Sunday, 23 November 2008

Day 65 - Black noodle

So, I woke up at 11am but stayed in bed till about 2pm as I saw no real reason to get up today. My original plan was to do all my work by about 6pm or so then head off down to the old bar to play some jazz. Short version. That didn't happen.
Spent some time during the day doing my report but got distracted talking to sister and Anneka on msn.
Guess it doesn't help that I keep on thinking that I have loads of time to do this report so do very little each time.
I then saw Tim outside kicking a football around, well, I actually saw him kick it over the fence and opened my window to laugh at him. But decided to help him get it back by using the walking cane I bought for Halloween. Tim was actually quite good at football considering that years ago he tore all the ligaments in his leg and now walks with a permament limp, which he has named "gammy" as in his gammy leg.
After having a little kick about for 30 minutes or so, Tim managed to once again kick it over the gate and basically into the river. Had it not been for pieces of wood by the bank he never would have got it back.
Also had the branch he was holding onto have snapped off then he would have falling straight into the river and probably have died.
His washing was done so we decided to call it a day. I came back in and had something to eat whilst talking to Mia about our time at Uni. Turns out we both felt the same way. We liked it here, but we missed having our old friends. So far, Mia, Tim and I are the only people that have never been home since Uni and/or had friends from home come visit us. Well, Mike too, but he lives in Canada so is kind of out of his way.
Also Adam was packing his things today which he said was making him pretty depressed as he really didn't want to go but has no choice but to :(

Had an interesting conversation with Matt on msn too about a photo he had tagged me in on facebook. Wasn't actually me, was just a black guy in a photo with loads of chinese people which Matt said they might have adopted.

Wes the Loiner says:
Could definitely be a TV show
matt. says:
think that would make a pretty good sitcom actually

Yes, that is the conversation from msn. We both said that at literally the same time. We really think too much alike and I'm not sure yet as to whether that is a good thing. I said I think the name of the show, if it were real should be called Chinese Chicken (chicken = black stereotype), though Matt's one was a lot more catchy,
"Black Noodle"

During the day in the kitchen We were also talking about living arrangments for next year. Seems as though the girls seem really up tight about who they are going to live with while none of the boys could care less. We could even sort it out on the actual day or arrival at the new houses. Tbh, I don't mind who I live with, but given the choice, would want to be in the same flat as Tim. Main reason, we both like Ben 10.
Good reason ?
Nope, not at all.

Evening soon set in and everyone was watching top gear upstairs so I joined them. I met Tim at the door and he told me he has a hamster now :O
We aren't allowed pets but one of the girls in his flat has two of them but one is Tim's. They were holding them and they looked pretty cute. But I just can't hold hamsters or small animals. I did have a hamster once, but never once did I pick it up. My brother tried to pick his up once and it bit him, he was crying so much that it put me off ever wanting to do it for life. Not to mention I am quite heavy handed and if I did get bitten would probably tense my hand as a reflex action and crush it just like Lenny from Of Mice and Men.

Not much else happened that evening. Stayed in the flat upstairs till late. Got a phone call from Mum saying how things were back home. Lauren was typing her assignment and when she left the room I typed "bellend" into it in big letters but Mia deleted it saying that she might not notice and send it off :S

It was impossible not to notice and even if she didn't I wouldn't have actually let her send it off.
We watched Anchorman too. Scott went to get the film from his room the same time Mike walked into the kitchen,

"Guys, I warn you now that Scott will repeat every single line in the film".

We wanted to see if Mike was right so made a tally. By the end of the film Scott had repeated 28 different quotes from the film or said them before they had even occured. Everytime he did, we'd burst out laughing, though he thought we were laughing at the film.
Also I met the new person that lives in Ash's flat, Harry.
He seems like a pretty nice guy though I've been told he's quite posh as he is from Exeter and plays Lacrosse. He also takes Maths. Though I'd add that in.

Soooooooo, it got to about 12:45am, Anchorman had finished and we all decided to go to bed. Got to my flat and realised I didn't have my keys so had to go back upstairs to get them. Got back to my room and realised something else was missing. My wallet.
I hadn't left Clarence Dock all day and knew I had it on my when we were watching the film as I bought a chocolate before hand, so maybe I dropped it outside.
I walked out looking for it but found nothing.
Then the next problem occured. I had no way of getting back into the flat as my card key was in my wallet, which was lost :|

This meant I had to ring the bells of the flats in E block for someone to let me in. Luckily Ben M was up and let me in and began asking me if I could make sure Ben H actually goes into Uni tomorrow as he has missed 2 weeks straight of it and had gone out tonight too meaning he probably won't be in tomorrow either. I said I'd phone him in the morning but we both knew there was not much either of us could do. We all doubt that he is going to pass the first year now. Even Ben H himself said he came to Uni only for freshers week :S
As soon as Ben M and I stopped talking I heard Scott from upstairs open his door. Turns out my wallet had dropped out in there.
What a relief.
Losing your wallet is one of the worst things that can happen to you at Uni. No student card so no library access. No debit card, so no money or food. No I.D. so no getting into clubs. No card key so no getting in and out of anywhere, it sucks. 2nd to that is losing your phone.

I don't have chemistry tomorrow which means I can finally for the first time come home between lectures at Uni. YES!

Wonder if I will actually spend the time wisely though. Probably not. But hey, I'm just a student after all...^_^

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