Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Day 53 - It's 'cos I'm a thief!

Tuesday, long long day. Computing got moved to the Houldsworth cluster. That's right, I had no clue where it was either. Took me at least 40 minutes to find. My fault for trying to find it on my own when I could have just asked at reception and saved myself a whole lot of time.
Eitherway, got there, handed my work in and spent the next 2 hours working on CorelDRAW, which is kinda like photoshop and paint in one, for Geologists.
As Darryl, Tom and I got out of the lift, as this was in the engineering building (out of the wat of anything else) I thought it'd be funny to press all the buttons in the lift so when the next person went in it'd go to every floor.
Felt bad when it was actually quite a nice looking (by nice I mean as in not mean, but she wasn't ugly either) girl walked in after us :|
We ran.
Next up, geological maps.
Don't even need to talk about this, pretty obvious it didn't go well.

Had a few hours free in which I met up with Tom Richards and one of his sort of flat mates. Had a bit of a laugh for an hour but they both left for lectures and I left for the computer cluster to waste time. However during the hour I was with them both was quite funn seeing as neither of them (Tom or the girl) had explored the Union and didn't even know we had a canteen. So I had to guide them around. Also Tom lost his wallet. We walked around for about 10 minutes looking for it, turns out he left it on the counter when he was paying for something :S
He said he always takes out his wallet then gets the change straight from his pocket, oh dear oh dear.

Last was Minerals. Actually went really well tbh. For some reason I had the motivation to work really hard, which usually isn't the case in that class.
Maybe my mai problem here, is motivation.

Left and booked an appointment at the doctor and on the way back decided to get some stuff from Morrisons.
I really wanted to buy Smash, that mash that is a powder, you add water, and it makes mash. Not sure if they had any though.
Bought all my things and walked outside where I put some of the stuff in my backpack to reduce shoulder injury. This is when things got weird. The following conversation is NOT made up btw. As I got up, and old man was standing right infront of me, I thought I was in his way, so moved...

"Stand there"
"Stand there"
"I can't get in"
"But the dor is right there"
"Yeah, but I can't get in"
"What do you mean you can't get in"?
"They won't serve me"
"Why not"
"...because I'm a theif"!

(This was an old man of about 60 years old with a walking stick btw)

"Can you go in and buy some things for me please"
"No, because then I will get into trouble"
"Ok ok, sorry, didn't mean to scare you".

One thing about living in a big City like Leeds means there is a lot of room for complete weirdos.

I keep going back on myself tonight, BEFORE Morrisons. I went to get my phone back, got a facebook message from Terri saying my phone was at the house still and that I could go and get it myself (she didn't mean it to sound rude, I hope).
So I left for Queens road.
Not sure how I got back that night, it took me 30 minutes to find this time.
Had to ask loads of people on the street.
What was worse was that once I FINALLY found the place, I was knocking on the door for abotu 10 minutes before someone answered. There was someone on the phone in the house that was actually looking at me the whole time but still didn't let me in =/
And it can't have been because he was too busy being on the phone, when I finally was let in I saw that there were about 4 other people in the house anyway, so WTF guys !!!! It was freezing out there !

Well, that was the highlight of my day/evening.

Spent the rest of it eating and attempting a chemistry tutorial which I know I done wrong anyway.

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