Thursday, 23 October 2008

Day 32 - Equilibrium

Had a really bad morning. Set my alarm for 7:30am so I could take my time getting ready. Ended up somehow getting up at about 8:10am, so had 10 minutes to get changed and have breakfast and would still only JUST make it on time. Speed walking along the street, I saw Scott and Louise at the bus stop. Maybe things are looking up ? Not a chance!
The free city bus came round the corner much to everyones relief. It wasn't packed either. He turned on his signal, getting closer, you could see the anticipation on everyones faces as we'd get out of the wet and cold. I'll never know the reason however we he decided to just drive straight pass us all though.
"What the fuck is he doing, wanker"!
Were some of the many comments coming out of peoples mouths. By this time it was 8:45am. There was no way I was getting to Uni for 9am. By this point Louise predicted she would get there about 9:20am if she walked so ended up going home, which meant that Scott and I could walk a lot faster to get there (as well as having cooties, girls tend to walk slower).
On the way Scott was telling me how he was starving as he had so little money he couldn't afford to buy food (yet can afford to buy two bottles of Strongbow every night). Kinda feel sorry for him. So many nights he has been unable to come out simply because he has so little money, and this is only the 1st month! 30p bread and 19p pasta topped wtih 4p curry sauce from Morrisons is the only way for him, I'd say.
Got to the lecture about 5 minutes late (note: this is the first time I have actually been late to a lecture). Luckily today was just a Geophysics Q and A session where we just ask tutors any concerns or questions about the course. Went pretty well actually. There is some 45 - 50 year old guy in the class who asked some good questions which I hadn't thought of. He's also now part of our "Geology crew" which now consists of me, Darryl, Tom, someone else called Andrew and the Seth Rogan stunt double.

In my break I attempted the Geophysics practical (FAIL) and got the phone number for ISS so I could phone about my internet problems at home. Rest of the day nothing much happened. Had a dynamic Earth lecture that was so boring it was unbelievable. About half the class fell asleep in it. It is basically the most stereotypical lecture you can think of, taught by a guy with a monoton voice when everyone in the lecture just wants to get the hell out of there. Not to mention, it's Geology. If the teacher is boring, the subject is boring. Thank God Keith Oak exists (L).

Got home and phoned ISS about my internet and they managed to go through it with me on the phone. Thanks ISS! (Y).
Spoke to some people on facebook and uploaded msn again. Just like old times.

5pm came and I left for Taekwondo after eating weetabix for dinner as I wanted to save my cans of spaghetti and didn't think it'd be good to have it for the 3rd night in a row with toast again.
The session was another give it a go, though the hall had been double booked (AGAIN, THIS IS THE 3RD TIME IN A ROW IT HAS HAPPENED) and some chinese guys were playing badminton. Man this blog has a lot of stereotypes in it today.
After a while they left and we got really into it. I got in a group with a girl called Jenny and another guy who was a blackbelt. We were doing this thing where you had to do a side kick into a pad while the other person as holding it. I didn't listen to the master when he was going through it though and now regret it. I held the pad against my stomach, when it should have been the side, and forgot to breathe out when he kicked it. I got winded so bad. Before I could get my breath back, Jenny kicked it. She was ridiculously good. Looking at her you wouldn't think she was strong, but her technique was near perfect. In a fight I don't think I'd be able to win just unsing strength alone if I was against her. Even one of the instructors noticed her technique was good and asked what she used to do before Taewkondo, was Karate.

I couldn't kick it for shit but was alright on the palm striking technique as I seem to have more upper body strength/control than lower back.
Went to "The Library" after that for a drink. Got into a really deep conversation about philosphy and life with Daniel and his views on it all (yes, we did include the matrix in the discussion).

I left after about 90 minutes as I wanted to get back to the Dock to go to a school disco themed night. However upon getting back got caught up talking to friends on msn and what not, and tbh was no longer up for going out since I wanna save my money and we would all be going out Thursday for Laura's birthday anyway. Got to bed at about 2am after talking to Lauren on msn about things back in Essex and sluts haha (well, just one in particular actually).

Shit morning, good night. The equilibrium was reached in the end.

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