Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Day 59 - Diagnosis Puro

(Warning. I think this is the longest blog I have written so far, mainly because something happened in the day, evening, night and morning when I got back. So be warned).

Alright! Another start to the week, another great day to be alive!
Things kicked off with a shit easy mineralogy lecture on sedimentary rocks. The weekly assignment was only 5 questions, I managed to do them in 5 minutes even before the lecturer showed up :S
Wish all classes could be as easy as this one (though two weeks in a row it has been Darryl who has reminded me about these assignments when he logs onto facebook the night it is due and asks me how I did on it).
Rest of the day was pretty normal, not worth writing about.
At 3:20pm however I had another doctor appointment.
Was about 20 minutes late but no matter.
For the very first time since this damn illness, it seemed like a Doctor actually cared about me.
Back in Upminster when I kept going back to them the first thing the doctor said was,
"Why did you drink alcohol in the first place, it's bad for kids"!

I drank because it was my damn 18th Birthday!
Stupid question really.
Even after that, whenever I would describe my symptoms, they'd just give me the same thing over and over and say the same thing "Excess stomach acid", "Indigestion" "Eat more fruits".
Well, the 3rd one is true for me, I do need to eat more. But c'mon, there can't STILL be excess stomach acid after about 5 months or so.
Screw 'em.
Even the last doctor I visited in Leeds didn't really seem to know what she was doing.

"So where does it hurt"?
"Around here, in the solar plexis area"
"The Solar what"?


So maybe that isn't the correct medical term for it (it's sternum), but I thought that most people, especially a doctor would know what and where the solar plexis was.
What was even stranger was that she said she wanted to test me for a bug and that she would have to take me off lansoporale for two weeks to do this. Yet for some reason, prescribed me more lansoparole :S
It was in a different box, but they all do the same thing though.
Anyway, this doctor was really nice. She sat and listened to everything I said, had a really soft sympathetic voice, actually felt around my stomach to see where it hurt (which the other doctor didn't do).
And, finally, for the first god damn time, she actually suggested that I could have a hiatus hernia!
I've already said this to other doctors but none of them seem to take notice (or act as though they don't know what it is).
But anyway, I need my results from Upminster to be sent up then have another appointment to see what needs to be done.
I'm hoping to just stay on the PPI drugs till it goes away (if it ever does) as the only other option is surgery, and there is no way I wanna have that!
Eitherway, all I can do now is wait and see what happens.

Got home and met Tim who said some people would be going to the Dock bar as we haven't been in weeks (seriously, you'd think having a bar on campus where drink prices are really low that it'd always be pretty busy, but at most there are only like 10 people in there every evening).
So after attempting to do some work and falling asleep, some of the guys went to the bar and had a few games of pool. I ended up playing against Ben "The Man" Mann, who plays pool A LOT, and is really good. Somehow I didn't get beaten all that badly though. Only had two of my balls left over.
We then got into teams.
Mike and I Vs Tim and Ben. Neither team had the advantage really.
The game basically went like this:
Tim broke, nothing went in. I hit the balls randomly and get in a red. Ben gets in a few. Mike gets in a few. Tim gets in nothing. I hit the white ball in. Some balls go in on the next few shots. I hit the white ball in again. Got to Mike's go. He hit two balls in the middle, they both went into the far pockets at exactely the same time. I went crazy.
In the end Mike and I lost however, only had one more ball to hit in before black, but it was a really good game.
Decided to have dinner as I was drinking on am empty stomach and met Maeve in the kitchen making soup for her and Adam.
Seeing as this was Monday, and she is leaving Tuesday, it may be the last time I see her. (Even though she plans to attend Leeds Uni next year AND wants to stay in Clarence Dock).
Seems as though she is bad luck though as the first few days she was with us loads of things went wrong with our kitchen. Everything was fine for a few weeks. She got back and the handle on our oven just broke off when Mia tried to open it :S

Eitherway that night we all decided to go out to a club called puro because it was 80p entry and 80p drinks. I was up for that!
In the kitchen we were all talking about where we are living next year. The "girlie girls" in the flat all said they wanted to live together. But in the end, we all concluded that none of us wanted to live in a flat with all boys and/or all girls.
We decided that a 12 person flat should do it (if we can find one, think 12 would be too many though).
Strange enough, despite Ben being the person to bring it up, he is actually the least likely to even pass the first year AND his parents were gonna buy him his own place in Leeds for next year :S
Also Mike found a website in which we could all go to Ireland for 4 days for £2!
We thought there must be some sort of catch (and there might be, like international fares), but still, it was a good offer.
After about an hour of arguing as to who could do what day we decided to leave it till January. I want to go though.
After this however, things began to get annoying.
It was about 11pm and hardly anyone was ready. Also it turned out that it was only 80p entry BEFORE 11pm, after that it was £2.50!
Still though, I thought I might as well go. For about 45 minutes Scott and I were basically shouting at everyone to hurry the f**k up and leave or we weren't going to get in but everyone was too slow and drunk to care.
Eventually we got people to leave by using the mass flow trick (If enough people walk out the room to go somewhere then naturally other people will follow them).

Even when we got outside though people were still trundling along at below average pace, so Scott, Laura and I walked on ahead. We got there and thigns got worse as Scott read the sign

"Mondays and Wednesdays! 80p before 11pm. £2:50 before midnight. £4 after midnight"

It was 11:57pm at this point, had we not had to wait for everyone we could have actually got in for 80p!
Whilst waiting in the queue eventually everyone caught up with us (almost everyone, Mia was so smashed she could barely walk and fell over in the middle of the road, luckily Lewis managed to pick her up quick enough before any cars could come).
Whilst in the queue Scott and I were getting annoyed that we'd have to pay £4 to go in while at the same time having to hold Mia up as she couldn't stand on her own. Not really suprising seeing as she always drinks Gin and orange back at the flat and is only about 5,4 so gets bad pretty easily.
We all got in, but Scott and Mia were at the back. Whilst walking in I saw one of the bouncers talking to them both. Looks like they weren't gonna get in.

After a few minutes dancing we got a text from Scott saying the bouncer told them to go for a walk for a few minutes then come back as he knew something was up with Mia.
So, I danced the night away happily. Out of the corner of my eye though I saw someone and did a double take. It was like it was out of a film, he did the EXACT same thing. We both stood there for about 5 seconds staring at each other, both thinking the same thing,

"Is that really him"?
Yes, it was.

Like a couple of gays, we both ran up to each other hugging and screaming.
The night wasn't too bad after that really. Mia and Scott never did come in. A bouncer with a bleeding head had some guy in a headlock shouting "MOVE"! As he dragged him through the crowd throwing him outside. Guessing he bottled him.
Music was good too, was 90s night so had some old cheesey classics. Got to about 2:30am, I had to be up and in for a 9am lecture and I noticed Sean was looking really tired too so I walked home with him.
As we walked out we saw some boy with a bleeding nose talking to a bouncer and the bouncer telling him he wasn't allowed back in. Not sure if a fight had began outside or in the club, but Sean and I both looked at each other and said the same thing,

"Let's get out of here".

Got back to Clarence Dock and heard Scott come out of his flat. I asked him what happened to him. He said that whilst on a walk he asked Mia if she wanted to go back or go home, she said home and considering he wasn't too up for going out after that, he went with her. So for the next hour or so, it was me, Scott and Tim sat in a kitchen. Was quite funny actually. Tim was saying he wanted University Challenge to be on as he was watching it with Scott once and knew about 2/3 of the questions :S
(Tim is one of those weird people who is really really smart yet does no work and his personality really doesn't comply with his intelligence. He got 4 As and already has a 1st for an essay he wrote. Crazy).

After that Tim and Scott began having a really complex talk about chemistry and atoms haha. Won't bother going into it though.
Got to bed about 3:30am, tommorow is gonna be a long day. *Sigh*.

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