Sunday, 9 November 2008

Day 50 - I AM LEGEND !!!!!!!!!

Today was (I rarely use this word) quality !!!

Began with waking up late to get to squad training. At first I thought I'd be the only person to turn up as it was 2:30pm already and I didn't see anybody else there. Though by 2:45pm 12 of us were there. We did some circuit training. At 4 different points in the hall, would do a different exercise for a minute straight, do a lap, then go to the next circuit.
We did about 4 or 5 different circuits, and yes, it was HARD!
But you feel good about yourself at the end of it.
Then came the sparring, once again, didn't do all that well when I went up against people better than me, though it's expected. It was only when I fought girls that I won points, merely because all the girls in Taekwondo are quite small, meaning I just use my longer reach to my advantage. In terms of skill and technique, they are a lot better. I did get a swift kick to the jaw by Jamie, which didn't actually hurt all that much, though he kept apologizing for it.
It's quite strange sparring in Taekwondo, you fight against someone in order to score points, though if you do something like a head shot, which is the highest score you can get, people always seem to say sorry afterwards. Guess it seems weird fighting against friends. Ah well, still, Taekwondo rocks!

Next came the Otley run, I had no time to go back to the Dock to change, so had to leave and go straight there. Before going I got started off by the idea Jeremy had for a costume, since the theme was Legends, he was going to go as a foot (Leg-end).
Couldn't stop laughing, then Rob said that he was going to go as Big foot, which I thought was pretty witty. A double legend. Get it ? You should, cos I do.
Met up with Jay and Daniel at the bus stop and made for our first trip, the Woodies Ale house.
As the night went on, more and more people turned up, so for now I will just list the costumes of everyone, that I remember.

Me - rudolph
Daniel - Angus Young
James - Link from Zelda
Aaron - princess Zelda (best costume)
Matt - Captain Scarlett
Liz - Clamity Jane
Other Liz - Indiana Jones
Simon - Blues Brother
Pete - Mr Smith from the matrix
Other Aaron - Zorro
Terri - David Bowie
Claire - not actually sure, she had bunny ears and some tiger skin costume.
Rob and Jemerey - had no time to make a costume
Jason - didn't even know it was an Otley run, but has dreadlocks so said he was Bob Marley.

There were a few other people there but they didn't dress up either. The night was so good though. There were at least 50 other studnets doing the Otley run too which meant by the end of the night you kept seeing the same people.
What was weird, EVERYONE seemed to love the reindeer outfit :S Tbh I didn't think it was all that good. But the first pub we went into, a whole table of studnets just went quite and shouted out "RUDOLPH"!!!
Had my picture taken with loads of randomers too, they'll be up on facebook pretty soon.

Had one old man at a pub (obviously drunk) who looked like a hobo (come to think of it, he was "the" stereotypical drunk) who was going on to me about cricket and west indies saying they are cunts but that he wasn't trying to offend me :S Tbh I wasn't sure what point he was trying to make and half the time couldn't hear him over everyone else but just nodded and agreed with everything he said anyway. I'm guessing he is a regular since when I went to get a drink I saw one of the bar staff nudge someone else and point to him as in a "Oh no, it's him again" sort of way.

Met some other chinese guy called Matt who had no costume, when I asked where it was, he said "I am wearing one, I came as Jackie Chan".
I was on the floor after that one.
Seems quite a lot happened during the pub crawl, too much to record though, and can't remember what order it was in. From my mind I remember:
An old man at a bar telling the staff not to serve a boy because he was a wanker.
Me singing and two other men singing along to the song "build me up buttercup". Was a bit gay we knew basically all the words too.

Hmm..well I guess none of this really seems interesting unless you were there. But by the end of the run, I ended up spending about £30 or more, since I got Kopparberg at almost every place which ranged from about £3 - £3.70.
Only had 5 drinks that night, but was safe to say, I got pretty drunk.

Part 2 of the night.

Terri knew someone who was having a house party. By now loads of people who had been doing the run had somehow gotten lost. So a few of us got a taxi to the party.
It was really really good. I was there, in a reindeer costume, dancing in a room full of people who were dressed normally, but just didn't care. NICE!
Someone else even came up to me saying how it wasn't fair black guys have big cocks. I just laughed, if only he knew the truth.
Spent the night dancing away with a few boys and girls, socialising, shouting at random people, falling down stairs. Was all a laugh.
Somehow though I lost my phone and £30 from my wallet. I picked up £10 from the floor but wasn't sure if it was mine. Eitherway, not sure how my phone got lost. Got to 2am and I decided to leave.
Only problem was I had no idea how to get back. So I followed the sound of cars, knowing the closer I got, the closer I'd be to Otley road, and I could find my way from there. All I had eaten that day though was weetabix and 4 sandwiches. After having all that alcohol, I was quite hungry (for some reason I only needed the toilet about 5 times that night despite breaking the seal really early).
Went to a burger place called Mahmeeds and had a cheeseburger. Was the nicest thing I ever tasted. Now I know why people always get fast food after nights out, cos it tastes soooooooo good.
Walking back I saw my 3rd fight. (Have already seen 2 since I got here in Leeds).
Was between a skinny black guy and a fat Asian guy. Was the funniest fight I have ever seen. They kept running into each other, basically in a grappling position, but not doing anything. The Asian guy kept trying to kick the black guy but his range was terrible. Who kicks in fights anyway ? Even in Taekwondo which is a kicking based martial arts we're advised to never kick if we get into a street fight as it leaves you open and off balance if you miss.
Best part was when the Asian guy tryed to kick again, basically did a half backflip and landed on his ass and smashed the bottle he was holding. All the people walking pass burst out laughing when they saw. It just ended with them both walking away. Huge anti-climax.

Was still hungry so got a subway on the way home. Got back to Clarence dock about 3:30am. Was talking to Mia, Scott and Laura for a while before going to bed about 4am.

Despite losing my phone, this is definitely one of the best nights I have had since Uni. It's up there with Nu York State.
Next time I think there should be rules. Such as a shotley run (speaks for itself, a shot a pub). Or rugby club otley run. Down a pint, run to the next pub. Down a pint, run to the next pub. Not being allowed to use the toilet at certain pubs, left hand drinking at others.
Can't wait till my next Otley run :)

Best of all, I DIDN'T throw up or have a hangover the next morning, so that THAT reality!

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