Monday, 20 October 2008

Day 29 - Meet the deadlines

This will be my shortest post so far, I'd say. After going to bed at 6am, I awoke at about 1:30pm, my only plan being to use today to catch up on work, like everyone else usually did, as Sunday was hangover day.
I remember the night before I was talking to (drunk) Laura about going to church on a Sunday and she was saying how if it began at 11am she would actually go with me :s Didn't think she would have gone through that when she walked into the kitchen today not looking too good.
Basically all I did today was go to the library and spend about 6 or 7 hours doing assingments, revision, facebook and reading manga.
On the way home however a weird looking guy was talking to these two women on a bench. I could tell from afar something was up with him just from the way he was acting. I walked pass avoiding eye contact, then when I was about 100 metres away I heard a really loud bang. I turned round and he was just throwing a load of bins on the floor, for no reason!
Leeds is a dangerous and strange place.

Got home and did some more reading. Got to bed about midnight but just couldn't sleep. Ended up spending the night reading textbooks and practicing some Taekwondo patterns before finally getting a bad nights (or morning in this case) sleep at 5am!

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