Sunday, 26 October 2008

Day 35 - Adam's family

Got up at midday, made a plan of things I had to do over the week. Went to Taekwondo training. We did another pyramid session but felt a lot easier this time. Even though I had to sit out for a bit since it felt like I ruptured something, must have been a cramp. Sparred with Daniel for a bit (would you know it, we had the exact same pads, again, must have looked gay. Everyone else has either red or black, we're the only two to have blue :S). After training there was a meeting in the old bar about a trip to Berlin during Xmas holidays. Would have liked to have gone, but haven't seen friends or family in ages so will have to give it a miss. Also before the meeting, Matt, a TKD blackbelt asked if I wanted to play pool. Somehow I managed to beat him :S
And he was god too. Though I admit, half my shots were really really lucky.
Got back to the Dock and had dinner with Adam and his family. They cooked a Korma, was really really nice. Best meal I have had since Uni. Went next door and played ring of fire and beer pong. Steve the subwarden came in since security saw Ben dancing on a chair haha. As he left for some reason Ben and Mia thought it'd be a good idea to start screaming and throwing alcohol over each other even before Steve had left the flat, he came back in and they got another warning. Pretty silly really.

Also we were making loads of toast to put on Abi's door as she is away for the weekend. This is kinda an in joke, cos of her Hull accent, she pronounced Toast as "teerst" hehe. Had a small toast fight and jelly cube fight. Jelly cubes were meant to have been for Scott's door but we never got around to it.
Then went into Luis room and had a small jam session. Me on bongos, Tim playing drums on a shelf and Luis and Mike on guitar. Was pretty mellow. Came back to my room when people were going to cover Lauren's door in newspaper. Was talking on msn for a bit and tried to play Spore but it's not working :( This Vista is useless. Doesn't have powerpoint either so I gotta go Uni to finish off work. Defeats the point of me having a laptop.

Not a bad day I guess, just couldn't be bothered to go into as much detail as usual as I got loads of work to do. Until next time...

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