Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Day 46 - Wasted efforts

My original plan was to wake up at 9am and get loads of work done. However, due to the fact that I am a student and that Sean and Ben were in Laura's room till 5am talking and laughing loudly to the point I could hear everything they were saying,

"I just got a text from Wes saying that he can hear us really clearly"
"What's Wes doing up at this time anyway, having a wank"?

(Actually, they woke me up, obviously)

I ended up getting up about 12:45pm.
Ventured into Uni to give in a stool sample to the medical centre so they could test it for blood and see if I need treatment for a stomach bug which I know I don't have but gotta get tested anyway (am 80% sure it is a hiatus hernia). It then took me about an hour to find the fees centre to sort out my accommodation fees which I had paid twice, once found then had to queue for another 30 minutes to sort it out.
Luckily there was no hassle or forms to fill out.
Had lunch, paid £2:45 for some vegetarian noodles which were horrible but I had to eat them anyway since I had paid so much for them and walked back to Clarence Dock as I couldn't find my drink in my bag.
Got back to find it was actually in the front pouch of my bag. No idea why I put it in there, didn't even know it could fit in there.
Spent the rest of the evening doing more Geophysics, really thought I was getting the hang of it.
Had a break when I had dinner. Afterwards Adam taught me a card game called Bezzeek. No point explaining the rules on here, have to play it to understand. After two games I got a phone call from Mum and he left to go to Tesco.
I then went next door and witnessed a great game of beer pong between Ben and Tim. Probably the best drinking game in the world.

As I was tired and still had loads to do, got back to my room to do more of the assignment. Eventually it got to the point where I just couldn't do anymore and I had to see what I had got right from wrong as I really didn't know. Remember, I have been working on this for about 3 days now. I can only attempt it 3 times too, after that my marks will stay.
I pressed submit.
I've spent more than half of my skills week doing this God damn assignment and that's what I have to show for it. What's more annoying is now I gotta do all the calculations again making sure they are correct, even though I checked through and believed them all to be correct the first time. There's no way I am passing this module.

Whilst taking a break, Chris Wright from college began speaking to me on facebook. Found it weird at first, never ever speak outside of college, so what was the sudden interest now. Had a nice little chat about Uni, turns out he is doing Biomedical science at Southampton. I'm beginning to wish I had taken Biology as a degree rather than Geology. At least Biology is basically an information overload course as opposed to equations and working out, which I hate!
Ah well, things should get better.
After a few minutes, the conversation got a bit weird

"Btw, can you do me a favour to help me win a bet please ? My flatmate thinks they are better at me than RPG games. Can you join a facebook game I send you and join my family on it please so I get more points"?

It made sense now. He didn't begin speaking to me out of kindness, he was just leading up to asking me that :(
Well I told him I didn't have the request as I ignore game ones and he was fine with it and the conversation dried up after that.

Annoyed about my assignment, I couldn't be bothered to start it all again, not that night anyway. My only option now is to do it together with Ben, though tbh I don't think that will be all that much help, but more so than doing it all on my own.
I still needed to do some more work so the day wouldn't be a complete waste, I decided to put my clothes to wash too (this was 2:30am) and in the mean time did some mineral revision. I understood that at least.
Man, I get the feeling tommorow is gonna be another annoying day.
Oh how I hate Geophysics, glad we only have to do it for the 1st semester only however...

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