Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Day 60 - Ice liebe die Deutsch markt!

Yeah that's right, I speak German. Or at least could, can't remember if I am meant to use die, der, dein or deine but who cares. I think most people can recognise that the title is meant to read,
"I love the German market".

Let's begin.
2 hour computer session, actually finished my coraldraw. Did a shit ass job of it but for now I am only aiming to pass, not excel!

*Holds for applause*

Told that to a group of computer nerds, they found it so great they told me (in binary code) that I could be their new leader, however I told them (in Jive talk) that I had too many responsibilites. Felt bad for letting them down.
Next had the map drawing class, was a bit confusing but I think I got the basics down. At least I hope I do anyway.
In the two hour break I actually planned to go to sleep. After reading the Leeds studnet paper, some boy wrote in on the best places to sleep at Leeds Uni, number 1was the Edward Boyle library, level 12.
Yes, you have to walk up all those flights, but it is worth it.
There are basically a load of cubical like working areas in which nobody can see you unless they walk up right behind you. If you choose one which is down a small flight of stairs then NOBODY can see you. I have slept there once, but in a bad position, so hurt my neck afterwards.
Anyway, I'm going off the boring point I was trying to make before hand.
I first went to a computer cluster doing some work. And at the exact same time (ok, there might have been a 0.01 second gap) two people spoke to me on facebook chat.
Liz, from Taekwondo who asked about my status...

"What do you mean the Otley run is on Wikipedia"?
*I began to reply*
"Oh never mind, found it"
"See you tommorow".

Glad I could help Liz.

The 2nd person was Kirsty.

"Wes, random question, PJ and I were talking about people who used to work at JD and had an arguement about you, are you Jamaican"?


Man, is this what couples do these days when they're not doing it.
Basically for the next 25 minutes I had a talk with her as to my origin as her bf PJ thought I was half Nigerian (the dreadlocks man, it's a dead giveaway)!
She then asked how I was finding Uni in which I replied that I miss having people to cook and clean for me, which brought us onto a session in which we made fun of Jen and her lack of domestic skills in not being able to turn on an iron or using half a bottle of fairy liquid to wash a few plates, bless her.

Then suddenly, a fire alarm.
I always find them funny.
Whenever they go off, people sit there to see if anyone else gets up, if one person moves, someone else will follow. However most of the time people think it's just a drill so don't move. In a way it defeats the whole point of fire drills.
Some Asian guy was saying that it happened yesterday and that it wasn't actually a fire drill, it just happens when someone unplugs a computer :S
Eitherway, I didn't wanna risk it so left.
Looked for another computer around the Uni for a few minutes but found none so returned to the fire drill cluster to finish what I was doing till it got to 3pm.
Was a mineral practical, dead easy.

On the walk home I decided to take the back way, I remembered a girl at Taekwondo saying the german market was really good as you could buy marshmellows "this" big
(Basically the size of her head).

So I took a look around.
Have to say, I was REALLY impressed.
The food there looked so good and there were loads of souveniers I could have bought too, my favorite being a rasta blowing out smoke which was actually an incense model.
They even had a mineral shop, being a Geologist, this excited me a lot.
Well, I wasn't sure how long this market was going to be up, so might as well take advantage. First I bought this Gemran cake thing for about 70p (bargain)! Weird that it was the German market but the person behind the stall was Korean though.
I wasn't sure of the texture of the cake, so bit into it and held it tight.
Big mistake.
It had a marshmellow like centre (Hmm...maybe that's what the girl was talking about), which meant the whole thing basically exploded all over my hands when I bit into it :(

I walked pass another shop selling apple pancakes. 3 for £2:50 with free apple sauce, NICE!!
Bought some of those, again, was a Korean guy behind the store.
Finally as I was about to set off home, saw ANOTHER food store selling fried potatoes, mushrooms and burgers. It's probably the nicest thing I have ever smelt, just had to get some. Times like this I am glad that (for now) I can afford to spend money like this.
It was really really nice, the mushrooms had garlic sauce on them too. First time in a while I have felt really well fed.

So, that was the highlight of my evening. In the end I spent approximately £8:70 on German food.
But it was worth it, even if the mushrooms, potatoes and burger made me feel a little ill afterwards to the point I could feel the globules of fat creeping around my intestines, I didn't care. If I die from a heart attack now, I know I will have died happy.

Not much happened when I got home really.
Did some work but was really tired so slept from about 6:30pm till about 11:30pm, guess I won't be getting to sleep tonight easily.
Then decided to do more work on graphs and functions and get a head start for my next maths lecture on logarithms.


Ended up watching this at about 1am.
Hopefully I'll understand it fully pretty soon though.
It's 2:23am now, I don't have to be in till 2pm tommorrow (there is no register now for Dynamic Earth so am not going) so might watch a DVD I bought at the DVD sale.
Super size me for £3.
After watching this I'll probably be super tired too.

Till next time, Auf Wiedersehen und haben eine sichere Heimreise

P.S. Google langauge tools rocks!

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