Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Day 39 - Is that really Chicken Curry Soup ?

Well, let's see. Had no weetabix this morning so finished off the Frosties that I had which had been there since my first week. Wasn't too nice tbh. Got to Geophysics only to find that it was ANOTHER Q and A session. I had no questions to ask really so was annoyed I bothered to come in for it, as was Ben who literally ran to Uni due to his lack of attendance.
Got to a computer cluster and did some revision for a chemistry test we had today. Had breakfast, came to £2.10. Bit of a rip off really. Wish I didn't get hungry so easily, am spending too much on food.
Next was the dynamic earth lecture. If there has ever been a lecture that I have been tempted to just not go to, it is this one. First of all, he dulls the lights, making you sleepy, his voice is boring, he goes through everything on the board though it's all in the book anyway, we could read it ourselves, and everything he talks about I already know from A level. People just use it as an extra hour of sleep now, however I used my time wisely, and did some revision for the chemistry test that was next.
It wasn't too bad really. Know I didn't do brilliant on it, but know it has gotta be better than any other test I have done since getting to Uni. Though was quite annoyed walking out of the lecture hall whilst Tom and Darryl were talking about it and I realised I had already got quite a few questions wrong which I thought were definitely correct :(

After this we had a meeting in the vis lab about our trip to Ingleton in a week. Not sure if that's how you spell it, but can't be bothered to check right now. Tom said he really hopes he doesn't go on the Monday, as he had booked train tickets home for that day, I didn't want to go Wednesday, as I got Taekwondo in the evening.
I got my wish :) however, Tom did not.
Also Heffernan is in my group, at least I will have someone to talk to that I know pretty well.
Looking through the list, I noticed thata girl was called Fanny. Who the heck would name their child Fanny ? Really wanna meet her now.

Walked back to Clarence Dock with Ben, got on my laptop when I heard Adam in the corridor asking if I liked his facebook comment. Basically there I am doing a pub crawl with Taekwondo class next Friday, the theme is legends, I didn't know who to go as, Adam said I should go as Blade lol.
Ended up going into this room while he taught me how to juggle and also taught me some Chinese strokes and how to do them. So glad I didn't take Chinese, looks so hard. Learning another language AND a huge alphabet. Adam is crazy.

Went into the kitchen with him when Charlotte walked in while Adam was making his dinner and I was standing there juggling. Although she lives with us, we hardly see her, she has a 9-5 day pretty much 5 days a week and when she gets home goes straight to the gym, so to actually see her is rare. Come to think of it, the past few days I haven't really left my room cos I been stressing out over Geophysics and Maths work, worried that I am falling behind and getting pissed off that I can't understand it. Because of that I hadn't seen any of my flat mates for about two days.
Anyway, Adam took his "dinner" from the fridge and said he hopes it's still ok to eat. It was Asda value chicken curry soup in a plastic container, or so the label said. It literally looked like someone had just vommed in a container and stuck a label on it saying it was Chicken curry soup.
Even when he poured it into the pan, it still remained in the mould shape of the container. What the hell was Adam thinking when he bought this vom in a can ?
Throughout dinner Charlotte and I were trying to put him off his meal saying how much we thought it looked like sick, after about 5 minutes it worked as he didn't want anymore.
I tried some and it wasn't too bad tbh. Just looked a lot like puke.

Evenings were getting darker and colder. I find it Funny that Mike (the Canadian guy) finds it funny that we all think that it's cold her because it is 3 degrees when in Canada that'd seem normal lol.
I had to wear two jumpers on the way to Taekwondo. Was a good session tbh. For some reason none of the committee members turned up though :S
Went to the Library afterwards for food and drink. Annoyingly two people who I won't name from the club took my food (We ordered at about 8:15pm, they got in at about 8:25pm and ordered. Food came at 8:30pm. Two burgers, they claimed them, but they were ours. We got there first)!
Eitherway, as soon as I finished my burger I headed home as I had work to do.

Got to the Clarence Dock bridge and noticed the gate was shut by the river, there was also a sign on the gate

"This path is closed due to power failure"


This was the only way I knew how to get home without going back into town and finding another way in the dark. And exploring Leeds is not fun if you're actually trying to find a certain place. It can takes hours (or days even).
Luckily I saw some people who were in the same position as me. The gate had anti-climb paint, so we couldn't climb it. However we could go round it. This was dangerous however as it involved walking on a ledge which was only about 5cm wide, whilst grabbing onto the gate. If that wasn't bad enough, if we slipped, we'd fall right into the river. However I saw them do it, so I did the same.
Had to do it again when I got to the next gate. Was quite fun thinking back on it.
Got back to E block and warned everyone going to Halo PJ foam party about it and adviced them to get a cab before going into my room. Planned on doing some work when I got back. But tbh, I'm tired, I cba to finish the Geophysics practical if it's not even being assessed, and I will have to ask about the maths tommorow. Have had enough bads nights as it is just trying to deal with those two modules alone so would rather not have another.

I'll attempt to use skills week to catch up on EVERYTHING. Hopefully after that things should calm down a bit. If not, then my first year at Uni may turn out to be my worst of the 3 (or 4).


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