Saturday, 18 October 2008

Day 27 - The Chemistry to Flexibility

I don't think I left the flat once today, which is a first since I have been wait, yes I did. I just didn't have any lectures today, but DID end up leaving the flat (this is what happens when you write from the top of your head).
I got up about 12:45pm. I need my 8 hours or it gives me terrible crows feet beneath my eyes. Only other person up was Adam, who was going away for the weekend, I think, I should listen to him more :/ but for tonight anyway he was going away, to a hotel with his girlfriend (10 points if you remember her name) and her family.
Had my Taekwondo lesson later that day, though having only woken up at 12:45pm, I was still pretty sleepy when I got there. Whilst doing the usual drills and stretches, one of which involved attempting to kick the other person in the head, I realised that it may become a really big problem in the future that I have basically 0% flexibility. Anybody who knows me well would have seen (and laughed) at the fact I am unable to make my shoulders touch my ears so this might actually be something to do with my body as a whole rather than just my legs as I can think of other times back when I was unable to do other tasks that required a small degree of flexibilty. Makes me think whether I should have picked up another martial art such as judo, ju jitsu or maybe boxing, one which focusess on power and speed rather than technique, which is the area I always lack in.
Ah well, early days still.
The social after this was at the library (the name of a pub). What's good about it is all the TKD members get discount on food and drink there. Burgers and chips were only £1.50, or so we thought. An extra 60p if you want a cheeseburger, so next time I am doing the cheap thing and brining my own cheese.
Whilst I was losing to Daniel in a game of pool (he had one ball left and I still hadn't put any of mine in the pockets) I got a text from Mia which simply read,

"NEW GIRL"!!!!

YES! The new girl had finally moved in. We now had a complete flat....or we would have done had Adam not been away for the weekend! I stayed in the pub for about another two hours before walking home.
Everyone from upstairs and the flat next door were already in the kitchen. But it just didn't seem as "wild" as usual. Maybe because quite a lot of people had gone home that weekend and basically nobody was drinking. Does that mean you DO need alcohol to have fun ? I hope not.
I was hit by a blast from the past that night though,

"Anyone know how to play trumps"?

"What, top trumps"?

"Nah, the card game trumps"

"Oh, ok"

"Well....I have top trumps in my room"

WAYHAY! I first asked if they were Ben 10 top trumps and much to my suprise, Tim knew what I was talking about. Within seconds we ran into my room and I showed him my Ben 10 poster. Now nobody can say I am insane anymore. He actually likes Ben 10 too, saying his favorite was "that fast alien" (It's name is actually XLR8). Anyway, we played top trumps for quite a while, oh and did I mention...I won! Felt pretty tough after that.
In the end got to bed about 2am still happy about my victory but worried that I had failed my original plan for the day. To do at least an hour of chemistry revision for a practical I have got on Monday :

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