Friday, 21 November 2008

Day 63 - Torn together

Today was kinda strange. Seems as though a lot happened but not sure how much is worth talking about.
Well, my day began with me getting up early to start my chemistry tutorial, only to find that my laptop was unable to download the word documents. So I walked to Uni and hour early to do it. Only problem then however was that the wrong tutorial questions had been uploaded!
I had woken up early for nothing.
Luckily this was the one tutorial you didn't HAVE to start before class as you could easily finish in the hour session.
However the morning wasn't a total waste. I got an e-mail saying that I was one of the first 1,500 students to complete an online survey about alcohol and recieved free print credit. YES!
After posting this as my facebook status I got a comment from Haydn who in the end convinced me to print off a sign saying "Quiet please - Genius at work", which I did.
Right, my day was over now. I made a trip to TK Maxx to buy Mia a new bowl to replace the one I smashed. It took me ages to find the bowl section and I couldn't find one that looked a thing like the one I broke so just bought a blue one instead.
Had a nice floral pattern around it.
Made my way back to Clarence Dock and put the sign up on my door then took a nap for a few hours.
Woke up with just enough time for me to go to Taekwondo.
There weren't that many people at this session for some reason. Though as grading is coming up soon we worked only on patterns today, I am hoping to go in and get my yellow tag belt after December, though would have prefered to go straight to yellow belt as I can already do all the patterns (or so I say).

Originally we planned to go to the German market after training but as Simon was only in a t-shirt and it was freezing and due to other complications we just ended up going the Library again.
Had a really good time there actually. Had a game of pool with Andy, lost, but not that badly considering how good he is.
Also got a few racist jokes which I found quite funny,

"Who ordered the veggie burger"?
"Oh, me"
"Why do you get a veggie burger"?
"I don't really like red meat, if I do eat it, it's only white meat"
"Gutted Wes"!

I found it funny.
There were a few more but I can't remember them. I spoke to Simon most of the night about race in general and the way in which people can use it to gain an advantage. He told me a story of when he was about 10 and someone pushed infront of him in the lunch queue. Simon told the teacher and the boy said "He called me a paki" and Simon got into trouble for it haha. Man, pulling out the race card, works everytime (most of the time anyway).

Ended up staying at the Library for ages and was about half 10 by the time I got home. I began speaking to Anneka on msn for the first time in months as ever since Uni we seem to have lost contact. Turns out JV still hasn't changed his ways.
Everyone seemed to be going out tonight, I was going to tag along too, I was really up for it. I heard someone in the kitchen, thought it might have been Laura or Mia and was gonna ask them what was happening but turned out to be Adam.
He wasn't doing anything really so we had a jam session instead.
Probably one of the best we have ever had (and probably last one too).
When it got to about midnight we began just listening to a load of pink floyd and getting lost in the music while Adam was eating jam and chocolate spread straight out of the jar (the medication he takes makes him hungry apparently).

At about 2:30am somehow over the music Adam said he could hear someone outside. It was Tim. He was just sitting there talking to himself :S
He said he wasn't really up for going out so went outside for a fag but we invited him into Adam's room as he'd freeze otherwise. Had an indepth convo with him saying he thinks he might leave Uni as it's not what he thought it'd be and that things don't seem to be going well for him. I really don't want him to though. It'd be such a waste. Ash has already left (which is one of the reasons Tim wants to go too as they were really close). Adam is leaving. Tim can't go too. I can't be bothered with anymore new people. I still haven't even met the new person that moved into Ash's room yet.

Anyway, it got to about 3am and Mia got back from Halo though was annoyed that one of her friends she was meeting was hours late. We were all in the kitchen having a chat about houses next year and who wants to live were.
Atm I am not TOO concerned who I live with. So long as they are energy efficient. The one thing that will annoy me is if people leave lights on, TV on, water on and when the bill comes make it be split equally. Not to mention if they leave doors or windows open when nobody is in. For now it's not bad, we are in our own rooms not paying for energy so it's their own problem.
However everyone is aware that tension could be caused depending on who lives with who due to some of the things that have gone on during the past (yes, all of them involved drunken regrets).
It also made me think long and hard though. These people I am living with. Are they REALLY my friends, or do I only talk to them because I have no other choice. I really think it is the latter. I get up, go to Uni then come back and spend the rest of the time in my room talking to people on msn or facebook. Since being here, Adam is the closest thing in Clarence Dock I have made that I can consider a friend. By that I mean someone I can easily talk to and hang out with. And as luck has it, he is leaving! Tim was also concerned about this too. He, as well as Mia, miss having best friends that they can talk to. So do I. It seems that most of the girls have gotten really close (Laura said the friends she has made here are better friends than the ones she used to have). However the rest of us probably don't feel as though we fit in all that much. And thinking about it hard, not all of us do.

Just have to wait and see what happens this time next year. Guess I shouldn't be complaining though that this is happening as I doubt I'd have been able to find a place to live on my own. I apologised to Mia for breaking her bowl too, at least I thought it was her's,

"Mia, sorry about your bowl, I bought you a new one"
"That's not my bowl, it's Charlotte's"
"Oh shit".

Why didn't she tell me ? If I hadn't said anything she would have just let me think it was her's all along and it would have looked bad if I never said anything to Charlotte about it. However, I did manage to tape her bowl back together as a sort of light hearted joke, but still, seeing as I don't really know Charlotte that well it's gonna be hard for me to say sorry to her.

That was my day and night basically. It seemed like a lot more happened. Well, it did, just the conversations we were all having. But it all got a bit personal really and tbh is no fun to read at all.

Guess I'll leave it there.
Tune in tommorow where I'll probably talk about squad training then how I did shit all after it.

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