Friday, 10 October 2008

Day 5 - Hello Halo

*The pendulum stops for a moment*

I would have written more last night, but the damn I.T. centre closed at 9pm instead of half 9, when it SHOULD have closed. I decided to walk home anyway as my hand was hurting from about 2 hours of non-stop typing and to avoid walking home too late at night. When I got back Adam and I had a small Jam session, as we tend to do. He taught me the chords of how to play the song Ironman and another black sabbath song on guitar. One thing I did want to do when I got to Uni was learn to play guitar actually, so I am half way there. Also somehow in the middle of it he got out his juggling balls and began teaching me how to juggle. I'd say I'm about 53% of the way there atm. Though he said it took him 3 weeks to learn (on his own) but he has taught someone how to juggle in an hour. My next goal is by Christmas, I want to learn how to juggle, anyway, time to let the pendulum turn back once again...

Today nothing much seemed to happen. I was beginning to realise that nothing much tends to happen during the day and that evenings and weekends are the main time to have fun. Knowing that, I should spend my time wisely by doing as much studying I can during the day (as my timetable allows this) then being able to go out and have fun at night. Though that hasn't been the case so far. I get home, promise myself I will read through a certain chapter of a book, but never really get round to it and usually end up falling asleep listening to 95.6FM. However Laura and Mia convinced me to go out to a club tonight called Halo. Funny thing is, Halo is actually a church that has been converted into a club. By that I mean it looks like a church on the outside, but on the inside, well, it still looks like a church, but with mixing decks and a disco ball. Also it was a foam party tonight, having never been to one before, this was quite exciting for me. I was given advice before going that the foam can ruin your clothes, so I wore my £8 primark jeans and a tanktop (it was a baywatch themed night and it only cost you £3 to get in if you dressed up, I wasn't really all that dressed up in beach wear, but got let in for £3 anyway).

Once again we got ripped off by the cab driver for getting there, though tbh, we didn't even order a cab so can't complain. We all just waited by the front gate for them to turn up (these were ones other people had phoned for) then tried to steal them. And for the record, this was NOT my idea, it was Ben's, though it didn't work so well at first,

"Quick, let's get that cab"
*all run over*
"Can we get this cab to Halo please"?
"Ok, what name has this been booked under"?
"........we don't know"


However we did manage to find another dogdy cab driver that offered to take us there despite it being obvious we weren't the ones that called him. Guess he didn't care as long as he got his money, and we didn't care as long as we got to Halo, so we both win.

The night was pretty good I must say. At first I was too far at the back of the crowd to get sprayed by foam, but using some American Football techniques Mike taught me during our 5 minute training camp, I forced my way forward. My first mistake was leaving my mouth open and head up. I got a face full of foam as well as a mouthful too. I was afriad it might give me salmonella or something. It was worse for short people, as a layer forms over the crowd and as they dance about it tends to drop and settle on peolpe squashed between them. Once on the floor, people usually pick it up and throw it in the face other their friends. Though me feeling tough, I picked some up and rubbed it in a guys dreadlocks and ran before he had a chance to see who it was. I tend walked into the "Hip hop and R 'n' B" side of the club, as I prefer that type of music. A dance off was already underway. The main people being a group of about 5 men, looked spanish and were hench. They were doing some sort of breakdance/capoeria in the middle of the dancefloor, and the crowd loved it. I was still a little down hearted after my last loss in a black-off, so I stood and watched by the side in silent awe.

The rest of the night consisted of me getting sprayed by more foam, dancing and wondering around trying to find people. In the end I couldn't find anyone so decided to get a taxi home. As I walked into my flat I got a text from Laura,

I've just got back, and am watching Big Bang theory lol

Not sure why she sent me that, but I was glad, I like Big Bang theory. We sat there for a few minutes watching it (was the episode when Sheldon loses his job) and talking about the whereabouts of Mia, as she was in the taxi infront of Laura, but still hadn't arrived back :s rape ? We then thought it'd be funny to place some tiny paper explosives (you know the ones, when you throw them on the ground and they bang) outside of Adam's door so when he walked out of his room he'd step on them all at once. Unfortantely, he heard us setting the trap and opened the door. He somehow completely missed stepping on every single one. He wasn't even looking down nor noticed them, he was just wondering what we were laughing at. He walked into the kitchen to make himself a cup of tea, annoyed that our plan had failed, as we soon found out they don't even bang when you step on them, Laura and I began throwing the crappy explosives against the kitchen door. Adam then joined us as we watched a night of E4 programmes. Rick and Steve followed by Phonejacker. A good night. It got to about 1am and we were all tired. I tucked Laura and Adam into bed before going back to my own, saying my prayers, and going to sleep....

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