Friday, 28 November 2008

Day 70 - Luck, joy, failure and tragedy..

Even if this isn't the longest blog I have ever written, I think it is definitely the day in which the most has happened. To the point I have to split it into 3 different sections.

Part 1 - luck.

Well, the first part of my day was both good and bad luck. On the walk to Uni I noticed there were loads of policemen basically surrounding the royal armories and blocking certain sections off. Considering some of th queen's jewels are in there I am guessing there was some huge meeting. As I walked further on I noticed a policeman look at me, point and shout, "yooooooooooooou".
At first I thought he was just joking about pointing to every random person that walked passed, but as I got closer noticed it was actually one of my Taekwondo instructors. (Side note: All the Taekwondo instructors are policemen).
He basically said there is a meeting with some really important people, hence all the police around. They even had underwater guards too. A bit over the top I think, but it does mean that there would basically be no police around Leeds in the day.

Next I had to walk all the way into headingly to try and find a post office so I could send my details back to my parents, only problem was that I left it too late in the morning to do, didn't write down my directions well, got lost and couldn't find it in the end. I managed to see where another post office is however on otley road so might go there tomorrow or sometime in the day.
Next came the chemistry practical which I wasn't looking forward to tbh as I didn't know what I was meant to be doing. In the queue to get in I overheard a guy saying how he had done loads at A level so should be fine (weird, as this module is meant to be for people who DIDN'T do it at A level. Unless they failed and decided to do it, as Ben got a D in chemistry at A level but doesn't have to still do it, oh well).
Anyway, we got into the class and were told we had to work in pairs. I didn't know a single person in the class apart from John, who one, already had someone else to work with and also wasn't that good either, and it's not a good idea having two clueless people in the same group.
So I was just there at a desk on my own, the same guy that said he had done chemistry A level said he had nobody to work with either and told me to work with him.
Btw, his name was Charlie.
Basically, he did the entire thing himself. I couldn't really follow it but he whizzed through it to the point we finished about 40 minutes before the end of the practical. However, with our first measurements when working out standard deviation and % error, it turned out our % error was actually 0%. Which scientifically is almost impossible. So in a way, this was a good thing, as it showed we (he) knew what he was doing, but also a bad thing, as it looked as though we didn't actually do the practical and just wrote in any old answer.
However we spoke to one of moderators and they said that although it was strange for that to happen as long as we showed our working we should be fine.
Needless to say, this practical was a lot easier than the last one in which it was basically a stressful 2 hour guess session.

Left to go the Union to get money out but was stopped by a very enthusiastic netball player who spoke very fast and loud and left about a 1cm gap between her and your face. Basically she got me and this other guy called Juel to put in 50p and try and get in as many netballs into the basket as possible. Despite being black, I only got in 7. But hey, was for a good cause. Pointless statement, but afterwards Juel said he is a 3rd year doing Maths and economics and is yet another person to think I look older than a 1st year. Also he was Asian.

I left early and went to go get my huge T-shirt from Primark after accidentally walking into TK Maxx thinking it was Primark :s
Don't ask.
Only cost £2! Was tempted by some other things I saw in there too, but had to stay focussed.
I decided this Otley run wouldn't be fun without something bizzare, so decided to buy a strawhat too, kinda like the travelling hat.
Got back to the flat and put everything down but on my way to the kitchen opened the door to find John there.

Part 2 - Joy

John was feeling a lot better now than he was the night I met him which was good. Turns out the doctors didn't find out what was wrong with him (nor did they even find out what blood type he was) but he recieved negative for everything.
We were talking in the kitchen for about 2 hours probably, just about life in general, what things were like when he was back at Charles Morris and how I am invited to his wedding in 2 years and that his fianceé (yep, you read right, at the age of 18, and she is 17) is coming down at 10pm to visit him.
Not to mention he said he has spent more weekends home than he has in Leeds which must be REALLY expensive considering he is from Essex too.
But the highlight of the whole "bonding session" was when he showed me his party trick. He knows the forumla for how to solve a rubix cube. No, he isn't Chinese. But he did say once you know it is actually really easy. He tried to teach me but I didn't really learn a thing so won't even bother to explain what it was you're meant to do to solve it. In a way, he kinda reminded me of Adam, in that Adam tried to teach me how to juggle in his time here (which I never did learn how to do) and now John is teaching me how to solve a rubix cube (but can also juggle as well).
Some other funny things I found out about him is that his name is actually John Johnson and that he is the youngest of 8 children....hehehe.
Anyway, the Otley run was coming up quick and people were getting ready, Mia phoned me saying everyone was in the kitchen next door so we went there and decided to get our T-shirts all drawn on.
I decided to write "I know what you're thinking, and yes, the rumours are true about the size of our cocks" on the back of mine. Though when I put it on realised that it was actually off to the side a bit so difficult to read :(
After a lot of cocks and rude messages were drawn on people's backs we set off for our first destination, the Woodies.

By the time we got there it was about 6:30pm, the Otley run consists of 16 pubs, and you are meant to start at about 3pm or 4pm, there was no way we were gonna finish this. After the 2nd pub, I was declared the official time leader and was in charge of when people had to leave pubs, after which I did some complex calculations at to each time we could spend at a pub (which were all wrong and corrected by Harry).
At about the 6th pub I was pretty gone and lucky I was let in by the bouncer as I actually stumbled in a bit and had a woman say "Whoa, easy there" to me as she walked out. How embarrassing.
By the time we got to the Library I was adviced by Mia (yes, Mia the one who gets drunk a lot) that I had had enough and should switch to water. She was very right. I was way too drunk to be the leader anymore. Also I was quite hungry and ended up having 2 cheese burgers from Mamheeds, only £1.20 each.
Was so good I got out money and got 2 more, guy even said "Again"? when I came in the 2nd time.

At this point the group split, there was still the Packhorse and the Eldon to go, but most of us wanted to skip straight to the old bar at the Union. Everyone apart from Scott and Tim went to the Old Bar, in which I met a girl called Becky from Geology who I gave my number (she asked for it) and she told me about a Geology Otley run tomorrow.
Sorry, but there is no way I can do two in a row. It'd be too expensive and also quite dangerous (for me anyway). At this point we wondered where Tim and Scott were, we text them and got a text later saying they were at A and E :|
More about this later.

Part 3 - Failure

So by now, everyone was pretty gone apart from Laura, Mia and Harry, depsite them drinking roughly the same amount as everyone else. As we left, some people wanted to go Gatecrasher while others wanted to go home. I wanted to go to Gatecrasher, BUT, as soon as the taxi left with all the people going home, I was informed by Mia and Robyn that it was £10 to get in :|
No way am I paying that!
Still though, I walked with them anyway in the thought that I would go home.
I stopped at a cash machine and had a random chat with some guy from sussex and two girls in the queue were huggin everyone. They came up to me and one of Tim's friends called Adam and asked us if we wanted to snuggle. Of course, we said yes.
Thinking we were going to get some, we walked with them to their destination which was fab caf√©. Only £2 entry.
Although upon getting in some guy they knew kept talking to them and basically, cock blocking. Also the two girls went to the toilet together and didn't come back for ages and when we did spot them, took ages to find them again.
At this point we began to wonder if we were wasting our time as we sat with them whilst they were texting other boys. Oh, and one more thing, they were both about 23 although they didn't look it, more about 18.
They went to the toilet again and Adam and I saw 3 other girls that tbh were not good looking at all but this place was a complete cock fest so we had no choice.
As soon as we walked down to talk to them, they went outside for a fag. We did the old "Got a spare fag" line, even though neither of us smoked, and it worked quite well despite them calling us pikey.
So we stood there talking to them for about 5 minutes smoking fags we clearly did not want (or in my case know how to smoke properly).
They went inside again and we followed but decided t find the two original girls we came in with. No luck, so went back to the 3 bad ones. Were outside with them again smoking and basically regretting the decision,

"Wes, why are we doing this, we aren't gonna get anything from them".
"Yeah I know, it's not worth the lung cancer".
"Let's go back inside, they're not even nice".
"Not even by my standards".

So we went back inside and found those two girls again who spent about 10 minutes taking pictures of each other, by this point we KNEW we were wasting our time and were gonna get shit all. Adam even said that they were just playing us which they denied (tbh they didn't really do anything as we were the ones that followed them around all the time and they didn't ask us for anything either).
They went up to the bar again (quite strange, they bought pints of beer the first time they went up, girls drinking pints looks weird I think) and said they'd be back in another 20 minutes.
Tough shit.
Adam and I had had enough and left.
Come to think of it, I paid for Adam to get in as he had no money, and I'll probably never see him again. Dammit, what a waste of £4.
We walked back to Clarence Dock, me without my hat as Mia had it and Adam without his coat as one of Robyn's friends took it.
On the way back we met another guy from Clarence Dock who basically moaned the entire way back about how he hates Leeds and hates Clarence Dock as he doesn't think it's social as you don't get to know anyone else outside your block. But tbh, you wake up, go to Uni, get back and go to your room, if not will go out. It's unlikely for about 610 people who never knew each other at the start of the year to be able to mix all that much apart from people they live with.
Though he did make some fair points about it all, he was actually quite annoying.

Part 4 - Tragedy

Getting sick of reading yet ? You should be.
So, Adam and I walked into the kitchen but the mood seemed pretty weird. Laura asked me if I knew about Scott, which I didn't.
It was about the A and E text, he got hit by a car :|
We were told he had a bruised lung and fractured neck.
For a while everyone was debating as to whether this was all that serious or not. As for me, I have no idea whether it is something you can recover from perfectly or something that will cause you pain the rest of your life.
However the mood soon lightened when people began to joke about how Scott would rather be paralysed for life and still see Man City games than to die etc.
About an hour later Tim walked in looking pretty rough to say the least as if he had mentally broken down.
Turns out Scott actually had a fractured spine and skull, bleeding in his brain and a collasped lung :(
Not to mention that Tim of all people if definitely the worse off to witness it, as he said he actally heard the crack and has been down quite lately what with Ash leaving and just Uni in general. You could see he was holding back tears, tbh all of us were. It was a sad mood.
Once again though, it soon lightened up with some drunken antics as Harry was now wasted and him and Mike had an arguemt about how you pronounce the word humus.

It got late and I went back to my room to sleep when I heard loads of noise outside. Ben and Harry were in just their boxers getting their pubes out to people in E block and their asses out too. Yes, they were shit faced. Guess this was there way of letting off steam. Mike was there too, but fully clothed and pissing himself with laughter. Adam and Tim soon joined them and they went off for a "naked" run around Clarence Dock.
Laura came back to her room and we began laughing about it in the corridor when we heard them come up to the window again. It was Ben but he looked quite serious,

"Guys, Harry is getting beating up by some guy"!!
We ran out as fast as we could to find Harry having an argument with some 6 foot 5 guy. I wasn't there to witness it. But basically they were just going for a run, this guy came out of nowhere and began to chase Ben. They thought it was a joke till he hit Ben round the face. Harry tried to calm him down but got pushed into a bush and got a huge cut down his leg. When we all went out to try and sort it out Ben also got headbutted, so it made for a huge arguement there after.

As we were outside trying to calm Ben and Harry down some guy from the 3rd floor threw a bottle at us, yes, actually aiming for us. The same annoying guy that plays music really loud in the night. Laura was pretty annoyed about it but tbh I didn't really care about that atm considering Scott is in A and E and Harry and Ben were debating as to whether to gather people to beat the guy up who started on them.
This whole thing lasted about 2 hours in which people were phoning subwardens who said they couldn't do anything about it now and will get the police down the next day etc. It was a lot of drama basically.
In the end, what could have been the best night out actually ended up being one of if not possibly the worst night out. All I can hope for now is that Scott recovers soon....

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