Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Day 37 - Catching up

Still slightly annoyed and depressed from the night before, I now vowed to work harder than anyone so that there was no way I could do badly in anything, ever again. Only then, if I know I did everything I could and still do bad, will it be a REAL fail.
First lecture was Understanding Earth, felt a bit better we had done everything in the lecture at A level, which was to do with acid, basic and intermediate rocks that the types of volcanoes formed from this. At least I knew all of this stuff quite well. Had some food in my break and attended next lecture which was a chemistry one. Was a little tricky, as we were warned by the lecturer in advance, but wasn't impossible. Was all that shit about moles that you had to do in GCSE chemistry but never got right. Gotta do it all over again.
Then had a seminar in which the 12 of us in the class had to do a presentation on a topic of our choice, though preferbly Geological. Out of the 12, only 6 people turned up. Some were away ill as there is some nasty cough going round, even as I type this in the cluster, I can hear people coughing. Suprised I never seem to catch illnesses that go around, ever.
Seeing as people were nervous about the talks, I opted to go first, as I wasn't really nervous at all seeing as only 6 people were in the class and I had planned what I had to say.
It didn't have to be longer than 5 minutes and I think mine went pretty well. Was worried I would get marked down for not taking it all that seriously, such as having pictures of the squirrel from Ice age in a slide about glaciation and on my final slide as to why the study of the Permian extinction is important inserted a picture of Hiruma from Eyeshield 21 saying "Because it's fun" as my grand summary.
Nevertheless, I got 75/75 for the talk. SCORE!
Only thing he said I should improve on is projecting my voice, which is a problem I have always had, especially at school doing drama.
Had another break and then the final lecture of the day, can't even remember what it was on now...erm...hmm...Oh yeah, was on deformation. I remember the title, but not the actual lecture. Ah well, gotta look at those notes soon.
Was pretty tired so got back to Clarence Dock and went straight to bed.

Awoke about half 6 and had dinner, pasta bake. There is enough left for about 2 more meals I'd say, not bad considering the pasta was 19, sauce was £1.40 and baby corn was £1 and can feed me for four days. I forgot to include in my last blog about my shit day how my carrots had turned brown because I forgot to put them in the fridge and my onions had a soft centre since they had gone over their sell by date.
Everyone was going out clubbing that night it seemed, though I decided to stay in and study. Never was a big fan of clubbing tbh.

Had a nice long chat with Matt on msn whilst doing some of the Geophysics assignment, of which I actually managed to get some of the answers right :O!

I reckon my days will follow this sort of structure from now on. I used to only go clubbing since there was nothing for me to do. Now with my laptop, it provides academic and social fun! Still though, going without it for a month and doing no extra reading means I have still got a lot of catching up to do in all my modules *sigh*.
The pendulum continues to swing...

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