Thursday, 16 October 2008

Day 25 - You don't mess with the Subwarden.

Btw, if nobody got it, my title is meant to be a parody of a film. 10 points to the first person to guess which one.

Day began with Geophysics. Usual lecturer wasn't in, so we had this German man instead who is stereotypically called Jurgen Neuburg (Had it been Hans I never would have been able to take him seriously). He was actually pretty good. He didn't assume we knew it all and went through it and allowed us to ask questions. Though there was one person in the class who ALWAYS asks questions, mostly pointless,

"Sorry to bother, but I was just wondering, what's the difference between a rock and a stone"?
"There isn't a difference, stone is just a slang term for rock"

Even the lecturer who said he likes when people ask question during it said that this mystery person, I'll call him Zaiym, had used up his question asking tickets,

"But if the magnitude is times ten there and the energy release is 32 for magnitude 5, then what is it for 6"?
"It's also 32"
"No, it should be 42, shouldn't it"?

For Zaiym, I suggest he checks out this site,

The rest of the day nothing interesting happened really. Did another late nighter, collecting books for a talk I gotta do in a few weeks, spoke to Jamie Lee on facebook about old times at JD and a new job she's got where the starting pay is £18,000 a year : (Bare in mind tax, cost of living and credit crunch though and we worked out she is only really getting £300 a month spending money though. Reality bites). Also my Taekwondo lesson was cancelled due to the Hall being double booked, not sure how though, Taekwondo is always on a Wednesday so in theory we should have priority to whoever else booked it out, but ah well.
When I got back to the Dock I did some shadow sparring and worked on becoming more flexible since atm I can only kick as high as someone's stomach but need to be able to do head shots if I wanna earn more points when it comes to grading. I also need to work on a finishing move or a special move which I become famous for, like a Chuck Norris round house kick. But think I might actually need a grading belt before I can even think of doing that.

It was Sean's birthday on the 16th (today was 15th). So we all decided to stay up till midnight. It was a usual E block night in, playing ring of fire and getting into arguments over nothing. However at about 11.10 the subwarden came in saying that we were too noisy and there had been complaints.
OK, now let's look at the facts.
We were on floor 2.
Nobody on floor one would complain about us, since most of us who lived on that floor were up there anyway, AND floor one and 2 are quite friendly, and would only tell others to be quiet if it was still really loud at about 2am. It couldn't have been the flat next to us, either, as most of them were in this one. It couldn't have been another block, since we'd have to have all windows open and blare out music for them to even hear us, let alone it be loud enough to actually complain. Which means it must have been people on either floor 3 or 4.
Annoying, THEY are the ones that ALWAYS make noise, playing Queen or drum and bass till about 3 in the morning. The subwarden didn't tell us who made the complaint but we'd like to know so that we could talk with them and make an agreement. If it was bothering them, why didn't they just tell us themselves instead of getting a subwarden ?
Makes us believe he just made the whole complaint story up.
Eitherway, this was the 2nd night in a row a subwarden had come in due to us making noise, so it was getting serious. We convinced the subwarden to let us stay as long as we kept it down and it got to midnight. Sean turned 19, celebrations.
After Laura and Robyn played a game where they tried to throw pieces of paper into cups, they decided to go outside and play football. Anyone could see that this was a stupid idea, as it was night, they were drunk, ball games aren't allowed on site, AND we already had one complaint, but none of us thought to say anything.
Within minutes Robyn came back in saying a subwarden had told them off,

"He told me off for bouncing the ball on the ground, even though we were going somewhere else to play".
"Prick. Hey, where's Laura"?
"Oh, when the subwarden shouted out at me I ran off and left her".

Think you can guess what happened next. She had led him straight to our flat. The first subwarden that had told us off as well as a campus guard came in and had a chat with them. By this point it was now 1:30am so we all decided to leave and go to bed, well I did anyway.
Everyone seemed to find the whole thing pretty funny, though tbh I actually found it quite annoying, especially since after the first warning everyone went into our kitchen, which means they'll keep an eye out for our one now.
Well, guess there was ONE funny part to it,

"Shit, the subwarden is coming in again"
*For some reason Sean hides in the cupboard*
"Right, you two who were playing football, come with me"
*Laura and Robyn leave as well as the subwarden, he then comes back in*
"Also, tell your friend to get out the cupboard"


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