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Day 69 - Going down in History

So, despite Ben saying the night before that he needed help in his Geophysics and our plan to do it together in the morning, he didn't turn up to the morning lecture :S
I heard a girl behind me saying how she is really worried about the exams as she struggles and that she looked at a Geophysics past paper and didn't understand a thing. I guess I am in the same boat as her really. Not to mention my key to success during A level was 80% based on knowing how to structure and predict what questions would be on the test paper and memorising the mark scheme but that might not work this time round.
Once the lecture was over me, Tom, Greg, Darryl and John (guy that looked like Seth Rogan) went to a cluster to finish this once and for all. Turns out I had actually done my graph wrong according to Greg and it was too late to change it as I had already uploaded it and wasn't prepared to scan it in again. Oh well, I have already got 66% on this without the last two questions which are worth 22 marks in all, so even with that I am happy.
Also I decided to look at a Geophysics past paper whilst I was there. wasn't actually as hard as I thought it'd be. The first secton you answer 1 of 5 questions. I figured you'd have to memorise all the formulas for amplitude, magnitude, Bouguer's anomaly etc. But most of the questions were simple describing ones. My favorite being "write an essay with the title how to measure large earthquakes".
If it's writing and describing then that's my strong point. The 2nd section I actually understood a few of the questions such as explaining what a Geoid is and to draw and label a seismograph, seismogram and seismometer.
Takes a little off my mind now knowing how the exam paper is structured.

I then got a text from Ben asking if I could help him with the assignment when I was free. (Had he turned up for the morning lecture it would have made it a lot easier tbh). I had maths for 2 hours so met him after that. The maths lecture wasn't too bad really, just did more stuff on logs and exponentional functions and made quite a large dent in my coursework in the maths help class.

I then left and met Ben in a computer cluster and went through the assignment with him.
A few minutes later, Laura and Natalie walked in. (Side note: This is the first time I have actually seen Laura at Uni. Up until now I have seen almost everyone else from E block there, but I always find it weird to see people from Clarence Dock there).
Whilst helping Ben with his assignment and reading a Zelda comic I found online I took a look at Natalie's computer.
She is doing a degree in Nutrition, and tbh, I thought all it would contain is a small bit of Biology about the human body and some stuff about how much energy food contains.
Man was I wrong. It took me a while to work out why on her screen there were physics equations. Turns out she even has to learn the physics of why some food is tensile and strong and others are able to bend :S
Not sure why, but it looked just about as hard as Geophysics. I guess there really is no such thing as an "easy" course.
After Ben left to see his personal tutor (who might bring up his poor attendance) and Louise arrived to see Natalie and Laura opening with the line,

"Urgh, I hate my course and I hate my life"
(Despite her facebook status being set THAT day as Louise is happy)

I decided to leave.
I originally planned on going to buy my huge white T-shirt for the Otley run the next day, but it was cold outside and I decided to put on my other hoody. Couldn't find it in my bag though. Walked back to the maths help centre but it wasn't in there. Walked back out annoyed that it was my favorite hoody and that my gloves were still in the pocket. Checked my bag once again.
Was buried right at the bottom.
Bit embarrassing.

So on I walked, as I was crossing the road a man turned round and asked me if I knew where Kirkgate market was. Had I not taken the journey yesterday to find the megabus I wouldn't have known, I told him I knew and that I was heading in that direction anyway.
This actually made to be one of the most interesting walks home I have had.
Turns out he was a teacher at Manchester, his subject, History. Not sure if it was at a college or Uni that he taught at though. I told him I was doing Geology and he said that was one of his favorite subjects as it was the only science he passed.
We also got onto the talk of Sociology when I was talking about lecture hours, he stated how people that take it tend not to be all that bright and that it's not really a real subject. (Quite funny as Mia takes joint honours psychology and sociology and got AAA at A level despite going to a crap college that didn't even teach maths or any science subjects).

Finally after a nice chat we arrived at Kirkgate market, he said he wouldn't have been able to have found it without my help and shook my hand :)
I wonder if I will ever see him again...

Anyway, I got home and realised I had forgotten to buy my T-shirt due to walking home with that man but didn't mind as I can easily get it tomorrow.
I was doing my report for about 2 or 3 hours, determined not to take a nap despite being tired. Finally it got to about 6pm and I needed a break. I heard a lot of voices in the kitchen so decided to go there.
Laura, Mia and Charlotte were in there after just having dinner. This is the first time that Charlotte has actually seemed to be somewhat sociable though :S
Usually she only used to talk to us if she needed something or if you happened to be in the kitchen at the same time as her, in which case it was more forced conversation. This time it was different, as if she had been there from the start, laughing and making jokes. Probably doesn't mean much just me saying it but if you lived here and expirenced it you'd notice the change too.

The 3 of them were talking about how much they have cut down on drink since getting here. Had I been healthy at the start of Uni I have no idea how much I would have drank having never been a heavy drinker to begin with. Turns out that Charlotte used to have about half a bottle of vodka a night during the first 3 weeks and that Laura and Mia have basically halved what they used to drink.
Also, although I should have noticed since I live with them, they said there has never been a week in which they haven't been out less than twice. As for me personally, if it weren't for Taekwondo, would probably only ever go out about once every two weeks. But considering Mia is on £45 a week and Laura on £20 a week, I have no idea how they manage to afford that.

The 3 were also talking about how their Mums all think they are still virgins and that in their minds have never even kissed a boy haha. How naive. Think Ben and I are the only virgins in E block actually. During a drinking game of truth or dare it was revealed that (I won't state their names in case they one day read this) Ms.X had slept with 6 different people in her life, Ms. Y had slept with 7 and Ms. Z had slept with 10 different people.
Shocking figures I must say.
After an hour in the kitchen we all went our seperate ways. Mia and I did work, Laura went to visit Natalie and Charlotte said she is just going to lay in bed.

I was doing my report for about 20 minutes when I heard a knock on the door. It was John. I went to shake his hand but he said he didn't want to as he was really ill and didn't want me to catch it.
He wasn't joking either.
We only spoke for about 3 minutes after which he said he felt so bad he had to go and lay down again, he had to lean against the wall the entire time he was speaking to me and needed a blood test tomorrow to see what it is he has got.
Bad times.
However, he is also from Essex, a place beginning with B, sounded like Bishopsmouth, but anyway it is near Harlow and Colchester which is the same place Keith Oak lives, so he must be good. In addition to this he also takes Biology, meaning we got two Biologists in the flat now.

Anyway, he went to bed and I carried on with my report. It got to 8pm and I could take no more, I had to nap. Only intended two hours so was quite shocked when I woke up to find it was midnight. I had two options, carry on sleeping and wake up at about 6am the next day. Or wake up now and carry on the report till early morning, I chose the latter.

It needs to be about 1,500 words and atm I got 1,300. If anything I will end up going over and have to delete stuff as this report isn't hard, just time consuming.
That's how I spent my evening basically. Doing my report whilst watching stuff on youtube and talking on facebook.

It is now 4:30am and I plan to be up at about 9:30am to go and find a post office to send some of my Uni details back to my parents. All in all, I'd say it was quite a productive day.

Oh, and for those that have been following this, you might have noticed I changed my background and font colours. This was due to the fact that Steve and Dean had the exact same colours and format as me and I didn't want people to get bored of seeing it.

It's likely to be a long one tomorrow too, the E block Otley run. So get a cup of tea before reading.

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