Thursday, 6 November 2008

Day 47 - Explosive games of tetris

My day was boring so will skim through it. Breafast, Geophysics then dinner.
However tonight was Guy Fawkes night. I was pondering whether to go see the fireworks in Hyde park with my flatmates or going to Taekwondo and seeing it afterwards. In the end my flat mates were nowhere near ready at the time we had organised to go so I left fot Taekwondo.
The usual training place had moved, it took me about 30 minutes to find the new one. It was basically right out of the way of the Uni in the middle of nowhere, such a shitty location in which there is meant to be loads of crime.
However the training session was pretty good.
Walked to see the fireworks afterwards only to realise they had finished :(
Didn't stay round there too long as Hyde park is known for it's late night crime and man rape (no joke).
On the way home passed a subway and literally had an argument with myself as to whether I should get one. Was hungry, but was it worth the money and risk of a stomach ulcer.
Short answer, no it wasn't. But I still got one anyway.
Got back and did some more Geophysics. Ended up in Adam's room and he showed me how to play tetris on facebook. He was bragging that nobody could beat his high score. In one go I managed to beat it completely by about 100,000 points however. YA - HA!
Spent the rest of the evening playing tetris till my hands were sore whilst getting texts and facebook comments from Ben and Darryl comparing answers for the Geophysics assignment.

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