucky for me. Loads of people had full marks. Got to mine 22/49.
I was the 2nd worse in the class (3rd if you count the people that didn't hand it in and got 0), the only person worse than me was someone who got 21.
Everyone else had managed about 35+ on it. How come I'm finding this so hard even though I could do it at GCSE !?! Man I hate maths. Felt so depressed I began to consider whether I have even taken the right course.
Also because I got lower than 60%, I have to attend help classes now.
Got home and think I did some more revision, can't remember. I made some pasta bake that turned out pretty nice and spoke to some old friends on msn that cheered me up, espeically the pictures Emily and I were drawing which involved us in space and swimming with sharks :)

In conclusion, not a good day. Annoying things happened and I am failing a course which could be done by a 12 year old.

On the upside, all I have to do is work a lot harder, and with my laptop now, that shouldn't be too hard. Also, this maths course is not an essential one, meaning that I only need 100 credits out of 120 to pass, and even if I fail the maths one, I can still pass the year. The first year marks do not count for anything, and best of all, by the end of this year. I won't have to do another maths module :) (Though it'd be really helpful, though I'd rather have the next 2/3 years doing what I enjoy rather than struggling doing something which I think may give me a better chance of earning more money).

I guess in a way it's good this happened now. At least I know what I need to do to become better, to surpass everyone else, and achieve my original goal. To become the greatest Geologist of all time! Kishikishi.

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