Friday, 31 October 2008

Day 40 - Epiphany in a flash

Had cheerios for breakfast but put too much milk in the bowl, now I know why it always gets used up so quickly.
Geophysics first again, with Jurgen, better known as "that German lecturer".
Once again, even though I didn't really understand what he was talking about (it was to do with GPS and lasers able to measure ground movement) the lecture was still pretty interesting. Makes me wish we had him all the time, even if I didn't learn anything at the very least it'd be enjoyable.
Had an hour break in which I checked over my Maths c/w again.
Got the maths lecture and it was here I had my epiphany,

"What was the answer to these questions again"?
"I found an alegbra website the other night that can do all this for you"
"Ah me too"
"I just got my mate to do it who does a maths degree".

Now finally, it all makes sense. How in lectures it seems 70% of the people don't know what they're doing yet when I saw the marks online they were all so high, most of the people in the class cheated! Dammit. In a way I'm annoyed I didn't think to do the same thing.
Eitherway, today's lecture was a lot easier. Straight line graphs. Remember it from GCSE so today wasn't so bad. Was also quite a laugh when a girl at the front kept talking and the lecturer said that if she knows it all already she can leave. Amongst the crowd of students going "Ooooooooo" someone yelled out "You got served"! which made me quake for a good 5 minutes.

Attended the maths help session and it did help a lot, funny enough. No idea how well I have done in this piece of cw, but hopefully better than last time, 44% :(

That was it for the day for me, however I still needed a costume for tommorow, Halloween. Went to a fancy dress shop but it was packed! They had some realy good costumes, Batman, Superman, Ironman, Captain America. Yes, they even had HIM, the flash. I couldn't believe it. Though they all cost £50. No way, not worth it (or is it).

Left and went to another shop, there was a really good bigfoot looking costume there for £35, but I realised if I was going to be partying in this, I would be sweating like a black man all night. So I needed a costume that looked good and wouldn't make me too hot, and preferbly cheap.
I looked round for things I could mix and match. Then it came to me. I'd go as Brooke the gentleman skeleton from One Piece.

I saw a skeleton mask, an afro and a cane. Altogether only came to £12. Perfect. No point spending loads of money on something I will only wear once. Funny thing is, nobody (aside from Jack) will have a clue who I am actually meant to be, as I doubt anyone from Clarence Dock, or maybe even in Leeds watches One Piece. So to everyone else, I'll be a skeleton in a suit with an afro and a cane.

Got home and took a nap only to be woken up by Lauren knocking on our flat door.(there are loads of "L"s in Clarence Dock who we hang round with, Lauren, Laura, Luci and Louise. To make things easier we call Lauren LP, due to her last name being Pettifer, and also cos it sounds cool).
Sat in the kitchen for a while, had dinner then back on laptop and began my chemistry tutorial which had to be in the next day.

After a few hours I got hungry and whilst making a sandwich was met by Adam who wanted to make his fake blood for a party tommorow. Made it from Golden and chocolate syrup mixed with water and food colouring. It turned out so well. Actually looked real. Especially when he put it in his mouth, tilted his head back and made it drain out. Look like his organs had burst. Made bloody hand prints on the fridge and Adam wrote "Redrum" on it (I didn't understand cos I have never seen the Shining, but apparently this happens in it, Redrum, Murder spelt backwards).

After a few more antics we decided to wipe the blood off and try and prank some people tonight by spitting out fake blood suddenly to see their reaction. If it was on the fridge they'd be more aware we had made it hehe.
Though I might, just for a laugh, spit out real blood. Now THAT would be a good prank...I think....

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