Thursday, 20 November 2008

Day 61 - Good Times

Today I was quite lucky in that instead of having 2 Geophysics lectures at 9am, Wednesday and Thursday, it was changed to just having a 2 hour session in our extra slot from 2 till 4pm.
This meant a lay in, a rare thing for me.
Also last week our Dynamic Earth teacher said he is not bothering with a register anymore as it never gets round to everyone. Ha, big mistake.
That means I have no reason to turn up anymore!
I rwad through the lecture the night before, was just about the destruction of oceanic crust, simple. Subduction, mantle melts, rises, caused Island arcs, if saturated in water, the melt is faster. No earthquakes occur after 700km depth as things get too ductile.
So, I woke up about 1pm or something and just went to the Geophysics lecture which was on magnestism. Made some sense. Still strange how magnestism and gravity have made more sense than refraction and reflections when in theory the process of the first two should be a lot more straight forward.
Also this lecture was pretty funny, I thought.
Remember the guy that always asks stupid questions ?
"What's the difference between a rock and a stone"?

Yep, well, he's done it again!
I'll call him Mr. M for now.

It began when the lecturer turned down the lights but it got too dark so nobody could see what they were doing, when he asked if he should make them brighter Mr. M shouted
"No don't, I like the dark"!
Though what made me laugh with the quick and witty remark behind me when someone said under their breath,
"Of course you'd like the dark, you're a goth"

(Mr. M is basically, he is Asian and has hair down to his hips and has never ever worn anything aside from black. Even has a long black leather jacket and boots as well as a black top hat. In conclusion, living proof that people who take Geology are generally quite strange).

Half way through the lecture, the lecturer was talking about how when rocks get heated the magnetism aligns in a direction and when cooled down, that magnetism is stored in the rock, Mr. M then said,

"Is that how come you can work out the alignment of ancient buildings then"?

Maybe it is to me since I take Geology, but this seemed a pretty obvious thing to ask, even so, the lecturer said,

"Yes, you're completely right, and I'm suprised by that".

Of course this caused a little laughter from the class as it was only afterwards he said it that he realised it could have sounded as much of an insult as it could a compliment, in which Mr. M replied,

"What's so strange about me being right, have some faith sir"!!

Yep, shouted that out, infront of about 120 people. Could hear loads of comments like,

"This guy is such a queer" etc.

Well, all that probably didn't seem funny at all, but I sure as hell found it hilarious. Maybe I have a crap sense of humour ?

Hmm...what happened next...

Well, can't seem to remember, so must have just walked home.

On the way back, walking past the parkinson steps, some chinese woman stepped infront of Tom and I with her arms out, thought she was giving us leaflets, but no, something even stranger.

Yes, she was handing out glasses.
Not prescription though, they were UV protection, but they basically look like normal glasses.
I was so happy by this I wore them all the way home, not knowing how stupid I actually looked in them (found this out when I got home and looked in the mirror).

Decided to go tesco on the way back to get some essentials, though as usual, bought too much and tried to fit it all into one bag, I knew it'd rip so stood there trying to put one bag into another one, it wasn't working. Luckily a girl came over and asked if I needed a hand. Well, her exact words were,
"I'll help you with that if you help me with mine".
So she held the bag open while I placed my other one in and I did the same for her.
The kindness of strangers eh.

Got back to Clarence Dock, sat about for about an hour then went to Taekwondo.
As grading is coming up soon, we spent most of today working on patterns, seems as though in the class only about 3 of us beginners (including me) can actually do them.
One girl I'm not even sure as to why she takes Taekwondo as she is so timid I could never imagine her going up infront of everyone doing her patterns let alone sparring.

However, when we did spar, it seemed different from last time. It was a lot harder. Was it that people were trying more this time round ?
Last time I didn't really seem to struggle all that much, this time however I realised that despite everything, there is still a huge gap till I get good.
Especially when I went up against Simon who is a red tag belt (one away from black belt).
For about 60% of the fight he would basically nudge his fist against my head to remind me of my guard. The weird thing was, in my mind, I DID think I was guarding :S
What was worse too is that he is about 6 foot 2, seeing as I can't kick high, and it is nothing below the waist, one of my kicks landed straight to his balls. I actually felt them on my feet (which is weird as I had pads on my feet).
Though he said it wasn't bad as I had good control, in that it was a light kick.

*For those that don't know, Taekwondo is a semi-contact light sparring sport in which you can actually get disqualified if you knock the other person out. Hence why it is sometimes regarded as the "pussy" martial art*.

After that we went to the Library pub but I didn't really feel like getting any food. However, this may have been Rob's last day :(
It's strange, of all the people there, I should dislike him the most. He makes racist jokes (though they are more for comical than offensive purposes) and is the only person to actually make fun of how bad I am at Taekwondo as when I went to spar with him once he commented,

"Well well, it's the guy who never steps in"

Though maybe all these comments were out of humour too. Eitherway, I like him. And am sad he is leaving. He is going to live in the Alps for a few months. No joke, not sure why either. But he was one of the best in the club, definitely the most flexiable as he had been doing gymnastics and stretching from about the age of 7.

Well, we all ended up staying till about 9:45pm which was later than intended. Got a cheeseburger and subway on the way back which was both a good and bad idea.

Good idea the "pre-drinking night" was in our kitchen tonight, so I wouldn't have been able to make dinner. But bad, as as soon as I ate,I went out to Puro, forgot to take money out and ended up only having about £4 for the night.

I was lucky though. Was only £2 entry. Got to the bar drinks were real cheap. However they didn't accept card at the till and told me to use the club ATM.
Problem ?
It wasn't even switched on!!!!
So I could only buy one drink.

Though later in the night I met Tom (this is ANOTHER Tom, one I met during Freshers week but haven't seen in weeks. He also lives at Clarence Dock).

Basically, he asked what I was drinking, and after only telling him once I had no money left, he bought me all my drinks for the rest of the night :D
The only reason he stopped was because I said I'd be sick if I had anymore (really I felt guilty for the amount he had spent on me).
Literally as soon as I had finished one, he'd give me another, as if he was trying to get my drunk. Well, he was..
"We can't have the coolest looking person here not getting drunk" (Actual quote).

By the end of the night I had 3 snakebites, VK apple, carlsberg and half a vodka coke (Heff knocked it out of my hand when he was dancing:( )

Also he asked if I was looking for a girl tonight as he'd hook me up. That wasn't my original plan but I agreed anyway.

The rest of the night was real good, Tom buying me drinks, good music (Sir Duke even came on!) and each time there was a group of girls Tom would nudge me closer to them hehe. Near the end of the night however as the drink was starting to set in Tom and his buds were dancing round a bunch of girls so I joined them.
Two of them were dancing with each other infront of me but the one with her back to me began edging into me. I thought I was in the way so stepped back, but she kept doing it.
What's wrong with her I thought, I looked past her and noticed, there was nobody infront of her anymore, she was trying to dance with ME.
She even grabbed my arms and put them around her waist.
Gotta say, this is the first time something like this has ever happened, Tom sir, you had done it.
Despite the fact she looked pretty fucked out her face anyway.
Later on as we were dancing and ended up kissing she asked "If I was really going for it".
Wasn't too sure what she meant by that but after that she seemed to lose interest and go back to her friends.
Ah well, no she's gone black she probably won't be going back, EVER!
As we were about to leave it turned out Mia and Laura had lost their keys which meant it was lucky I was still there. After about 20 minutes of looking, it turned out Mia's had been picked up by a woman cleaning up and that Louise actually had Laura's keys all along (not sure why she didn't tell us this as she was even helping us look for them).

All three of them were fucked and were saying they wanted pizza, though Mia was sure she knew where she was going, I didn't really trust her in the state she was in and told her the pizza place was in the opposite direction (really I tricking them into walking back to Clarence Dock as I was cold and tired).
The entire way there Mia was swearing at me and calling me a liar as she was well aware of what I was doing, while I just had fun saying how the more she moans the less likely she is to get any pizza and that in the morning she wouldn't remember any of this anyway.
She was certain she would and asked me to tell her a sentence that she could repeat the next day,

"A ninja must never show his true feelings".
That was the sentence. She got it completely wrong after only 5 seconds within me telling her, not looking good for tommorrow.
Was too tired to stay in a kitchen that night so just went straight to bed after having some pints of water as I wasn't really up for a morning hangover.

To sum it up, Good times....

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