Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Day 52 - Family Guys

I was a little worried this morning that I'd be late for my lecture not having my phone to use as an alarm. I tried to set my clock radio but for some reason it wasn't working, though tbh considering it only cost £4.99 I'm suprised it's lasted me this long.
Nevertheless, I managed to get up, have a shower and get to Uni about 30 minutes early, though can't remember what I did in those 30 minutes.
First lecture was alright, going through Bowen's reaction series and stuff done at A level, understood everything I was told which is actually quite rare.
Went to a cluster with Tom and Darryl and did an assignment together, whilst Tom showed us his presentation on Iceburgs and climate change, which I have to say looked really good compared to mine which had pictures of Pokémon, the squirrel from Ice age and Hiruma Youichi in it.
Chemistry lecture was normal.
Didn't understand geological maps lecture so decided I would work on that when I got home, but first decided to re-new a library book (man this blog is boring isn't it).
Although we have been here 7 weeks, Heffernan didn't even know where our Geology library was, let alone having got at least one book out from there, would explain as to why he is falling behind with just about everything though.
Got home but realised how tired I was so slept till about 9:15pm. After which I decided to do some work on maps.
Tbh, it wasn't that hard, just a trial and error thing in which I had to remember afew key points and rules. Trouble is, ever since Uni, I have been unable to really grasp or remember any concepts, and I'm not sure why. It's not that they're really hard either, so it is a bit worrying.
Didn't leave my room apart from when I needed food (which is pretty much every night tbh), though at one point I did run into Adam, who was walking out the front door,

"Where are you going at this time"?
"Oh, just felt like a walk"
"......It's 1 in the morning"
"Yeah I know"
"Well.....keep to the main roads".

The strangest thing was the way in which Adam saw nothing at all strange about going for a walk at about 1 in the morning, espeically considering it was freezing cold outside AND raining quite heavily :S

He returned about 30 minutes later, again we met in the kitchen, yes I was very hungry this evening. He asked if I wanted a game of cards, though I declined as I knew he'd beat me no matter what game it was and instead asked if he wanted to watch Family Guy as Scott had lent me his season six DVD (For some reason Scott has season 6 but has never seen season 3, so I have lent him my disc, is like a Pokémon trade).
So, Adam and I stayed up till about 3:30am watching family guy despite the fact both of us needed to be up for 9am the next day. Lucky I got in those few hours of sleep before hand really.
Got through the whole of the first disc, two more to go!

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