Thursday, 9 October 2008

Day 2 - Intro Party

I awoke at 10:30am. It's always strange to wake up somewhere besides your own bed I find. Guess this WILL be my own bed for the next year though. I was eating breakfast on my own for a few minutes when I heard someone elses door open. A robber!? No, it was just Mia. We spoke for a little whilst having breakfast when Laura came in,

"Is it me or does it smell like gas in here"?
"...Yeah I was thinking that too"
(Me in my head) ".....I can't smell it".

Lucky Mia and Laura had. Turns out our hob had a really small gas leak. Had we used it we could have been blown to kindom come. Not only that, but our fridge had a tiny leak, there was no hot water running, there was some sort of green goo on the ceiling and there were a load of silverfish crawling over the kitchen sink (All of these things happened over a period of the first week there, but to save time I just listed them all at once). We told site office about it, they gave us a crappy little electric hob that only had two pads to cook our food and told us the rest would be fixed later during the week.

To get our minds off our kitchen, we all decided to go and have a walk around Leeds, we talked about how being on the first floor, we are the most likely to be robbed and if a flood occurs (as we live about 20 metres from a river) we are going to be the ones affected. *In comic book guy voice* Worst- accommodation - ever. However, I cheered myself up by buying a cheap ass grey jacket from Primark while I was out. Kinda makes me look like a chav, but it keeps me warm, heck, I'm wearing it right now as I type, that's how much I like it. Only cost £10. The rest of the day I spent walking around town finding places such as All Saints and other ridiculously over-priced shops which students would never be able to afford.

Evening came, Laura, Mia and I decided to go to the flat next to ours and introduce ourselves. After talking in the kitchen for a bit and playing a few drinking games (I just sat and watched, I didn't wanna throw up on the 2nd night) the boys decided to go to the campus bar. All the girls were going to some club which I forgot the name of, as there are so many in Leeds, merely because Dale from Big Brother was going to be there -_- . Anyway, as soon as I walked into the bar, I met someone I knew from the night before, Ollie, who said he was going to the union party and asked if I wanted to come. Of course I said yes. A free bus ride there too. Not to mention Ollie was a pretty decent person.
(I think the reason I remember him is because the first time he introduced himself to everyone he asked if we liked potatoes, after much confusion and excitement thinking he was going to give us free potatoes, he then said that he wanted to be different as he was tired of always asking the same questions to people such as their names and course since he had been there since Wednesday, and personally I couldn't agree more with him).
The intro party was great. Despite losing in a black-off (though the other guy was actually asian), I somehow lost Ollie and his friends. So wondered to the union bar. Was pretty happy that they sold Kopparberg there, though was hoping it'd only cost something like £1 instead of 3, ah well. Not knowing anybody else, I sat and watched some people play pool. One guy in glasses kept glancing at me. He then said hello and asked if I went to Clarence Dock (for those with a bad memory, I do). His name was Tom, he was studying Economics and he said he recognised me from the night before because of my dreads (which is thing a lot of people have said to me over the past few weeks).
I partied the night away, meeting new people and losing the people that I was with. When it came time for me to go home, I ran into another problem. We were advised to never walk home alone at night, and considering Leeds can get quite rough (already seen one fight, though it was kinda gay as he had the other guy on the floor and was pulling his hair) and this was freshers week, I didn't want to take any risks. However, I had no idea who else was going back to Clarence Dock.
Clarence Dock is letter E (funny, I also live in Block E LOLZ), and is in the opposite direction from all the other accommodation. Do I even need to do the comic book guy impression again ?
After asking random people coming out of the union party where they were heading off to, I ended up meeting a guy that went to Leeds Met (forgotten his name now) that had the same problem as me. In the end, we decided to share a cab back together, cost £5 for each of us.
This was the first and probably only time I didn't get ripped off by a cabbie. It SHOULD only cost £4-5 to get from the Uni to Clarence Dock, though Cab drivers have been known to charge students from £7 - 15 to get there!
I was soon to learn the hardway to always share cabs to and from places. However, being naive and in a state of humbleness after my night out, I crept into a deep sleep, eagerly awaiting my next adventure....

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