Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Day 31 - Upgrade to Error 404

Not a good day really.
Had a computing lesson in the morning where were doing stuff with excel like making graphs and what not. I couldn't do any of it :( made me feel stupid to say the least as these are things which should be pretty simple. I'm just crap with technology or anything that isn't anime it seems.
Next had a map drawing class, once again. Was nothing more than an epic failure. This is why you should always pay attention in lectures, otherwise you screw yourself over the next day.
Went on facebook for a while, wasn't really motivated to do work today. Finally had a minerals practical, guess that went a little better but still, I'm not doing anywhere as near as well as I would hoped I would atm :( Probably just worrying too much, I'd say..

Got back to the Dock, Adam had cleaned the entire kitchen. It was basically spotless. We then decided to mop and hoover the entire flat. We must have looked like a right gay couple!
In the morning I had got my laptop and brought it into my room but had no time to set anything up.
The internet wasn't working for some reason which was really annoying, as I had assignments to do. Lauren suggested I speak to ISS (something another student services, think the I stands for Information), so that's what I'll do tommorow.
Not many people went out that night as they were saving up money for Laura's Birthday on the 23rd October.
Instead I just went round the flat next door and played table tennis (yes, they have turned their kitchen table into a table tennis table just by putting a table tennis net on it).
Ended up making a fool of mself 3 times in a night.
1st being I am bad at table tennis.
Second time being when the ball got hit into Ben's lap, as I went to pick it up, he moved and instead my hand hit his mug of tea, which I caused to spill on himself.
3rd time being when the ball was bouncing off the table, both Scott and I went to grab it at the same time and ended up grabbing each others hand. We just looked at each other for about 5 seconds before he said,
"Let's never speak of this again".
Probably didn't help that I winked at him either hehe.

Over and out ya'll!

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