Sunday, 12 October 2008

Day 12-17- Muesum + Freshers ball = training

I figured I'd write about all of these days in just one post, as very little happened during each day and I am unable to remember them in any real detail.

Day 12 - I woke up quite late due to going to bed at about 1am the previous morning. The only person up and in the kitchen already was Mia who was pretty annoyed at the mess and amount of dirty plates and washing up as her parents were coming over that morning. I felt quite guilty since some of it was mine (though most of it was Adam's as he had cookeda stir fry a few nights ago) and also her and Laura had cleaned the entire kitchen the night before and Adam and I managed to mess it up within a night :

Eitherway, we then made a rule that everyone in our flat is only responsible for cleaning up after themselves from now on. Which is better I guess, at the case used to be that whoever did their washing up would just do everyone elses too. After that I just walked to the University to return a Geophysics library book that I didn't get round to reading. Tonight was the freshers ball too. I didn't bother to buy a ticket, but it was £17 or so. Spent the night in doing...something.

Day 13 - It was about 11am and nobody in the flat was up. I had nothing planned for the day so decided I would go for a walk around Leeds. I never noticed before, but Leeds architecture is actually really good (well, nice to look at). I felt like one of those stereotypical tourists you see walking around London with Maps and huge backpacks. Though had I lived in Leeds my entire life I probably never would have gone on a walk like this. After about an hour, I found the Leeds city museum. I haven't been to a museum in YEARS, and they were having a special exhibtion today, so I decided to go in. It was great in there! I was really tempted to spend £20 on a book which was basically an encylopedia of everything you didn't know or used to know and forgot (that was the actual title). They also had things like ant biscuits and sugar covered crickets in the shop which I was also going to buy. On the bottom floor they had stuffed animals which looked so life like. I was suprised nobody was taking pictures as they were really well done. After I took about three I was approached by a member of staff who said I am not allowed to take photos unless I have a license. Oops. Lucky he didn't take my camera (phone) from me. That was basically the highlight of my day. It would have been more fun to have gone with someone, but meh. I only really explored about 13% of Leeds that day, and hopefully by the end of the year will have explored the rest. That's 87%, I just checked.

Day 16 - Average day. Lectures, ate, cried, lectures, ate somemore. Signed up to the gym today so that Taekwondo lessons will only cost me £1 instead of £5 with membership. (Leeds Uni gym membership is £50 for the year and an extra 50p each time you use any of the suites, or you could pay £95 for the year and everything else there are no extra charges. Not that I'm trying to advertise or anything).
Come to Leeds.
There was no Taekwondo training that evening however there was still a social at a pub called "The Library". There was a poster outside saying how Thursday is funk night, it had a picture of James Brown (even though he sings soul not funk) and it said "Funk-tion". I thought it was pretty funny/clever myself. However, a few members of the club came down for a drinks. After about an hour loads of Leeds students were in there with plain white t-shirts with a load of pen on them like you have on the last day of school. Sean (Bad Bach) and I were even talking about this a few days ago, how while it begins with people writing messages on your back, by the end of the night it is a competition as to who can draw the most cocks on other peoples shirts. This was definitely the case that night. What was stranger was that it was the rowing/sailing society and there were about 40 people there :S Didn't think it'd be so popular. Anyway, the TKD crew were going to go to a club called wire later that night, but I didn't really feel like it so walked home with Daniel. Watched some funk/jazz videos with Adam on his Mac when I got back then went to bed.

Day 17 - Already wrote about this in "3 weeks 2 late".

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