Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Day 68 - And the next E blocker is...John

Right, as I had no reason to be in early today nor did I need a shower (I did, but I try not to have one daily or I have to be up too early, plus is saves water) I got up about 7:45am. Thought I'd have a quick breakfast then be off to Uni. However things soon became a huge rush, I checked online what room I was in for my first lecture though for some reason the Uni site didn't seem to want to work, so instead I had to text Darryl and ask. Got to the kitchen Put my milk in the microwave and set it for 2 minutes, got out my coco pops and noticed the box felt a bit light. Looked inside.
Shit. I remembered I had run out the night before. It was 8am now and I had nothing else to eat for breakfast. I power walked to tescos and bought some frosties, scoffed them down then power walked to Uni with slight indigestion.
Darryl had replied that we were in lecture theatre 23, although upon walking through the doors I saw my lecturer anyway meaning I could have just followed him and wasted 10p on a text :(

Once again, didn't understand a thing that he talked about but my mind was set on what I was going to do after this lecture. I was way too tired to attend Dynamic Earth and didn't feel like falling asleep in another lecture so after Geophysics decided to go home and catch up on sleep I missed as I was up till about 4am the night before. I figured with this free time I might as well see where it is that I actually need to catch the megabus from.

After wondering around Leeds city centre for about 20 minutes taking the longest route home possible, I couldn't find it. I probably should have brought a map. Finally I decided to call it a day and head home.
But wait, that building,

"Kirkgate bulding"

I was looking for Kirkgate road. I was on the right track (or in this case road).
I carried on walking down and actually saw a megabus there already. So, after all that time, it turns out the pick up point is basically 50 metres from the usual route I take to Uni. In a way I am quite lucky that I live at Clarence Dock as it'll mean a really short walk there come 14th December (remember that I will be taking my bags, laptop, saxophone and a load of other heavy stuff home).

I got back and began to do some work, but, like most days, I got tired, so took a long nap. Not sure how long I was sleeping for, but got woken up by Tom D phoning me asking about the Geophysics assignment. We went through it together on the phone on and off for about an hour. I had already submitted it once and got 15% on it, only got 2 questions right. On my 2nd submission after talking to Tom I got 46%. I only had one more attempt left.

It got late and also to that time again, TAEKWONDO. Had some food so I'd have my energy for the night and left. The first part of the lesson I was in pain. For some reason I wouldn't stop sweating and my shoulders were aching like mad, which is bad considering about 90% of my patterns involve having my arm up in the air and/or punching.
But it got better as the session went on. I have finally learned everything I need to do for my yellow tag belt and even got told that it is actually 70% attitude, 20% movement and 10% technique. Meaning you can really really mess up but as long as you keep your attitude up you should pass.
I am pretty confident as I know all my patterns really well atm.
Chon Ji, 4 directional punching and 4 directional kicking.

The 2nd part of the lesson involved being in groups of 2 and working on self defense. I was with Anthony who is black belt. I worked on my technique of getting out of a head lock which is basically grab their wrist to stop them hitting you then quickly stand up to throw them off balance. It's easier to show than explain.

Next we were in groups of 4 in which someone had to hit focus mits, get attacked by either a headlock or strangle, get out of it, punch again, get another of those attacks, punch again etc.

I was with Anthony, a guy I can't remember his name, and a girl who I recently found out that lives at Clarence Dock that has large breasts but not really very attractive.
That also went well, I even heard her say "He's really good" when it got to my turn :S
I'm really not, I am just a lot more confident with what I do now.

Finally, sparring. I went up against James first who is green belt. Never sparred with him before. Basically he had to throw either punches or kicks and I had to block then counter. Think I might have suprised him a bit as he expected me to be worse than I was as he said "You've actually got good reflexes".

Not sure how to take that.
Eitherway, sparring is awesome. Not sure whether to go to a Sunday sparring session though.

1. I have no idea where it is, it's in Armley but I don't know how to get there.
2. I have been told it is a "mission" to get to.
3. I am only white belt, this sparring session will have really good people from boxing, kickboxing, taekwondo, jujitsu and karate so I will get shredded most likely.

Not to mention I wanna attend the jam session at the old bar afterwards, so we'll see.
Got changed and went Library pub only to find out they were not serving food anymore. It was only 8:31pm yet they are meant to stop at 9pm. Srsly, WTF!?

So instead we went to the old bar and got chips. Wasn't too bad apart from the 30 or drunken girls all dressed up in rave doing different chants. I kinda found it funny at first but James was getting pretty pissed off with them all to say the least. We felt sorry for the people that worked there that had to deal with this every night.
Was quite funny though how we were saying all the girls looked quite butch and we said they were probably the rugby or volleyball club (turns out it was darts :S ).

Got to 9:30pm and I left. Saw that everyone was in the bar so I joined them only to have Ben say he hasn't started his Geophysics and doesn't understand a single question and needs my help for tomorrow (suprise suprise).
Also the new guy moved in today. His name is John. Haven't met/seen him yet but apparently he is from Essex and seems like a show-off (according to Mia, Ben said he thinks he is a bit of a prick haha).

Well, I'll soon meet him.
It got to 10pm and I decided I'd do some work. However got distracted by Darryl talking to me on facebook about the practical and also Heather who I just had a general chat with. She said she got a bit drunk a few nights ago and can't remember much of what happened after which I made up a story about how some drunken person walked into our flat and flipped our fridge.
I carried it on for about 20 minutes saying how if she had no evidence that it wasn't her I would press charges, thinking she was going along with it till she said,

"Wes, it wasn't me. I wouldn't have the strength to lift a fridge. Still though, it's pretty random someone managed to come in and do that".


She believed me.

I even told the story in a way to make it obvious I was making it up as a joke, guess she doesn't know me well enough to understand my "online joke tone".

So, did some more Geophysics and plan to meet up with some other Geologists tomorrow to sort it all out.
God knows why I have stayed up till 2:46am tonight though. I'm just gonna be really tired tomorrow, sleep in the day then not be able to sleep at night. Ah man, the vicious circle continues....

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