Saturday, 11 October 2008

Day 9 - Rock Bottom

Freshers week had come to an end. In all, I only went out and partied 3 nights as opposed to others who had been every night. I wouldn’t have wanted to do that. Too much money, the feeling of it would wear off after a while. Even Laura and Mia were complaining how they were running out of going out outfits to wear to the point other girls might notice they were wearing the same thing twice! Shock Horror!!! But in a way, it’s a good thing Freshers week is over. Now places won’t always be as busy, and I will have something to do during the day besides sit in my room/kitchen waiting for someone to wake up.
Just like the first day of school or college, it seemed strange going into a new place with people you didn’t know. Being told things which you knew you wouldn’t remember. Looking round the class trying to stereotype people. All good fun.
Was just a day full of lectures really, nothing interesting enough happened to record down. I had my dinner and evening came. Guess everyone was still in the freshers week mood as I was convinced to once again to go to a club that night, can’t remember which one it was though :S (writing all this from memory is beginning to get hard).
Eitherway, it was a REALLY bad idea. Mainly because I had to be up the next morning for a 9am lecture. It takes me 35 minutes to walk to Uni and roughly 25 – 30 minutes to get ready in the morning, depending on whether I bother to shower or not. You do the Maths as to what time I need to be up.
To make matters worst, Tuesday is my longest and most boring day. I had a 2 hour computer class, which was for some reason taught in the medical block. That was fun (sarcasm). Had an hour break, not much done. Probably just went on facebook and checked I had no e-mails from teachers. Then had a 2 hour practical. Figured it might have been fun as it had the word “practical” in it and I imagined we’d get to test out an Earthquake simulator. But no. Instead it was two hours of looking at and identifying rocks. So all those that say,

“Geology, just sit there looking at rocks all lesson”?

Sad to say that yes, it does actually involve that. Not sure why I stayed the full two hours, teacher even said you can leave after about 30 minutes once you were done and I finished it in about 5, that’s how straight forward it was. Also remember, I got in at about 3am that morning so this made it even worst for me trying to stay awake. Had another lecture in which was all basic stuff. Then from 3 till 5 ANOTHER two hour practical. The only difference was that it was a different teacher. Aside from that, everything else was the same. Even the hand out they gave us was the same, word for word.

Easily, this had been my most boring day. Even writing about it causes me to have terrible flashbacks, hence why the writing is so jumpy…or it would have been anyway.
Also, the next two days I can’t remember what happened, because I don’t think much really did. Just remember walking home from somewhere quite late at night and a girl randomly slapping my ass in the street. It actually hurt. Also got a phone call from Emily and Mother (mine not hers). But anyway, I am going to skip the next two days and go straight to Friday.

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