Monday, 3 November 2008

Day 44 - Ingleton

So, ended up getting to sleep about 1am or something and was up at 6:30am. Lucky I had prepared everything the night before. Left E block and saw Ben who was on his way to Tesco to get food for the trip, as he bought some last night but had eaten it all. And then it his me, I saw the exact same crisps in Tesco I had bought for the trip and realised I had forgetten mine. Dammit. Guess that's gonna be my dinner for tonight.
One the way there Ben was telling me how he was excited for this trip as his used to be quite a laugh. There were only about 6 people in his Geology class at college, all boys (though he went to an all boys college). There were about 24 in my class, only about 6 were girls though.
It wasn't actually as cold as I thought (hoped) and I was beginning to get quite hot in all my layers. This was gonna be a repeat of the Malham trip where I wear loads of layers and the sun was out all day.
Finally got to the Parkinson steps. Ben and I decided to take the mini bus there as we figured it'd be easier to get to sleep. Ben has had sleeping problems ever since he got to Uni, last night he ended up getting to sleep at 5am lol.
Trip took 100 minutes. Managed to get some sleep on the way up, Ben didn't though haha.
I'll skip details about the day as it won't be fun to read for anybody unless they do Geology. Some of the highlights were,

"When making notes, remember that we sometimes read them. Had a student some years back who wrote Andy Murphy is a wanker in his notebook, realised it wouldn't get him any marks and threw it out of the bus window. However the bus behind him happened to see this, stop, pick up the book, and the person that picked it up was actually Andy Murphy, the teacher. Don't think he got many marks for that".

Also I found it funny when another boy on the trip forgot to bring food, as he planned going to the canteen in the morning to buy some but it was shut. His lunch for the day was a packet of mini chedders and a starburst. Felt a but sorry for him.
It was a long day. When we were walking, it was really hot. Though when we stopped to do fieldwork, it became FREEZING. In the end I am glad I wrapped up warm.
Ended up leaving about 3:30pm and got back to Clarence Dock about 5:30pm.
Also I found out who the girl in my class called Fanny looks like. Turns out I knew what she looked like, just never knew her name lol.
Got back and had a sandwich and the rest of my food for dinner. Made me really ill afterwards cos it was basically loads of crap I was eating. Haven't had a proper meal in days. Didn't make me feel better knowing that Laura and Mia had made sausages, mash, brocolli and carrots for their dinner. But then again, they cook together all the time, so I have an excuse.

Spent to rest of the evening watching One Piece, doing more Geophysics and talking to Lauren on msn about what is considered to be "gay drinks". Next up, Skills week...

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