Monday, 17 November 2008

Day 58 - Hollow

Got up about 2:30pm, spent all day in my room doing shit all really while the rest of my housemates went about their own business.
Got a call from parents saying that one of my snails has been buried under the soil for a few days and what should they do, I advised them to live him/her (snails are hermaphrodites) alone as they tend to do that sometimes, just bury themselves.
Got to about midnight, as I was going to the kitchen for food I walked into Mia who asked whether I lived here anymore as she hadn't seen me all weekend.
I replied I had been here, but didn't know what anybody was up to. With the girls always having meals and nights in together watching videos and the boys always on football manager I don't really have anything much to do socially in Clarence Dock.
Guess it's time to pull out the trump card.


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