Monday, 10 November 2008

Day 51 - Working 3:30 to 5

Like I said before, I had no hangover this morning, but did end up having breakfast along with the rest of the flat at about 3:30pm whilst Mia happened to be talking about how it still doesn't feel like we're actually at University.
The kitchen is a mess, we were in our PJs, and having breakfast at 3:30pm, how can this NOT feel like Univeristy.
Basically I only left the flat today to get some milk and put out the rubbish. Apart from that just spent it at my laptop doing work, I think. Doing some chemistry if I remember correctly.
Hardly spoke to anyone today, or saw them. But did see some pictures on facebook of the night before and asked Terri on the whereabouts of my phone.
Also I discovered a new cheap and nice dinner. Pasta and gravy.
Gravy - given to me by parents
Pasta - 39p

If I can keep this up I should definitely save £1000s.
Was a boring day as weekends always are really.

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