Saturday, 1 November 2008

Day 41 - Happy Chinese New Halloween

Last night I was getting worried that I hadn't done enough work for the tutorial class today. I planned to wake up early and do some before I left. Though like most things I plan, it didn't come true. Ended up waking up with just enought time to have breakfast and make it to Uni on time. I sometimes wonder how I was able to bring myself out of bed everyday at 6:30am every morning for 6 years yet now it seems like such a hard task to get up for 7:30am everyday :S
Basically I got to the tutorial and began working through the questions on moles. I found it strange that everyone that had come in said they hadn't started, even though we were told if we didn't start before class there'd be no way we would finish. It was only when Darryl arrived that I found out via him that this work had to be in next week, not this week. Great. Got all worked up for nothing. To make things worse, everything that I had done was wrong, as I had mixed up the molar mass with the mass of substance, therefore all my equations were wrong :(

11am came, my day at Uni was over :D (Well, morning). However I didn't want to leave just yet. Decided to go for a wonder in the Union to see if it look Halloweeny. Ended up bumping into a friend from Clarence Dock called James. Watched him and a friend play pool for about 30 minutes before deciding to go home and sleep.

5pm came, it was time for Taekwondo! Once again, the session was pretty good.. However when it came to the sparring I got kicked in the neck (the front of the neck) realy hard by a black belt red tag, who aimed to kick me in the chest but I moved down to lower my guard and he missed. He was quite apologetic about it but it didn't hurt all that much, was just quite shocking.
Whilst changing Daniel told me how he didn't even realise it was Halloween tonight until the night before and he had a 6,000 word project to do by Monday (today being Friday) so was going to spend Halloween inside at a computer haha.

I got back and everyone was getting ready for Halloween. I got into my costume which was a skeleton mask with an afro, in a suit and a walking cane. Pictures soon to be on facebook.
Whilst still in costume, there was a knock on our flat door,
I thought as I answered it and jumped out at the unsuspecting person. It was Laura, who screamed (though swore more) when I jumped out. Success! My costume works!

Tonight I planned to go to the union party in a club called Fruity, though nobody else in Clarence Dock was going. It began in the bar, but people were drinking in our kitchen. I however wanted to go to the bar to see everyone elses costumes. I convinced Adam to come after a while, though when we got there found out if you didn't have a ticket it was £2.50 to get in (I had a ticket, Adam didn't, so he left. Though I thought this was the ticket to get into fruity).
Well, all the costumes in there were really good. Personal favorites being an oompa loompa, hellboy, a human toilet, scream and any girl that DIDN'T come dressed as a cat.
I did meet two people in there who I began talking to. Never got their names though. When asked what subject I took and replied Geology, I got the old srunched up face look and "That's just rocks isn't it" response.


"Hey, it's a good subject, what are YOU taking then"? I asked the girl, hoping it'd be something like Colour Sciene or shoe lace studies.

"Me ? I'm doing medicine"

".....Well there's not really much I can make fun of about that".

She sure showed me :( And I was told that girls love Geology. Ah well.
It got late and I kept going to and fro the bar to our kitchen. Everyone else in E block was going to a warehouse party which included rides and what not.
It got to 11pm and it was time to head to the Union. Whilst waiting at the bus stop I noticed a girl standing behind the shelter throwing up. Drink responsibly kids.
Finally the bus arrived and we were on our way. The same girl was sitting opposite me and didn't stop throwing up the entire journey. Feel sorry for the person that has to clean that up in the morning tbh.
Also whilst on the bus something else caught my ear,

"Hey, you got your ticket for Fruity"?
"Yeah, was hard to get though"


I didn't know you needed to buy a seperate ticket, I thought the first one I bought included that too! Dammit. At this point I realised there was a 0% chance of getting into fruity and maybe I might not get into the Union at all.

Good news, I got into the Union. But had to go to the bar there. Was still pretty good though. Could dance like an idiot all night and nobody knew who I was due to my mask hehe. Loads of people were pointing and taking pictures of my costume too which made me happy :D
Stereotypically a group of about 5 chinese people were taking loads. One guy was there literally for about 5 minutes taking loads of pictures all at different angles :S
It think he must have done photography or at least been really interested in it since he was always trying to find the right light setting for the pictures, which did look really good once they were done.
It got to 1am and I figured it was time to head back. I wasn't sure whether it'd be safe, being Halloween. But then I realised that all around Leeds, it was full of students (and adults) in costumes, therefore there was nothing to worry about at all really.
I walked back in mine, a random couple stopped and asked (in a foreign accent, the guy looked spanish) if they could have a picture.
Other people on the street were just pointing and waving at me.
However as I got to the corn exchange building. There was a mood change. I could actually feel the tension. I could hear a lot of shouting and noticed nobody down that part of the road was in costume. I saw two guys in the middle of the road having an argument. A fight then broke out between them. One guy threw the other to the ground and started kicking him. Noticing there were a lot of pubs down that road and this seemed to be closing time. I decided to take another route home.

Got back, shortly followed by Adam, then Mia, Sean and LP. I stayed with them in the kitchen for a few hours whilst waiting for my pictures to upload on facebook (only 8 did in the end).
We were discussing if there was a single person in E block that hadn't had any "action" whilst at Leeds so far. Turns out the only people that have had none (excluding people who already have a girlfriend or boyfriend) was me and Natalie :|
And she isn't fat and/or ugly, in fat quite the opposite, which puts more pressure on me.
Next task.

For some reason decided to stay up till 5am reading the Leeds student paper. Lucky I did as there was a knock on our flat door. Was Laura who said she had lost her keys whilst at Warehouse. Had I not stayed up she would have been locked out, as Mia, Adam (and Charlotte, if she was in) had long gone to bed.
Once again I save the day!

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