Friday, 17 October 2008

Day 26 - VIP

I only had one lecture this morning, a maths one, it's just algebra at the moment, but I'm still finding it hard :S Also our coursework for it had to be in today, whereas maths is not like Geology where you can bullshit your way through papers with an assumed knowledge that the answer will be "quartz" or "re-crystallisation", I realised that I was pretty much screwed. So I had to attend a sort of help class for people struggling. I had avoided all of these up until now as I figured it was basically my own fault for not knowing what to do and I just had to put in more effort, also because I felt silly going to a help class about maths at a level which is covered at GSCE level while I'm taking a subject which can require it way beyond A level standard.

The class helped a little, but it got to the point where there was nothing more they could do that would help than actually doing it for me, so I handed my coursework in, knowing it was terrible. I need 60% or more to pass, but really doubt I managed to scrape that.

However, before I went home, there was an ISV meeting (International student volunteers, but ISV since I can't be bothered to write that out all the time).

Basically next Summer they are going to be sending students from the UK, Canada and America to one of 8 different countries, (Ecuador, Costa Rica, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Eastern Europe, Thailand or Domincian Republic).

The trip involves 2 weeks of volunteer work, such as helping to build houses and playing with children, and I know how that sounds. Followed by a two week adventure course, white water rafting, black water rafting (basically white water rafting in a pitch black cave), hand gliding..basically extreme sports with a high chance of injury or death. Though Thai Boxing will not be featured in the list unfortantely. It'd cost somewhere like £1,200 to go I think. Well, it was over £1,000. But you can ask people to sponser you for it, which is what I plan on doing. Having gone to a Christian church for 14 years, I know where I'm going to begin with this.

I reckon it'd be a once in a life time oppurtinity, PLUS, I wanted to do something like this back at Hall Mead, but was not selected as spaces were limited (annoying as now at Hall Mead there is no selection process whatsoever).

Not to mention it should look good on a CV, as apparently only 2% of Uni students do volunteer work, and I hope to soon be one of them. If not that, then I definitely want to join a group I got an e-mail about called "Green Reps".

I'd be a rep for my halls about greener living and recycling. When I told Scott about this he replied,

"Don't to it Wes, everyone will hate you"!

.......It's not Greenpeace dammit. All I'm trying to do is save the world (or preserve it for as long as possible till the Sun stops burning).

Eitherway, I would like to do one if not both the things I just talked about. Just being a student who did their 3 years and left doesn't really appeal to me. In the end it'd just be like going to college for 3 years except having to pay for it.

On the walk home I bumped into a black guy with dreadlocks and one of those Jamaican caps, not literally, just mean I had a conversation with him, he said,

"Wa'gwan rasta man" (How are you doing young man)

"Hello, I'm fine thanks"

"Y' doin' anyting Saturday"? (What will you be up to this following weekend)

"Got nothing planned yet"

*Gives me leaflet*

"Then come down to the faversham, der gwan be whole 'ep a pussy" (Please ciome to the faversham as there is a high chance a lot of female genitailia will be present).

Very nice man. I got home and met Adam in the kitchen. To make conversation I asked how his day was,

"Hmm..pretty weird actually, a guy died on the bus I was on during the trip home"


"Well he was coughing really badly for ages then was just lying there for about 4 minutes motionless. I told the driver, we gave him a prod to wake him up but he didn't move. The ambulance came and they couldn't find a pulse".

"Wow, that's a sudden way to die".

"Yeah, I mean if it was an old man it wouldn't have seemed so strange, this person was about 25. Although when they opened his eyes his pupils were really dialated, so might have been a drug overdose"

"Man, shit happens".

", what time is dinner"?

All that talk about death made me hungry. I made myself dinner with ingredients I had just bought from Morrisons. A pasta bake. So far this is the most complex thing I have made, and I didn't screw it up, even Laura was suprised when she tried some,

"Wow Wes, this is actually really nice. If I don't go to bed soon I might eat it all".

".....Why are you so suprised I actually cooked a nice meal"?

My lunch and dinner for the next few days is sorted!

Also, Today was Sean's birthday and we planted to go to a strip club. He lives in Block C, but spends more time with the E block than his own, his Block was pretty strange looking though. At least twice the size of ours.

After much anxiety from Mike as to when we were going to get to the strip club, we arrived at about 11pm.

"Alright everyone, we're finally here"

*Walk in*

"What the fuck is this !?! It's dead"

"Did we come on ladies night or something"?

Yes, literally nobody was in there. We had forgotten that people who attend strip clubs tend to be losers as opposed to clubs, who tend to just be students mainly. Nevertheless, we all put in money (By we I mean two people put in £5, I put in nothing) and Sean got his own private dance, as well as a few other people. I didn't get one as I didn't plan on spending £10 on something I could easily see for free on youtube, but they were apparently quite good,

"It's great, within 30 seconds they are completely naked, though it's weird since you have to sit there with your hands on your knees since you're not allowed to touch".

"Yeah mine was quite good, strangly enough I didn't get an erection though"

".....What are you, gay"?

Like most strip clubs, some of the girls/women were quite attractive, while others were not at all. A Chinese woman of about (no joke here) 45 years old worked there and asked if anyone wanted a dance :S She must have had a boob job since they did not go with the rest of her body at all. However the main highlight of the night was when we saw a girl working there who actually lives in Clarence Dock! All her flat mates already knew she was a stripper, but upon walking in, she had a sort of "What the hell are THEY doing here" look on her face.

We all debated for about 10 minutes whether one of us should go up to her and ask for a dance so that it'd would be an awkard year after that, but none of us did in the end.

The night didn't end there, oh no. Our next stop was mission. This was the same place we had gone to a few nights back when we were not let in despite having VIP tickets, so it brought back bad memories. At first the night seemed a little slow, wasn't really getting into it. Made it worse when everyone walked into the VIP area despite a topless guy there checking people for wristbands and when I tried to get it he stood in my way and said I needed a VIP wristband :S
Nobody else (from Clarence dock that was with me) had one, yet he didn't say a word to them. Son of a bitch!
So I stood there for about 10 minutes waiting for everyone to come back out of the section. After that however things picked up a bit. Scott got a shoulder ride from this super huge mixed race guy. He then saw me high fived me and said he "fucking loves my hair" ^_^

After an alright night out, me, Scott and Laura walked back to the flat while the rest got a cab back (pretty silly as it's literally within walking distance anyway).
We then sat in our kitchen for a good 3 or 4 hours (it got to 5am when we got to bed) talking first about Star Wars, then Harry Potter, then Pokémon (which sadly enough I seemed to know way too much about).
Also a letter came for the new girl that is moving into our flat, we saw that her initials were CJ Morris. So we spent some of the night writing her a note describing everyone in our flat and on the back a list of every single girls name we could think of that began with C. We got to desperate as to guess if it was Cleopatra haha.

At the end of all of this, Scott had to be up at 8am for lectures, while Laura and I had none the next day. We slept very well that night I'd say...

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