Friday, 14 November 2008

Day 56 - Expert Beginner

Right, so after hitting the snooze about 5 times, I finally got up and off to my only seminar of the day. Got there with 30 minutes to spare. So glad I had done all of this the night before. With nothing much to do, I just went through it with Tom and Darryl to check my answers, they got the same things too, so we were most likely to have been right.
I didn't want to go home just yet though. If I was at Uni now, I might as well make the most of it and get something that I might need another time. The only thing I really needed atm was graph paper however for maths coursework, so bought the cheapest pad I could find, which was £4 (and about a nanometer in thickness).

Walked home and basically did shit all for about 4 or 5 hours till Taekwondo.
First part was general fitness, then we went onto doing patterns. It feels so good to actually know exactely what I am doing now. I can do all the patterns, 4 direction punching and kicking in both directions and chon Ji really easily.
So I can help other people who aren't sure. If possible I'd wanna go straight for my yellow belt in December as this just seems a bit too easy.

Next came the sparring. I was against Basil as we are the same standard. However, against him, something just seemed a bit different. It's as if he didn't really care if he got hit or not and made his kicks more flashy than anything, he was a strange person to spar against.
Even on the way to the Library bar afterwards, Daniel and I were having a conversation about how it's better to spar against higher grades as then you know you can go all out without fear of hurting them and you improve so much quicker. As well as this, me being a beginner, means if I go against the other beginners sparring isn't usually much fun at all. Considering only about 2 of the 12 or so beginners actually have pads, this means that you'd have to shadow box against them, and quite a lot of them are girls and really timid (not saying that all girls are timid, it's just that all the girls in the club that are beginners are). One even said she felt silly sparring :S

I just wanna move up in the belt ranks as quick as possible so I can go up against more people.
The Library pub was quite a laugh tonight.
Rob shotguned a sofa seat and said whoever sits in it will get their legs broken. Two random girls overheard him and one sat there as he came back just to see what he'd do, he didn't break her legs though :(
Then something happened that hasn't happened since I got to Uni. Racist jokes towards me, and a lot of them.
It began when Simon had a sip of my toffee apple cider and said it doesn't taste bad but it feels as though his balls and penis had drunk (cos of how much of a gay drink it is) but said in my case that isn't a problem as I have more than enough to spare.
Yep, a black guy penis joke.
Then came fried chicken jokes, fast running jokes, black people being unable to swim jokes (biologically black people have higher bone density, it's true, I could never mushroom or star float at swimming lessons though can swim alright).
They were quite funny actually, some were aimed at Jeremey too (who is half Chinese) such as asking if he was good at maths, if he is a bad driver and whether he can speak kantanese (he can only speak English).
Though he does hold one stereotype, he is REALLY good at Taekwondo. One girl even said she'd be scared to go up against him cos he is so fast and flexible (yes I know how that sounds).
I've sparred against him many a time and each time got my ass handed to me. He apparently does martial arts 6 times a week, Taekwondo, kick boxing and Ju jitsu and after those sessions usually goes and plays squash :S He's a monster.

After our burgers Rob decided to order pudding (for some reason it made me laugh when he said "I feel like a pudding now". Probably because most people say dessert or afters, but pudding, hehe).
It cost about £6 and was this white chocolate fondou.
That's not the interesting part though.
It was the barmaid who delivered it,

"Who ordered this"?
"Oh, that was me"
"It smells delicious....this is gonna sound a bit cheeky, but can I try some please"?
".......Don't you work here"?
"Yeah but I only get one free meal a day"

*tries some*

Rob generously let us all dig in and it was really really nice. Melted white chocolate with waffles, bananas and strawberries (and he always says that I have gay drinks pfft).

Left after about two hours and was just on facebook for a while. Decided to have dessert too. Steam pudding and custard. Only thing was I got the quantity all wrong, had a whole one to myself and a whole carton of custard :S
I could barely finish it and once I had I think my blood sugar level must have doubled.
It was really nice though, just had too much of it.
As all the girls seem to have gone out and all the boys are in playing football manager I decided to do some work. Finished my maths coursework and decided that I am going to get a head start for next semester by looking and doing some of the things we will be starting there.
I wanna do maths next year too, if I can keep it up, I might get good at it (despite all the bad things I said about it in my other blogs).
If you do Geology and are good at Maths, there should be plenty of jobs.

That was my day basically. Watching episodes of static shock till TKD then evening just ate loads.

Not bad, I'd say.
Really looking forward to squad training tommorow too!

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