Sunday, 12 October 2008

Day 20 - 21 - Kitchen Rave

I realised that I have some how messed up the day count in this. I cba to find out where, but basically two weeks have passed since University.

Day 20 - I didn't do anything during the day really. Just had a seminar. Had Taekwondo in the evening though. It's from 5 till 7. 5 are advanced classes, 6 is beginner classes. Though you can go to both, to get my moneys worth, I go to both. I had to sit out of some of the parts of the advanced class, as they were doing different patterns, and I know none. However it was fun to watch. Then came the beginner class. There were a lot more people there than the week before. I partnered up with this small looking chinese guy who said he had never done Taekwondo before. However when it got to the mitt hitting session he punched the mitt so hard it caused my arm to be flung back and I ended up punching myself in the mouth,

"Are you sure you've never done Taekwondo before"
"Well...I used to do a little bit of martial arts".

Bullshit a little bit! I did wonder why his technique seemed really good when we were going through the different stances. Anyway, I'd rather there be really really good people in the class as if I spar with them it'll help me to improve too. By the end of the year I'd like to be able to smash my head through a block of ice (even if Taekwondo is mainly kicking based).
I got back to the flat and found a letter saying that a parcel had arrived for me. It was my training gear. £80 in all for the gloves, head gear, shin guards and shoes, which is pretty good really. Now I can spar full contact!
There was nothing really planned for the night, so Mia and I (Laura was at a wedding) went to the flat next door for some drunken fun. It ended up being a funny night. Mainly taking the piss out of a girl who has a strong welsh accent and getting educated about America and Canada by a Canadian guy called Mike staying in the flat,

"Look, I made some Jelly shots"
"Jelly ? Do you guys have Jell-o over here"
".......Yeah, Jell-o and jelly are the same thing"
"No, Jell-o is actually company that makes jelly, but it's so large people tend to mix jelly and jell-o up"
"Oh, like how people call vacuum cleaners hoovers, while hoover is actually just a brand, not the universial name for the product"?
"Yeah, just like that".

Gotta say, I learned more that night than I have in my 2 weeks of lectures so far. At about 11pm all the boys randomly went into the car park and began throwing an American Football around. I was quite annoyed as I had seen this ball lying in the grass a few weeks back, but didn't take it as I thought someone may have left it there and planned on picking it up later. But nobody did, and the flat next to me now owned it :(
I got too into it however, playing as QB. Shouting American Football jargon and always getting angry when passes weren't completed, even though it was always my fault for throwing shit passes. Mike also found it funny that he was the only other person who knew what I was talking about when I was shouting different pass routes. Though he was actually a pretty good player. Also, not that anyone will care, but he is also a fan of the Bucs, as am I ;)
We returned later to the flat after getting a warning from a subwarden that we could break something. The night ended up turning into a huge drunken arguement involving a girl's boyfriend going to a strip club and whether or not it was acceptable to let him go to a talk about sexism and how girls hit boys but boys are not allowed to hit girls. Me being the only sober one I found the whole thing ridiculous and hilarious. It was even funnier in the morning when nobody could even remember the entire thing apart from me and Mike who took the initiative to film it all, hehe.

Day 21 - I ended up going to bed at about 3am the night before, I wanted to get in my 8 hours though and woke up late in the day. Also, today was Taekwondo squad training. Last week it wasn't too bad really. Just some running and stances, then the next hour is sparring, so it is a 2 hour split session really. Today however was a killer. We had to do a pyramid.

5 press ups then a lap of the sports hall
5 sit ups, lap
5 squat thrusts, lap
5 pike sit ups, lap,
5 squat thrusts then jump into the air, lap.

It went on like this, except increasing by 5 each time, till we got to 30. Also when it got to 20 of everything, we than had to do two laps of the hall instead of one. Once we got to 30, we had a minute break, a drink, then had to go all the way back down the pyramid, 30, to 25, to 20, to 15. At 10 and 5, we had to do all the exercises one after another. And yes, it was hard. Don't think I've ever had such an intense session in my life actually. Not even the instructor could do it properly (by 30 you were so tired and numb at most you could only manage about 6 of each workouts). This whole thing lasted for an hour. The next hour was sparring. Having just gotten my shiny new gloves, I was ready and rearing to go. Only problem was that everyone else there was about blue or blackbelt or had done some form of martial arts before : I was fucked.
Every person I went up against I worked up a huge sweat, put in 120% and they didn't even look as though they were trying. One even showed me some taunts to do mid fight, such as leaving yourself unguarded or pointing to the floor hoping the other person looks down, then you kick them in the face.
Anyway, in the end it was actually good to go up against people way better than me as they pointed out where I was going wrong. Such as making it obvious when I was going to attack, to look at my opponent's face, not their hands and to never stop moving.
I was pretty sore the rest of the day. The Clarence Dock block E flat were all going to a club called cockpit that night (though we call it cock bar as it's situated on the gay district). A few brave people were doing shots of my Jamaican rum (it's 63%) whilst Adam after drinking martini straight from the bottle was mixing my rum with coke and got himself wasted in a matter of minutes.
In the end we all left and got to the club at about midnight, but after much confusion as some people needed the toilet and some needed to withdraw money we all ended up splitting up.
I met up with Adam again but in the queue he said he was feeling a bit ill after what he had drunk and loud music wouldn't have done him any good so wanted to go home. I didn't really want him to walk home on his own in the state he was in (and by this time it was almost 1am so didn't really feel like clubbing either) so we both took a slow walk back to Clarence Dock to bring an end to our night.

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