Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Day 54 - No more burgers ?! No more Adam ?!

Had Geophysics first, not bad really. Beginning to understand it a little better now that we are talking about gravity rather than seismic refraction and reflection rays. I'm hoping that in a few weeks to come (although this course will end by week 11) that when I go over old notes it'll all seem to make sense.
Time is running out!
Had a few hours to kill, got some pasta cheese thing that was horrible to say the least. I dunno why I always pay £2.45 for the pasta when there has only been one I like. Ah well, I'm an idiot.
Next was Dynamic Earth. Man it was boring. About sea floor spreading. I don't know what it is about it. The lecturer, the room, the time of day or the subject. But it is the only lecture I literally have to stab and pinch myself to stay awake in.
So glad we only have it once a week and that I already know all the stuff.
Had another hour free so wasted a bit more time.
Finally had a two hour Geophysics session in which we kinda went through the 2nd assessed practical. Still doesn't make all that much sense but ah well, this is the last assessed one I gotta do.
Got to 4:15pm, had Taekwondo at 6pm so was no point in going home.
Just sat in a computer cluster till the time came, walked the wrong way to the gym and only realised this when I saw someone from the class walking the opposite way. How embarrassing.
Once again, was a really good lesson. Sparring with people better than me really had made me improve a lot to the point when I go up against beginners it almost seems a bit unfair as they do things that I used to always do, like fighting with your arms at your chest rather than protecting your head etc.
It's so good, I wanna keep on fighting and keep getting stronger. Grading is coming up soon too. Apparently it is impossible to fail the white belt (unless you have motor neurone function disease) so am not worried about it at all.
After training I was starving, so off to the Library for cheap burgers and drinks.

"Alright mate ? Can I have a cheese burger and toffee apple cider please".
"Sorry, we have stopped serving food now".
"What, when did you stop"?

*Looks at watch, time says 8:34*


Guess the brightside to this is that I saved about £5 that night, but still, I was hungry the entire time till I got home and made myself dinner. Spaghetti on toast, was feeling lazy.
Decided to actually socialise tonight and went upstairs into other flat. All the girls were going to Oceana but boys were staying in.
Whilst there, I got told some pretty, well very upsetting news.
Adam was leaving :(
Apparently his doctor phoned him up saying that he needs to come home as his being at Uni is probably making his illness worse and he definitely won't be able to go to Hong Kong next year in his condition (seeing as the Chinese aren't all that sympathetic to mental illness, he would be thrown into an insane asylum if he began having a hallucination out there).
I haven't spoken to him yet, but he is meant to be leaving on the 29th and coming back next year, though he said he needed it as he was always just too exhausted and was finding it hard to cope.
Now this is really annoying.
Not only have I lost one of the best friends I have made here (We've had card nights, jazz jam nights, his parents were really nice, cooked us dinner, family guy nights. Had loads of nights), but this means ANOTHER damn new person moving in.
At first I was excited with our first new person, Charlotte, but seeing as I have literally only seen her about 6 times since the 3 or 4 weeks she has been here, getting another new person who would have already made loads of friends anyway so won't be part of the "E block family" doesn't excite me at all.
It's just very very annoying.
Oh well, maybe he plays sax too.
After the girls played spin the bottle/truth of dare (of which they always said truth, and it was always a sexual question such as how many people that had slept with or favorite position) they left for Oceana, it then became guys night.

It was so good, they got a tv in their kitchen now, and had E4. Watched inbetweeners and balls of steel and saw adverts for the new series of Big Bang theory. Almost passed out. Forgot how much I loved E4. Was quite funny too as Mike had never even heard of let alone seen all the shows we were watching and found it shocking the way in which balls being dipped in tea (pain men) was just shown on TV as that would never happen in Canada, or America.

Finally, it got late (early) in the morning so we decided to call it a night. Just stayed on facebook for a bit, saw a facebook challenge from Adam challenging me to beat his high score in tetris, which I did whilst talking to Lauren on msn. God knows why he challenged me when his score was only 1000, I got 2,500 without even trying :S

Anyway, think I'll go to bed now too. Might even try and get some work done tommorow (might)....

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