Thursday, 13 November 2008

Day 55 - The rat and the ruckus

This morning there WAS a Geophysics lecture, but it was a Q and A session. They always suck as I never have any questions to ask I don't know the subject well enough to ask good questions, and when they are asked, usually the answer is really unclear and leaves you feeling even more confused than before. Maybe because two of the people who explain it are obviously not English and haven't really grasped the language all that well either. No offence to them, they just can't describe things that well because their English isn't that good.

So I laid in, but was still tired when I got up. Only had one thing today, Maths.
I met up with Will and another girl who took Geology (probably should have asked what her name was) and we had a nice little chat on the way up about how we both seem to be doing badly and she said she might change to Environmental Geology as they don't have to do Geophysics. Though seeing as we only got something like 4 weeks of it left she might as well stay with the core side.
Got to the maths lecture and they had found my coursework!
Only got 48%, but better than a 0 really.
The lecture itself wasn't too bad really, actually understood it.
However I went to the help session afterwards in which I didn't actually need any help at all, this coursework was so easy!
The whole time the two students there who were the helpers were talking about the English langauge.
One of them had a book on grammar and found it interesting, so did I actually, while listening to their conversation.

"Did you know what when you write Dr. and put a full stop by it, it shouldn't be there, as the full stop is only there if it's an abbreviation and it doesn't end in the last letter"?

Makes sense when you think about it.
Also for about 5 minutes they were saying why Mrs had an r in it as misses and miss don't. I told them I think it was taken from the word "mistress" to them and they had a "why didn't we think of that" look on their face. Ha, thank YOU Dave Thompson for teaching me English A level. I showed up some students who are older than me.
They were also unsure of one of the questions in the c/w about a graph ruler test and I had to explain it to them which I thought was quite funny seeing as they should have been there to help me, megalolz.

I left after I had managed to finish with the feeling that I might do well in this one. Annoying that the easiest piece of c/w we have had so far we are getting the most time to spend on it as Geography students have their reading week atm so didn't have today's lecture.

I got back to E block and was about to open the door when something caught my eye in the grass. I looked closer but couldn't make it out. Fur....a tail..oh.
It was a rat! a dead one! At least, I think it was. It was huge! At first glance you'd have thought it was a dead rabbit! Also it had loads of bulges coming from it's body which made it even stranger to look at.
I got inside and set my facebook status that I was put off by the rat outside E block.
Literally within the space of 3 minutes, Tim and Heffernan replied to my comments, we all said we should look at it and were outside trying to find a stick to poke it with.
After Heffernan snapped a huge stick from a tree, we began poking and throwing things at it like a bunch of kids. Tim thought it was a water vole and said it was too big for a rat and that it had gone into a stage when you die and all your muscles get stiff because there is no more Acytlcholine going through you.
There is a proper word for this that Adam and Tim knew, I forgot though. Sounded like metamorphosed. Ah well.
I went inside to get my camera, came back a minute later and Luis, Scott and Mike were outside now too, along with Heffernan and Tim.
We were there for 10 minutes poking it, laughing, and pointing it out to everyone who walked past or looked out their window at us to see what we were up to.
Eventually Tim managed to turn it over with a stick and Mike was the only person brave enough to pick it up as he said he is used to Nature from living in Canada.
Of course, he had plastic bags as gloves on.

We didn't know what to do with it though, Laura's window was open and we said we should throw it in there. But that would be VERY harsh. Then we were saying we should put it on the window sill, though Ben realised if she closed it without looking she'd crush the rat and spray juices everywhere.

So in the end, we (Mike) carried it by the tail around Clarence Dock, slapped it against the kitchen window Natalie was in and she ran off in shock. Showed it to some people eating dinner through the window, bet that put them off.
Scott and Heffernan almost threw up too as blood was leaking from it's ass. As if it has shitted so hard it's organs were coming out, it looked horrible.
In the end we put it on Sean's windscreen and decided to leave it for him to find.

After about 30 minutes of childish fun we went back to our own rooms.
Man that was a good evening, got loads of pictures too.

However, this mood was soon to be ruined slightly. I opened my college e-mail and got one from my maths lecturer

"Congradulations! You have been selected to be a compulsary student to attend the maths help classes. These are for students with an average grade of 60% or lower".

Seriously, why put "congradulations" at the front of it !? It's nothing to be happy about. It's as if she was taking the piss that some of us are too stupid to even maintain an acceptable standard of mathematical skill. Made me quite angry tbh.

Was in no mood to do any work. Spent the rest of the evening on msn, facebook and eventually had another Jam session with Adam which had to end early as Mia was in the room next door and being put off her work by us playing. Did cheer up a bit when I had dinner though, was smash, powdered mash. Simply just add water to it, instant mash. So nice too.

Was in Adam's room till about midnightish as he was copying some songs from his itunes to my laptop, free of charge too!

Night came, but was up doing a chemistry tutorial for tommorow. Isn't too bad really, and can catch up on sleep some other time, maybe....

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