Sunday, 2 November 2008

Day 42 - Learning the hard way

I am becoming a real student now. Getting up to go to an event that begins at 2:30pm seems as though it is way too early.
Had another good training session today. When it got to the sparring however, everyone had a partner besides me. So I had to go with one of the instructors, who had 25 years experience :|
Thought he'd go easy on me, but within seconds I had taken a huge kick to the liver. My defense was ridiculous.
However, in a way this is good. By fighting someone way above me he can tell me where I am going wrong. In all I think I only hit him once. All the other times he left himself open on purpose for me to practice counters and shizz.
Seems my main problem despite lack of technique is also confidence. I just can't seem to get it through my head that even if I try and hit him as hard as I can, the chances are it won't hurt him, seeing as he is a blackbelt and I only have 6 weeks experience.
Eitherway, I ended up getting a few kicks to the face and eye, but was still good. I'll learn from this mistakes, I hope.

Couldn't be bothered to make dinner so got a subway on the way home..

"Would you like salad with that"?
"Yes please, lettuce and sweetcorn please"

I get home and bite into it only to find out she had put lettuce and red raw onions in it :@

Onions....sweetcorn. They don't sound similar at all!
Luckily I couldn't taste them all that much, since last time I got onions in a sub it was so strong I could barely finish it. Raw onions, what a silly idea.

Well, after that I spent the remainder of the night in my room really. Some people were next door watching X factor. I stayed in mine talking to Jack about One Piece and watching episodes online till about 2am.

Today had a nice chilled out feeling :D

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