Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Day 30 - Clean, Green CO² reducing regime

After only about 2 hours sleep due to my irregular patterns of sleeping when the sun began to rise from the past few days, I knew today would drag quite badly.
First lecture was alright, on rocks and minerals. I never seem to pay much attention in that class as I keep assuming I know it all from A level and that I should focus more on the classes which i find hard. Truth is, nothing on the course is easy. Just like at college, it's gonna take a while for me to get the hang of it all again.
After an hour lecture, went to refractory with Tom D, Darryl (my only real friends I have made in Geology) and some guy who looks like Seth Rogan. He is more friends with Tom and Darryl though, think his name is Adam...or Jason, ah, he's not important.
Anyway, breakfast was really good, only food you can buy at Uni which is good value for money I think, everything is pretty overpriced. Remember those bowls of pasta/rice you could get at college for £1 ? It'd cost about £2.45 here. Credit crunch crisis, I'd say.
During my free was just on facebook for a while, as the more work I am given, the less motivated I am to actually do it. Had my final lecture about drawing maps which I really should have paid attention to as it's not something you can just do by common sense alone.
Final lecture ended at 2:55pm, and I had a doctor appointment at 3pm.
Rushed to Leeds Student medical practice, booked myself in on a touch screen computer and waited for about 5 minutes. I then noticed a sign saying there was more than one waiting room. I ran back out to the touchscreen computer and tried to book in again but it wouldn't let me. It was about 3:07pm now and I was worried they might just give my appointment to someone else. Asked at the desk, turns out I was meant to have been on the first floor, not the ground one.
Ran upstairs and past this women who asked if I was Wesley Dixon, turns out SHE was my doctor and was just about to go down to reception to ask what was going on.
Anyway, she was pretty nice and seemed to know what she was doing. A lot more help than I got back in Upminster anyway. She even pointed out how the X-ray I got at Queen's hospital was wrong for the symptoms I had. Why'd they even bother to build Queen's in the first place ? I'd rather live with the constant discomfort I am in now than have them operate on me tbh.
Eitherway, she suggested to check whether I have the pylori helibactor bug, as being on antacids on and off for almost 16 weeks which little improvement means it must be something else (personally I think I have a hiatus hernia and probably WILL need an operation pretty soon since nothing else has worked so far).

Left the practice and had a meeting at 5pm about being a Green rep for my accommodation. During my free time I got my medication from Boots (on the way I saw Adam and Maeve walking into town, they kinda looked like a French couple) then wasted time on the internet again, was quite boring.
The meeting went underway, it was basically talking about how we should educate students at Leeds how and were to recycle, as it's not a case as to people being too lazy, but more a lack of understanding of the situation. I thought I'd be the only person from Clarence Dock there tbh. About 12 people attended, and 5 were from Clarence Dock :S
Met a guy named Will (who also lived at the Dock) and we spoke about ways in which we could Green up Leeds and should start with where we live. Pretty funny walk home actually as we were being over picky about everything we saw,

"Look, a red bull can on the ground, that's terrible"

*Guy infront of us puts a subway wrapper in bin, somehow misses, and just lets the wrapper go on the floor*

"What an idiot"

"No wait.....look, he's a bouncer. He's allowed to do that. All bouncers are twats"

It's true, it's in the job description.
Got back to the flat and found a note saying a parcel had been delivered for me. It was my laptop! Ran to site office to fetch it,

Clarence Dock site office
Open Monday - Friday, 8am - 7pm

*Look at watch*


Oh for fu...

Made me so angry, even though it was my fault for making a stop to Morrisons and tesco on the walk back. Had dinner while making some misleading posters as well as some of the posters I borrowed (took too many) from the meeting.
It had an A4 piece of paper on the front where I had written "Want free alcohol, then turn this pafe"? in huge letters, to get the attention of students. As they would turn the page they would see the environmental poster. Although there is only about a 3% chance they would read it at this point, it's better than the 0% chance that anyone would bother reading it had it not had the attention grabber first.
I put these posters all around my flat and block D (as I can get in there with my card).

Spent most of the night after that having a nap, making some notes on the Permian extinction for a presentation I gotta do on Monday and practicing Taekwondo patterns. After a while I got bored and decided to join everyone in the kitchen.
The subwarden came in AGAIN because of the noise which everyone (who were all pretty drunk) once again seemed to find funner and me being the sober one actually found REALLY annoying, since it was OUR kitchen people come into therefore WE are the ones that will get into trouble in the end :@
After much pointless arguing with him, everyone left to go to a club called Mezz while I did some more study, a little annoyed.
Like last night, I wasn't tired at all. So decided to try and make a 2nd green wave, this time spreading the information all around Clarence Dock. As I don't want anyone there to find out it was me (though I am writing about it in a blog that can be viewed by millions) I dressed in all black and put post it notes on the doors of each block. They had cheesey one liners like,

"It's hard work being a Mother. It's even harder to be Mothernature. So why not help her out".

Felt pretty sneaky after that. Mia was the only person who was in the kitchen when I was making the posters, therefore if anybody finds out it was me who was greening up the area in secret, as I think they might count it as fly postering, I'll know it was her that told someone hehe.
Got to bed about 2:30am - 3am (only to be woken by the noise of singing, doors slamming and laughing when everyone got back from Mezz)!

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Jon said...

Hi, I live and Clarence Dock (the non-studently bit) and was wondering - are the students making use of the new shops, Casino, resaurants etc in Clarence Dock or are they still heading into town?
Cheers Jon