Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Day 67 - C U Next Tuesday (of 2009)

Couldn't sleep for shit last night. Past few days I keep going to bed too late and sleeping in the evening which has really messed up my sleeping patterns. Ended up being about 4am and I was wide awake but managed to get at least 2 hours sleep I'd say.
Decided to wake up at 7:10am which was way too early but I needed a shower. Still had loads of time to spare though. I thought I would go and say bye to Adam properly with the free time I had. Wasn't sure if he was asleep or not so put my head to his door. I didn't hear any movement. He SHOULD have been awake as he was leaving at 9am (it was 8am at this point) and he had already been on facebook, although when I knocked on the door nobody answered :S
I figured he might have gone back to sleep, so instead left him a letter on his door about us making a jazz band when he comes back next year and left for Uni with Ben.
The I.T. Lesson was quite annoying tbh. First of all, it took me about 4 attempts to print off my coursework because the printer couldn't seem to cope with CorelDraw. Also as I had 100 free credits and Darryl had none he used some of mine too to print off his work.
Then when doing the real assignment in class it took me about 7 or so attempts to do a really simple task of finding a place on a map and scaling it down to 1:10,000. Even when I printed it off it was wrong as I forgot to align it to the middle but didn't care at that point.

We all left with about 40 minutes of the lesson left as you can go once you do the actual assignment part and decided to get the lift together, 4 of us.

*Whilst in lift*
Ben H "I don't like lifts, I just remembered I am claustrophobic"
Me "I just remembered I am homophobic".

It was a small lift with 4 guys all tightly packed in it. We got to the ground floor and a girl was waiting to get in. As I stepped out I heard Darryl whisper "run" to me.
Yep, that's right. He had pulled the old "press every button on the lift" gag on the girl. Though Ben was the last out so she will think it's him.

After going to the canteen, getting and reading the free student paper (they're really good, and I should know. I was a paperboy for over 6 years) Darryl and I left for our next practical.
Was the final map drawing class but wasn't as bad as all the others. No, I still had no clue what I was doing, only one person on the table did, so we all copied him. But was still a bit of a laugh.
I'm wondering what is going to happen to me when the exam comes round though.

Darryl went home but I still had another class at 3pm so decided to waste some time. Had lunch and read the paper when I saw Lauren walk pass. As there was 90 minutes till my next class I decided that at the very least it'd be more interesting to spend that with another person. She said she didn't know where any clusters were so I took her to one which is always quite empty but at the same time is booked out quite a lot too. So it's risky, we were literally there about 5 minutes when what happens ?
Fire alarm.

Not sure why it keeps on happening in computer clusters tbh, if it was a drill, then it'd cover a larger area. Not to mention Leeds Uni is so huge it's unlikely they would bother with so many fire drills as they'd be nothing more than an annoyance.
Lauren and I left but waited outside with some other people for ages for the alarm to go off. About 3 people were still in the cluster doing their work just ignoring the alarm which I found funny. As I was looking at a poster of other nearby clusters a girl told me that there would be a booked class in this one in 10 minutes.
Great, why didn't she tell us that before making us wait ages to go back in.

Instead went to the library cluster and did some revision on logarithm functions and inverse functions. All that stuff. Weird I have neverdone logs before and don't find them too hard yet did factorising and quadratic equations at GCSE, were alright at them yet can't seem to solve even the simplest of them here :S
Also I looked up times and places for the megabus as I will be going home soon. Luckily the pick up place is about 5 minutes from Clarence Dock, if I got the right address and it'll only cost me £10 which is nothing.

3pm came and I left for my practical. Was really easy but a little boring and depressing seeing as I was sitting on a table basically on my own whilst everyone else seemed to be laughing away with friends they had made. Man, why didn't I make friends in the first few weeks ? Well, I did, but not many.

Finished it all in about an hour and left to get back to Clarence Dock. Did some washing up and took a nap till 7pm when I had to be at the bar for a meeting. Will from the green rep meeting way back told me they were having one so we decided to turn up. Lucky I text him asking where it was as I thought it was still at the Uni and would have waited there for 2 hours for nothing.
Tbh Will and I didn't do much in the meeting as the main (only) theme was for the Xmas ball they were having in the bar. Gotta hand it to the girls organising it though. They work REALLY hard.
I mean on a CV it'd look like nothing, but the amount they have had to do, handle budgets, decide how much to pay people, what decorations to use, health and safety, it is A LOT of work. Kudos to them all.

The only contribution I made at the end was that there should be a bin specifically for the plastic cups we are using so that they can be recycled at the end which I was told was actually a good idea :)

Meeting lasted an hour or so and everyone left leaving Will and I wondering what to do. These situations have occured a lot at Uni, and my solution is always the same.

"Wanna play pool"?

Luckily Will was just as bad (maybe even worse) than me at pool so it was a funny yet embarrassing game. It ended with him hitting the black ball in making me winner. YES!

He left to do an essay and I left to have dinner on my own :(

Evening after that was normal. Mia and Laura had gone to Asda with Ben H to get shopping. Feck knows what Charlotte was doing but I think I could hear her on the phone. Just did some more revision and talked to people on facebook/msn. Went on mousebreaker again and played some more online games. Couldn't find the mining one but no matter. I booked my tickets for home too. Will be leaving on the 14th December at 1pm. Was not sure when to do this for at first as I didn't know if I was going to Simon's party or not, but eitherway there SHOULD be something for me to do over the weekend. So, 14th December I'll be back :)

Also I found boss nigger on youtube so will most likely watch that tomorrow as I don't plan on attending Dynamic Earth. I already looked through the powerpoint and it's just so dull that a lecture on it would make me fall asleep.

Speaking of sleep, it's about 2am now and I got a lecture at 9am. So guess I should be logging off right about................................now.

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