Friday, 10 October 2008

Day 6 - Ring of fire, and water..

This was the start of a very long annoying day. At first I thought it’d be good. As I walked out of my flat, I found £10 on the floor, just laying there, as if done on purpose. Looked around to make sure this wasn’t some sort of hidden camera show and as soon as I bent down to pick it up someone hidden in a bush with the note attached to a fishing reel would reel it in. Nothing of the sort. I became £10 richer that morning . I then had a 2 hour lecture. I can’t even remember what it was on, that’s how god it was. We were told that we had to fill in and sign a health and safety form and hand it into the undergraduate office by Today. I had all week to do it but had left it to the last minute, so I decided to do that. But first I wanted to check e-mails. Upon doing so, I got a call from a woman who worked as part of the accommodation office,

Hello is this Wesley Dixon, it seems that you haven’t filled out your accommodation contract properly and the computer is trying to charge you international fees

…Great. I even know what it was I had done wrong. In the box where it said “Nationality” I put “Jamaican”, thinking that it meant race, when I should have put UK. Nevertheless, I managed to sort it out within a few days. Also for those that don’t know, international fees are A LOT more expensive than standard ones. I met a girl named Chloe from Malaysia who said it was costing her £10,000 just for accommodation alone and is even more expensive the next 2 to 3 years. Kinda made me feel a little silly as minutes before I was moaning to her about how the price of fried chicken had gone up by 50p due to the credit crunch.
However, it was getting late during the day and I needed to find the undergraduate office. They say Leeds Uni is brilliantly sign posted, but sorry….it’s not. It took me a good 2 hours to find the place! (Not as bad as the open day when it took my Mum and I roughly 2 and a half hours just to find the Earth and Environment department). Slightly annoyed at my wasted day, I walked back to Clarence Dock. I saw Mia through the kitchen window much to my relief, she had not been raped, though she had absolutely no idea how she got back to the flat the night before, so was lucky this time. I had a jazz club meeting tonight. Tom R had also signed up to it and I was looking forward to meeting him, as we had not seen each other yet since arriving to Leeds. Although the place in which everyone met was quite hard to find, after me trying to text Tom directions, he gave up after about half an hour and went home.

However the rest of us, the jazz club when to a bar called Café lento. It was TINY, but had a sofa outside of it and a really smooth jazz feel to it. I also met a guy named Luke, who funny enough, spoke and acted just like the original Luke Capon: O though he played drums instead of bass, and was nowhere near as hench. But he did have some really funky tunes on his iPod. There was also this other blonde girl who I think was scared of me as she was quite friendly to the people she was speaking with but when I walked over to say hi she kind of quickly glanced at me and walked in the other direction. This happened more than once throughout the night before I got the hint btw. After about 2 hours at café lento I decided to head home, as I was FREEZING. I didn’t bring a jacket as I thought I’d be inside, but the café was so small loads of us had to stand outside. I got a cab home (£7 DAMN IT)! Then came the REALLY annoying part. I saw everyone from Clarence Dock all dressed up in UV paint and glow sticks, ready to go to another freshers party. Jas ran up to me, already shit faced,

“Wes, we’re all going to the club mission tonight, everyone at Clarence Dock has free VIP tickets and a free ride there, you coming”?

Only 3 words went through my head at that point,
“Oh for fu…”
(2 and a half actually)

I had just spent £7 on getting back and now was going straight out again, plus I didn’t think I had enough time to get all UV painted up. However the bus was leaving in 20 minutes, so in that time I got as “dressed up” for it as I could. Everyone on the bus was so rowdy, chanting “Clarence Dock, Clarence Dock” and a load of football chants. I really really felt sorry for the bus driver, I hope he was getting paid triple for this ride. We got there and the queue was about a mile long,
“No matter, have our VIP tickets” thought everyone.
About 200 people from Clarence Dock went that night, and I’d say only about 20 of them got let in. The rest were queuing there for a good hour arguing with the bouncers as to why we weren’t getting let in even though we had VIP tickets, they kept saying the club was full and that it wasn’t down to them. Pretty stupid seeing as tickets to clubs in Leeds mean priority over people without them, and VIP tickets should guarantee a 120% chance of getting in! It became worse when people WITHOUT tickets began getting let in. My only guess was that they would have to pay £5 while we only had to pay £3 with our tickets, so it was just a ploy to get more money. After a while a few of us realised how shit the whole situation was and began walking back to Clarence Dock. I gave a girl called Liz (I think) a piggy back for the last half back as she was in heels and her feet were bleeding. She was pretty heavy, but I wanted to prove to everyone that absolute strength and determination could outweigh anything else in the world. I sat in their flat kitchen playing ring of fire, with water (check my facebook photos for evidence). It was pretty fun even though I was terrible at it and had I been playing with alcohol would have thrown up for sure. Liz ended up losing and had to drink the shit mix in the middle of the table, two types of wine, beer and water (courtesy of me). Non of us actually thought she’d do it, since that glass had been there for about a day with a load of wine in it, but she did. Come to think of it, haven’t seen her for a few days…hmm…ah well. What began as a horrible day ended up being quite a good night out/in.


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