Friday, 24 October 2008

Day 34 - Trial and error (mostly error)

I ended up getting to sleep 4am the night before due to getting back from Laura's party so late and people being in the kitchen. Had a chemistry practical today. I knew I wouldn't do well in it from the start. Ended up working with a guy called Afi, no, he isn't English, he is from Brunei, as is Darryl, when I first met told me quite a few things I didn't know about it which I found pretty interesting. Don't read what is in the brackets if you have no interest in the history of the country.

(I knew Darryl was an international student, but had no idea where from. When he said Brunei, I had no clue where it was, though I knew it was somewhere in Asia, just not sure WHERE exactely. Think it's somewhere in China. Basically it was apparently quite arich area, though has a really small population. Our University is even larger than their town centre, and if kids or teenagers say they are "going into town", they mean the mall, as there is nowhere else to go. As it is quite a small village too, people seem to know everyone pretty well. For one thing, Darryl knows someone back in Brunei who is a prince and found it strange that in England the chances are none of us would ever even see the Royal family let alone become friends with them. There was loads more he told me, but I forgotten and it's really not interesting at all to just read in a blog. I found it all interesting, anyway, back to the day...)

We basically just had to do chemical experiments, putting different solutions into test tubes and adding different acids, writing down what happens, chemical equations. All those things you did at GCSE and hated were all coming back to haunt me. In the end we spent too much time on the first part and barely touched the last part of the practical which counted for about 60 marks. Also this practical counts for like 5 or 10% of my final grade for the module :( I'm really beginning to wonder whether I'm gonna pass m first year of Uni. 100% effort just doesn't seem like enough anymore, I need at least 1% talent!

Decided to stay at Uni since I had Taekwondo at 5pm and there was little point in walking home and back since I would have been there for about an hour. Ended up talking to Adam on facebook who said that tommorow night his parents were coming over and were ging shopping with him and making a Korma and that I was invited to dine with them. Of course I accepted. Has been a long time since I had a family meal, even if it's not my real family (though saying that, right now I see everyone that I live with as family ^_^).

Taekwondo came, I met a pretty cool guy called Basil who was from the French part of Switzerland and studying Economics and Chinese :S He's gonna have a fun 3/4 years here. Session was fun. Learned some patterns, and once again, Daniel and I ended up coming dressed the same. This time we were both wearing the same stripey H and M hoody, though his was red and black and mine was grey and black, I reckon people are beginning to think we are bum boys :(

The social was at the Library, as it is every week. Towards the end of the night however I felt a little down after a convo I head with one of the blackbelts there, James,

"You know cycling really reduces your flexibility"
"...Shit, I did a paperound for 6 years"!
"The chances are you'll never be flexible then, at your age, the only reason I am is that I have been doing gymnastics and Taekwondo since I was 7".


The one thing which I love doing at Leeds and I am at a huge disadvantage already! It does make sense though and even Daniel noticed something was weird when I couldn't kick that high and suggested I may have over developed my hamstrings, chances are I have :( Guess I'll have to try a new sport next year in which my hamstrings will actualy come in useful *sigh*

Man this is a depressing post.
Got home and went into the kitchen next door. It went from a conversation to throwing a load of poker chips at each other (mainly at Mia and trying to get them in Scott's strongbow). We then played a game where you stick the name of someone famous on someone else's head and they have to ask questions to guess who they are. Some where easy, others were impossible.
Luis - Bob Marley
Scott - Ali Baba
Tim - Jordon
Me - Clive Owen (I had never heard of him in my life)!
Mia - Whoppi Goldberg
Laura- Beyoncé
Max - Britney Spears
Heffernan - Jeremy Kyle
Robyn - Gabby Logan
Ben M - Samwise from Lord of the rings
Louise - George Clooney
Andy - Mr Gay UK

You can probably guess who managed to get theirs and who didn't.
Was a pretty quiet night in as most of E block have gone home this weekend. Sometimes I wish I didn't live so far away that I could pop home on weekends when I felt like it. Oh well, I'll see you all on the 12th December! (Might be even later than that now as the Taekwondo club are planning a trip to Berlin which will be on the 12th hehe).

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